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    Holt Broadcast Services Ltd

    At Holt Broadcast we specialise in the manufacture and production of high quality precision sheet metal products and services. We offer a fully customised service, with an expertise in the fabrication of custom panels and 19" rack mounting cases. These services are complimented by our range of standard products described further below.

    Since the formation of the company in 1994, we have always believed in working in partnership with our customers, from the initial design phase through to the manufacture of the finished product, offering flexibility, quality and value. Our customers range from individuals to large organisations, from those who use our services and products to build their own products, to sub contract assemblers and systems integrators, to catalogue based resellers. They also come from an ever expanding range of industrial backgrounds including Broadcast, Electronics, Telecommunications and Instrumentation manufacturers.

    Custom Metalwork
    As part of our custom metalwork solutions, we offer a complete end to end process from design consultancy and one off prototyping, to preproduction and batch runs, including full finishing services. Quality and flexibility are central to the service we offer our customers, no matter how large or small the job. We can base projects on a customer's specific design, our own in-house standard products, or even just a telephone conversation.

    Mains Distribution Units
    Holt Broadcast Services produce a range of 1RU and 2RU 19" rack mount units designed to provide mains power distribution in consoles and equipment bays all of which are available as 12 or 14 way (2RU) with single or dual inputs.

    All have undergone full in house testing and external testing including EMC and safety tests and all units are RoHS and WEEE regulation compliant.

    Standard Products
    Holt Broadcasting Services design and manufacture a wide range of quality standard products some of which were originally designed by ourselves in order to complement the 19" based installations and associated equipment. If by any chance you need a different size, colour or other variation please get in touch.

    We manufacture and supply a range of 19" blank panels in two basic styles, being flat and extruded. Our range of extruded panels are well suited where a more robust and rigid structure is required. All panels from Holt Broadcasting Services can also be customised to meet your exact requirements.

    The joggle cases we manufacture are very robust and sturdy and built with an extended bottom cover that includes a joggle for the two halves to fit together and form a solid structure. These panels too can be modified to suit your particular needs so please feel free to contact us.

    Rack Strips
    Holt Broadcasting Services manufacture both `U` and `L` section pre-punched rack strips as one of our standard products. Our `U` sections are available in 22U lengths while the `L` sections come in 45U lengths, both rack strip formats are made from Zintec. For more information please visit our website.

    Rack Supports
    Our rack supports are extremely easy to install when used with the matching rack strip. You simply adjust to the appropriate depth, clip in the front and rear then tighten the depth adjustment locking screws. These too are manufactured from steel with a zinc and colour passivate finish.

    1 RU Tie Bar Panel
    The RU Tie Bar Panel from Holt Broadcasting Services have been specifically created for use on studio wall boxes and provide a convenient way of giving strain relief for studio floor cables.

    For more information on our 1 RU Tie Bar Panels please take a look around our website which provides a range of PDF data sheet downloads.

    1 RU Brush Strip Panel
    The 1 RU Brush Strip Panel allows cables to be brought out of the front of a desk in order to cover up so called unsightly apertures.

    They feature easy to use cable access points, brush for cable protection and cutaway construction. They can also be used with the brush sides facing each other to provide more access for larger cables.

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    Products and Services

    1. 19 Inch Cases
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    3. 19 Rack Cases
    4. Air Traffic Control Rooms
    5. Allform Case
    6. Alocroming
    7. Anodising
    8. Banking
    9. Bending
    10. Blank Panels
    11. Blanking Panels
    12. Bnc Termination Panels
    13. Bridge Rooms
    14. Brush Strip
    15. Cable Drum
    16. CAD Design
    17. Camera Patch Panels
    18. Clam Case
    19. CNC Drilling
    20. Cnc Forming
    21. CNC Presswork
    22. CNC Punching
    23. Command & Control
    24. Command Centres
    25. Commodity Exchanges
    26. Computer Floors
    27. Connector Panels
    28. Connectors
    29. Control Rooms
    30. Custom Metalwork
    31. D Type Termination Panels
    32. Data Centres
    33. Defence
    34. Drawers
    35. Emc Case
    36. Engraving
    37. Eurocard
    38. Extruded Cases
    39. Extrusion
    40. Fine Limit Sheet Metal
    41. Fine Limit Sheet Metalwork
    42. Fine Limit Sheetmetal
    43. Flat Panel
    44. Folding
    45. Forming
    46. Gas Control Rooms
    47. Hole Punching
    48. Instrument Panels
    49. Joggle Case
    50. Mains Distribution Unit
    51. Mdu
    52. Metal Bashing
    53. Milling
    54. Monitoring Centres
    55. Oil Control Rooms
    56. Painting
    57. Patch Panels
    58. Pdu Power Distribution Unit
    59. Petrochemical Control Rooms
    60. Plating
    61. Powder Coating
    62. Power Blocks
    63. Power Cabinets
    64. Power Distribution Unit
    65. Power Generation Control Rooms
    66. Ppm Meter
    67. Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
    68. Precision Sheet Metalwork
    69. Punching Cnc Punching And Manual
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    74. Rack Mount Cases
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    99. Wall Box
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    101. Welding


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