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    Cortra Ltd

    As a global leader in the supply of injection moulding tools Cortra is able to provide customers over a broad spectrum of the plastic industry with a range of fully integrated tooling solutions.

    European Quality at Asian Prices!
    From the word go our engineers check every aspect of the tools construction to ensure our customers get a European quality mould at Asian prices!

    With a highly experienced team of experts in plastic engineering Cortra provides a highly cost effective range of solutions to customers without compromising on quality and durability.

    As tooling experts we are able to avoid any feasibility problems normally associated with these types of projects so you know right from the word go we have the capability to deliver first time on time every time.


    - Mould Design
    - Manufacture
    - Tool Trials
    - Maturation
    - Onsite UK Support
    - 3 D Scanning Reverse Engineering

    Low Cost Plastic Injection Mould Toolmaker
    From tool design concept through to the construction of your mould tool Cortra takes hold of the complete project confidently from start to finish, keeping you updated every step of the way and with full accountability.

    All of the tooling design is carried out by UK designers. This front end advice and design is critical for the smooth running of all projects undertaken by Cortra.

    With an approved portfolio of eight toolmakers we have been successfully delivering high quality tools to our customers for over 10 years so we pride ourselves on every tool confident in the knowledge they will run problem free right from the first component produced.

    Tool Trials
    Every single tool trial carried out by Cortra is overseen by a UK engineer including controlling the sampling process. The engineer will then create a problem follow up document regarding component issues including dimensions and finish quality. The performance and workmanship will also be documented.

    UK Onsite Support
    Where our UK onsite support service is concerned we conduct mobile minor repairs including welding onsite as well as modify engraving on larger tools in order to uplift any engineering revisions.

    3D Scanning Reverse Engineering
    If you're looking for a reputable company that specialises in 3D scanning and reverse engineering then Cortra offers you the complete solution.

    Get in touch with Cortra!
    Whether you need plastic components or tooling components modelling in 3D we can help you with 2D drawings, CAD files and even take care of your tooling spares in the event you donít have any applicable engineering data so why not get in touch today to find out more.

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