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    Davuka GRP Ltd

    As one of the UKs leading suppliers of decorative coving, ceiling roses, columns and skirting boards Davuka GRP offers one of the most comprehensive range of products along with a great customer services.

    Davuka GRP is even able to supply mouldings for various flexible options such as curved walls and bay windows where it can be very difficult to achieve in plaster or MDF so you can rest assured of a service second to none when you deal with Davuka GRP.

    We supply coving and cornice in a wide range of styles and sizes designed to fit in with your existing environment or to create something unique and new. Products under this category include coving profiles, flexible coving, pre-cut coving mitres and trade supercove.

    We are now partners with The Coving & Cornice Warehouse, supplying their range of Coving throughout the UK. To view their coving range Click Here.

    Art Hanging Rail System
    Our coving art hanging rails give you the ability to hang your framed artwork, mirrors, photographs etc invisibly. The rail with wires and hanging hooks is mounted to the wall or ceiling and then hidden with beautiful coving.

    LED Cornice Lighting Troughs
    The main reason for installing a cornice is to soften the join between ceilings and walls, however our special LED cornice troughs allow uplighting to be placed inside the cornices providing a beautiful soft lighting solution that really adds to the aesthetics of any room. There are thousands of different light effects that can be added to our LED cornice lighting troughs.

    The cornice products from Davuka can be either used externally or internally to create interest in the room and give that `grand` effect. Cornice profiles, flexible cornice, contemporary cornice and indirect/up lighting cornice.
    Skirting Boards/Flexible Skirting Boards

    We have one of the widest ranges of skirting board sizes and models around so why not head over to our website to find out more.

    Ceiling Features
    By adding a ceiling feature you can create a surprisingly easy and effective way of transforming a dull, flat ceiling into something more eye catching and interesting. Includes ceiling roses, ceiling tiles and ceiling domes.

    Wall Features
    Davuka offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of wall feature products designed to embellish and transform any room including corbels, niches, Byblos arch fascia systems and mantelpieces along with designs from Ulf Moritz.

    Door Features

    Why not give your door a new look with one of the high quality door features available from our collection. Our raised door panels, architrave and door surrounds are easy to apply with the use of adhesive, really impressive.

    Davuka GRP supply both internal and external columns as well as pilasters which add that form of wall decoration to bring that element of grandeur.

    External Architecture
    An external monumental entrance can be a real eye catcher and add that finishing touch to humid areas such as swimming pools, saunas and bathrooms etc.

    Davuka GRP supply GRP columns, external cornice, entrance porches, support brackets, dentils and corbels all of which much further information and advice may be found on our online shop.

    Adhesives and Tools
    We supply all the tools and accessories needed for your installation projects covering coving, dado, skirting board and ceiling features.

    This is only a small sample of the vast range of high quality decorative GRP products that can be found on our website so why not get in touch to find out more.

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