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    D+H UK

    D+H UK offer a range of ventilation products and systems providing highly efficient solutions for every type of environment.

    All of our products can be ordered on a supply only or full consultancy and installation basis.

    Examples of our work can be found in our case studies.

    Natural Smoke Ventilation
    Our natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (NSHEVs) automatically clear smoke and gasses in the event of a fire in order to keep escape routes clear, and provide smoke-free space for fire-fighting. NSHEVs vent directly through external walls and roofs using windows, louvres, rooflights and domevents, or through internal smoke shafts using smoke dampers.

    Mechanical Smoke Ventilation
    D+H UK's systems control fire rated fans, dampers, grills and vents to quickly remove smoke and poisonous gasses from common areas such as corridors and lobbies. We supply, install and commission each system.

    Natural Ventilation
    We offer two types of day-to-day ventilation solutions; electrical window control and manual winding gear. Our drives provide automatic operation of windows, replacing stale air with fresh, clean air. These systems are automated with weather stations, thermostats and CO2 control, and operated with switches.

    Our manual winding gear makes it possible to open multiple high level windows with a single rotary handle.

    Service & Maintenance
    D+H UK are active members of the Smoke Control Association and have third party certification, thus, are best placed to carry out service and maintenance requirements. Our specialist engineers have significant experience across a range of system types. The technical ability of the D+H UK team ensures the highest level of expertise is widely available for any situation.

    Our maintenance packages are tailored for each building and its' occupants. It is essential to ensure ventilation systems are reliable and operate as they should. A service agreement with D+H UK will ensure that early signs of faults/wear and tear are dealt with, prolonging the life of the system in the long term.

    If you would like further information about D+H UK please visit our website. Alternatively do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts; [email protected] | 0161 491 4840

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    Products and Services

    1. AOV Actuator
    2. AOV Rooflight
    3. AOV System
    4. Automatic Conservatory Window Opener
    5. Automatic Greenhouse Window Opener
    6. Automatic Window Opener
    7. Battery Window Opener
    8. Bay Windows
    9. Bow Windows
    10. Car Park Ventilation
    11. Casement Windows
    12. Chain Actuator
    13. Cleanroom Windows
    14. Coldroom Windows
    15. Conservatory Window Opener
    16. Decorative Glass Windows
    17. Door / Window Systems
    18. Doors & Windows
    19. Double Glazed Windows
    20. Electric Window Opener
    21. Failsafe Smoke Control
    22. Fire & Smoke Dampers
    23. Fire & Smoke Grills
    24. Fire & Smoke Louvre
    25. Fire Protection Ventilation
    26. Folding Window Opener
    27. French Casement Windows
    28. Fresh Air Ventilation
    29. Greenhouse Window Opener
    30. Highline Window Opener
    31. Leaded Glass Windows
    32. Linear Window Actuator
    33. Louvre Window
    34. Manual Window Opener
    35. Mechanical
    36. Mechanical Smoke Ventilation
    37. Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System
    38. Mechanical Testing
    39. Mechanical Testing Services
    40. Mechanical Tests
    41. Mechanical Ventilation
    42. MSVS
    43. Natural & Powered Ventilation
    44. Natural Smoke Ventilation
    45. Natural Ventilation
    46. Natural Ventilation Products
    47. Passive Ventilation
    48. Plug In Window Opener
    49. Reception Windows
    50. Remote Control Window Opener
    51. Roof Windows
    52. Roofing Ventilation
    53. Rooflight Window Opener
    54. Rooflights
    55. Rooflights & Skylights
    56. Rooflights And Skylights
    57. Sash Window Opener
    58. School Ventilation
    59. Screwjack Window Opener
    60. Security Windows
    61. Skylight Window Opener
    62. Sliding And Folding Windows
    63. Sliding Folding Windows
    64. Sliding Sash Window Opener
    65. Sliding Windows
    66. Smoke Control
    67. Smoke Control System
    68. Smoke Dampers
    69. Smoke Dispersal Windows
    70. Smoke Extract Fans
    71. Smoke Extraction
    72. Smoke Removal
    73. Smoke Vent
    74. Smoke Ventilation
    75. Smoke Ventilation Equipment
    76. Smoke Ventilation Smoke Control
    77. Smoke Ventilation Systems
    78. Smoke Vents
    79. Traditional Window Opener
    80. Triple Glazed Windows
    81. Ventilation
    82. Ventilation And Ductwork
    83. Ventilation Controls
    84. Ventilation Installation
    85. Ventilation Manufacture
    86. Ventilation Products
    87. Ventilation Service
    88. Ventilation Services
    89. Ventilation Services Smoke Ventilation Smoke Control
    90. Ventilation Solutions
    91. Ventilation System Maintenace
    92. Ventilation Systems
    93. Ventilation Systems Maintenance
    94. Ventilation Testing
    95. Ventilationand Smoke Extraction Duct
    96. Window Actuator
    97. Window Control Systems
    98. Window Opener
    99. Window Openers
    100. Window Opening Pole
    101. Window Opening Solutions
    102. Window Opening Systems
    103. Window Pole
    104. Window Security
    105. Window Ventilation
    106. Window Winders
    107. Windows
    108. Windows And Conservatories
    109. Windows And Doors
    110. Windows Control Systems
    111. Windows Safety
    112. Windows Smoke Control
    113. Wireless Window Opener

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