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Destec Engineering Ltd

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  • Formed in 1969 by the present owners
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    Destec Engineering Ltd

    Innovative Engineering and High Quality Products

    Destec Engineering is an innovative engineering company that supply high quality products to the high pressure pipe connector global market.

    We have been supplying products for over forty years including high pressure equipment and portable machine tools. We are also able provide general onsite machining services.

    Bolt Tensioning, Machining, On Line Leak Testing, Regenerator and Vessel Head Removal, Special Purpose Machine Tools, Polymer Coating and Repairs and Ultrasonic Testing.

    Destec are committed to the design and production of portable machine tools for installation, servicing and general on site machining services. Our wide range of versatile in-house designed and manufactured machine tools can carry out most machine shop processes on-site and on a global scale.

    Destec Engineerings range of innovative products includes Compact Flanges, Clamped Connectors, Boiler Inspection Caps and D-Seal rings.

    GSB Single Bolt Subsea Connectors
    The Destec GSB Single Bolt Clampset is a purpose designed product for use in applications where a conventional four bolt G-Range Clampset would be impractical.

    Compact Flanges
    The range of Compact flanges Destec manufacture offer weight savings of up to 88% when compared to the equivalent ANSI Flange. Ideal for both topsides and sub-sea applications.

    Seal Rings
    Destec have developed a sealing system that uses a modified cone ring which provides excellent leak tightness under most severe conditions of temperature, pressure, thermal cycling and shock.

    Door Closures
    Destec Door Closures offer fast access to pressure vessels and can be operated safely at speed. Applications include Pig Traps, Industrial Waste Treatment Closures, Subsea Hatches, Separator Vessels and Medical Waste Treatment Vessels.

    Boiler Inspection Caps
    These products are specifically designed as inspection caps and encompass all the features required by Pressure Plant and Boiler operators.

    G-Range Clamp Connectors
    G-Range clamp connectors offer the ideal solution for piping installations and are used extensively in production manifold, flow line and valve installations.

    More information about all of the products and services Destec Engineering are able to offer can be found on our website. Alternatively please contact us and we will be more than happy to offer advice along with specific product data.

    Company Videos

    Stub Shaft Repair

    Destec on-site machining of roller pendulum mill

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