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    Cholcroft Ltd

    Cholcroft Offers a Wide Range of Enclosures and Boxes

    Cholcroft is a specialist supplier and distributor of DIN Rail Enclosures, Custom Enclosures, Bespoke Enclosures and Cases to the electrical and electronics industries.

    With a wealth of knowledge in the enclosure and case industry Cholcroft is able to provide its customers with top quality products and services to include machining, finishing and a wide range of associated services.

    Cholcrofts main aim is to always put their customerís needs first by offering that personal touch to provide them with and excellent service and prompt deliveries.

    Bespoke Enclosures and Cases

    Cholcroft offers one of the largest ranges of custom enclosures and cases including Din Rail Enclosures, Custom Enclosures and Bespoke Enclosures manufactured from such base materials as Aluminium, Steel, ABS, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, Polyester and GRP.

    Bespoke enclosures and cases from Cholcroft are available in a range of sizes and colours including clear/transparent with IP ratings from IP54 to IP68.

    Sizes include 12mm x 12mm x 9mm to 1035mm x 850mm x 350mm.

    From Multipurpose, Instrument Cases, Din Rail Enclosures and Flanged Enclosures to Potting Boxes, Heat Sink Boxes, Watertight Enclosures and Sensor & Thermostat Cases Cholcroft will provide you with a product for your exact requirements.


    Cholcroft is also able to provide a wide range of enclosures machined to your specific needs from our manufacturing facility which is equipped with Cad Cam Design technology.

    Milling, turning, drilling, bending, punching, cutting and vacuum forming processes are all used to produce bespoke enclosures with added machined features such as window recesses, slots, component holes and much more so please get in touch if you have any special enclosure requirements.


    Enclosures and Din Rails from Cholcroft can also be finished to your exact requirements including silk screened and digitally printed logos to match your corporate brand.

    This quality and personalised service is the cornerstone of Cholcrofts success which has led to the company supplying some of the UKs most well known industries such as MOD, Automotive, Transport, Communication, Aircraft and Marine.

    Other Services

    Cholcroft offers a range of associated bespoke services such as cable assemblies, hardware, fixings, and PCB Assembly.

    Our experienced design engineers can provide you with a full turnkey service for all of your enclosure needs by working hand in hand with you from initial concept through to final production.

    So to find out more about Cholcroft or to request a quote or call back please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

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    Products and Services

    1. ABS Cases
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    4. AC Enclosures
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    6. Acoustic Enclosure
    7. Acoustic Enclosures
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    12. Aluminium Enclosures
    13. Assemblies Enclosures
    14. ATEX Ex Enclosures
    15. Bespoke Electronic Enclosure
    16. Bespoke Electronic Enclosures
    17. Bespoke Enclosures
    18. Cabinets
    19. Cases
    20. Custom Aluminium Cases
    21. Custom Enclosures
    22. Customised Aluminium Enclosures
    23. Cut Plastic Cases
    24. Desk Top Cases
    25. Desk Top Enclosures
    26. DIN Rail
    27. Din Rail Assemblies
    28. Din Rail Cases
    29. Din Rail Enclosure
    30. Din Rail Enclosures
    31. Din Rails
    32. Din-Rail Enclosures
    33. Electronic Component Sourcing
    34. Electronic Component Specialist
    35. Electronic Component Suppliers
    36. Electronic Enclosures
    37. EMI Shielded Enclosures
    38. Enclosure Accessories
    39. Enclosure Cabinets
    40. Enclosure Clips
    41. Enclosure Flange Kits
    42. Enclosure Handles
    43. Enclosure Plastic Feet
    44. Enclosure Rubber Feet
    45. Enclosure Solutions
    46. Enclosures
    47. Enclosures Accessories
    48. Enclosures To Specification
    49. Engraving
    50. Equipment Enclosures
    51. Equipment Enclosures Design
    52. Equipment Enclosures Install
    53. Equipment Enclosures Manufacture
    54. Extruded Aluminium Cases
    55. Extruded Aluminium Enclosures
    56. Flame Retardant Cases
    57. Flame Retardant Enclosures
    58. GRP Enclosures
    59. Hand Held Cases
    60. Hand Held Enclosures
    61. Heat Dissipating Cases
    62. Heat Dissipating Enclosures
    63. Indoor Cases
    64. Indoor Enclosures
    65. Insulated ABS Plastic Enclosures
    66. IP Rated Cases
    67. IP Rated Enclosures
    68. IP Rated Weatherproof Cases
    69. Machining
    70. Mild Steel Enclosures
    71. Outdoor Cases
    72. Plastic Cases
    73. Plastic Enclosure
    74. Plastic Enclosure Boxes
    75. Plastic Enclosures
    76. Polycarbonate Cases
    77. Polycarbonate Enclosures
    78. Polyester Cases
    79. Polyester Enclosures
    80. Potting Boxes
    81. Racks
    82. RFI Shielded Enclosures
    83. Screen Printing
    84. Sealed Cases
    85. Sealed Enclosures
    86. Sheet Steel Enclosures
    87. Shut Plastic Cases
    88. Small Aluminium Enclosures
    89. Stainless Steel Enclosures
    90. Steel Cases
    91. Steel Enclosures
    92. Wall Mounted Cases
    93. Wall Mounted Enclosures
    94. Watertight Enclosures
    95. Zinc Cases
    96. Zinc Enclosures

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