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    Welcome to Partitions, Cubicles and Dividers, we make premium acoustical partitions, cubicles and room dividers to help organize space affordably and efficiently. Our panels are not only easy and affordable solutions but they are already tried and trusted by companies including Apple, 3M, Nike, Costco, Siemens, Amazon, The NHS and Ubisoft.

    Portable Room Dividers
    Our portable room dividers are foldable fixtures specifically designed to divide space within a room. Our portable room dividers are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit all possible requirements. Privacy partition dividers are an excellent choice for people who run their own business, office managers and homeowners who rent space that needs to be divided, decluttered or just better organised.

    COVID-19 Protection Screens
    Over the past year COVID-19 protection screens have become increasingly important to help protect staff, employees and visitors from the virus. Although the end is hopefully close these screens are here to stay, they help keep all types of bacteria and viruses from spreading. The health and welfare of people has become increasingly important, we stock a wide range of screens to help:

    - Polycarbonate COVID Cubicles
    - 360 Clearview Room Dividers
    - Modular COVID-19 Cubicles
    - Freestanding Partitions for Gyms
    - Sneeze Screens for Retail
    - Cleaview Freestanding Partitions

    Medical Privacy Screens
    Our range of medical privacy screens provide patients with a secure area allowing clinicians and doctors the comfort and privacy they need to tend to their patients discretely and safely.

    Office Partition Dividers
    Our partitions allow you to quickly divide open offices spaces in a matter of minutes. We have a wide range to choose from that includes see through dividers, soundproof dividers and fabric dividers. Our office partition dividers are also an excellent way to enforce social distancing rules keeping employees safe during these touch times.

    Cubicles and Workstations
    We offer DIY cubicles that allow you to configure your own workspaces quickly and efficiently. Simply slide the posts and panels together in your desired configuration to create unique workstations that offer privacy and protection. A dedicated workspace can really help employees focus on their own tasks whilst keeping the atmosphere of office life.

    Industrial Partitions
    Our industrial partitions are design to help in places where large crowds may gather, they are used to prevent chaos and keep order. Industrial partitions can also be used for any areas that need blocking off like broken escalators or construction zones.

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