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Directline Structures Limited

65 High Street
Ashford Kent
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  • Steel Frame Design and Build Specialists
  • Covering Kent and The South East
  • For Education, Commercial, Community & Industrial
  • Experienced Staff
    Bespoke Design
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    Directline Structures Limited

    As specialists in the design and build of steel frame buildings Directline Structures is able to build for a vast range of customers including community buildings, schools, commercial and industrial use.

    Design and Build
    Development and Project Management

    From Initial Concept through to Completion and Finishing Touches
    It is our aim to work with local authorities, architects and developers and provide them with a highly cost efficient method of construction to meet their specific building project needs.

    Design and Build
    At Directline Structures we design and build by undertaking both the role of the principle designer and contractor in order to finish the build.

    Our extensive knowledge in the industry means we have the experience to develop projects right first time every time.

    Development and Project Management
    Where development and project management are concerned Directline Structures can either work on our own designs to build projects or offer it as a standalone service for other building projects.

    In House Team of Experts
    Our own in house team has a vast experience in project management, contract administration, site management, architecture, QS and Finance.

    Other in house professionals include approved building inspectors, environmental consultants and consulting engineers.

    Our unique range of architectural services includes:

    Concept Design
    Feasibility Studies
    Developed and Detailed Design

    All of the above services are available to all sectors so whether its residential, domestic, commercial or education you are guaranteed to benefit from our vast experience.

    If you would like to find out more about Directline Structures please visit our website or get in touch today.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
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    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
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    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. 3D CAD Design
    2. Agricultural Buildings
    3. Agricultural Fabric Buildings
    4. Agricultural Steel Buildings
    5. Agricultural Steel Frame Buildings
    6. Aircraft Hangers
    7. Architectural Steelwork
    8. Bespoke Buildings
    9. Bespoke Steel Buildings
    10. Building
    11. Building Cladding
    12. Building Design
    13. Buildings
    14. Buildings Commercial
    15. Buildings Educational
    16. Buildings Industrial
    17. Buildings Maintenance
    18. Buildings Modular
    19. Buildings Portable
    20. Buildings Portable Lancashire
    21. Buildings Prefabricated
    22. Buildings Relocatable
    23. Buildings Steel
    24. Buildings Steel Framed
    25. Buildings Timber Framed
    26. CAD Design
    27. CAD Design Service
    28. CAD Design Services
    29. CAD Designer
    30. CAD Designs
    31. Capital Steel Buildings
    32. Car Showroom Construction
    33. Car Showrooms
    34. Commercial Building
    35. Commercial Buildings
    36. Commercial Steel Buildings
    37. Commercial Wall Cladding
    38. Construction
    39. Construction Consultancy
    40. Construction Consultants
    41. Construction Specialists
    42. Curved Structural Steelwork
    43. Custom Steel Buildings
    44. Emergency Buildings
    45. Factory Direct Buildings
    46. Flatpack Buildings
    47. Food Hall Construction
    48. Food Halls
    49. Garden Centre
    50. Garden Centres
    51. Hangar
    52. Industrial Building Alterations
    53. Industrial Building Design
    54. Industrial Building Extensions
    55. Industrial Building Refurbishment
    56. Industrial Buildings
    57. Industrial Steel Buildings
    58. Industrial Steel Work
    59. Industrial Steel Workshop
    60. L Shaped Storage Building
    61. Large Equine Building Construction
    62. Large Equine Buildings
    63. Log Buildings
    64. Low Energy Buildings
    65. Man Portable Buildings
    66. Metal Roof Cladding
    67. Modular Building
    68. Modular Building Accommodation
    69. Modular Building Sale
    70. Modular Buildings
    71. Modular Construction
    72. Modular Steel Buildings
    73. MOT Buildings
    74. Nursery Buildings
    75. Office Building Construction
    76. Office Building Design
    77. Office Buildings
    78. Office CAD Design
    79. Outdoor Wall Cladding
    80. Panel Buildings
    81. Porable Buildings
    82. Portable Buildings
    83. Portable Buildings Lancashire
    84. Portable Buildings Sales
    85. Portable Frame Building
    86. Portable Frame Buildings
    87. Portable Steel Buildings
    88. Portal Framed Buildings
    89. Pre-Fabricated GRP Buildings
    90. Prefabricated Building
    91. Prefabricated Buildings
    92. Prefabricated Steel Building
    93. Prefabricated Steel Buildings
    94. Prefabricated Steel Workshops
    95. Prefabricated Workshops
    96. Premier Steel Buildings
    97. Public Buildings
    98. PVC Wall Cladding
    99. Quality Steel Buildings
    100. Relocatable Buildings
    101. Relocatable Modular Buildings
    102. Relocatable Steel Buildings
    103. Restoration Buildings
    104. Retail Construction
    105. Roof Cladding
    106. School Buildings
    107. Sheet Wall Cladding
    108. Small Steel Buildings
    109. Small Storage Buildings
    110. Stainless Steel Wall Cladding
    111. Steel Aircraft Hangars
    112. Steel Building
    113. Steel Building Design
    114. Steel Building Designer
    115. Steel Building Extension
    116. Steel Building Extensions
    117. Steel Building Kits
    118. Steel Building Kits Prices
    119. Steel Building Manufacturer
    120. Steel Building Manufacturers
    121. Steel Building Prices
    122. Steel Building Specialists
    123. Steel Building Supplier
    124. Steel Building Uk
    125. Steel Buildings
    126. Steel Buildings For Sale
    127. Steel Buildings Prices
    128. Steel Buildings Uk
    129. Steel Farm Buildings
    130. Steel Frame Building
    131. Steel Frame Building Design
    132. Steel Frame Building Kits
    133. Steel Frame Buildings
    134. Steel Framed Building
    135. Steel Framed Buildings
    136. Steel Hanger
    137. Steel Industrial Units
    138. Steel Modular Buildings
    139. Steel Storage Buildings
    140. Steel Work
    141. Steel Workers
    142. Steel Works
    143. Steel Workshop
    144. Steelwork
    145. Steelworkers
    146. Storage Building
    147. Storage Buildings
    148. Storage Construction
    149. Storage Steel Buildings
    150. Structual Steelwork
    151. Structural Steel
    152. Structural Steel Cladding
    153. Structural Steel Coatings
    154. Structural Steel Grades
    155. Structural Steel Work
    156. Structural Steelwork
    157. Sub Contracting Steel Work
    158. Subcontract Cladders
    159. Subcontract Erectors
    160. Temporary Buildings
    161. Temporary Workshops
    162. Timber Framed Buildings
    163. Used Steel Buildings
    164. Used Steel Buildings For Sale
    165. Volumetric Building System
    166. Volumetric Buildings
    167. Wall Cladding
    168. Wall Cladding Solutions
    169. Warehouse Construction
    170. Warehouses
    171. Workshop Buildings
    172. Workshop Construction
    173. Workshops


    ISO 9001 Quality management systems ISO 14001 Environmental management

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