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    DJS Research Ltd

    Established Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research Business

    DJS Research Ltd is a full-service market research agency that has extensive experience of implementing and managing quantitative and qualitative market research projects within various UK industry and international sectors.

    Following two decades of growth, the company became employee-owned in 2021 on its 20th anniversary, making staff company partners. Based in the North West of England in Strines, Stockport (close to Manchester on the Derbyshire/Cheshire border), DJS Research employs more than 100 permanent staff (including 11 Research Directors), along with a team of 200 telephone interviewers from across the UK. We also have a second office in Leeds, which opened in 2017.

    The company is a member of the Market Research Society and adheres strictly to the MRS code of conduct. It is also registered with, ESOMAR, AIMRI, BIG, AQR and ICO.

    Our main market research services include both consumer and business-to-business research, utilising the following methodologies:


    Qualitative Services:
    - Research Design
    - Depth Interviews
    - Accompanied Shops/Surfs
    - Quali Hall Tests
    - Focus Groups/Group Discussions
    - Online Research (web enabled groups/depths)
    - Analysis, Interpretation & Reporting

    Quantitative Services:
    - Face-to-Face Interviewing (In-Home/Street/In-Store/Exit)
    - Hall Tests
    - Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
    - Postal and Self-Completion
    - Online Research (web surveys utilising panel respondents or online customer surveys)
    - Desk Research
    - Data Processing, Data Tabulations
    - Statistical Analysis, Interpretation & Reporting

    Substantial Research & Sector Expertise
    The consultancy conducts market research projects within a range of sectors including both the public and private sector, with clients such as United Utilities, Siemens Energy Services, the National Audit Office,, the Bank of England and Ufi / learn direct.

    We do not have any 'off the shelf' products to sell, we treat each research brief we receive with a fresh pair of eyes and put forward a tailored approach. We also do not like to pigeon hole ourselves in terms of our offer because it is broad ranging. However, having said this, particular areas of expertise are:

    - Testing awareness/perceptions of brands and branded materials
    - Testing/developing products and propositions
    - Measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty
    - Advertising Research
    - Usage & attitude research
    - Website evaluation & usability

    A Five Star Service
    In summary, we offer:

    1) Seamless qualitative and quantitative research approach
    2) Experienced researchers and the personal touch
    3) No off the shelf products
    4) Consumer and business to business experience
    5) Overheads are low so prices are competitive

    And Don't Just Take Our Word For It:

    We have a number of client testimonials that can be viewed on our website.

    Satisfied & Loyal Clients
    After the completion of our projects we send out a client satisfaction form. Since 2012 all of our clients have indicated that they were satisfied with us and 90% indicated they were very satisfied. In addition, during 2016 we analysed how many of our clients were previous repeat clients and we found that more than 60% fell within this category. This commitment to going the extra mile for clients has helped us achieve double digit year-on-year growth every year since 2001 - supported by a recent client satisfaction survey which told us that 96% of clients have good relationships with individual members of staff, and 94% think we're flexible to work with!

    Projects Conducted To Industry Standards
    Any project that we undertake is conducted under the strict rules of the Market Research Society (MRS). All consultants at DJS Research Ltd are members of the MRS and have been so since starting their careers in market research. We are also members of ESOMAR (world organisation for enabling better research into markets, consumers and societies) and AIMRI (Alliance of International Market Research Institutes). In addition, we are registered under the Data Protection Act and are GDPR compliant.


    DJS Research have a page dedicated to news that we regularly update, please keep an eye on the page for new articles, you can read all of our news articles here.

    UK, European and International Coverage:

    North East


    East Midlands Eastern London South East
    Newcastle Bradford Leicester Essex Greater London Buckingham
    Durham Leeds Nottingham Bedford North London Oxford
    Middlesbrough Hull Derby Hertford South London Kent
    Sunderland York Northampton Cambridge Brighton
    Halifax Lincoln Norfolk Surrey
    Sheffield Suffolk Berkshire
    Norwich Hampshire
    West Sussex
    East Sussex
    Milton Keynes
    South West West Midlands North West Wales Scotland
    Cornwall Birmingham Manchester Cardiff Edinburgh
    Devon Coventry Liverpool North Wales Glasgow
    Dorset Warwick Chester South Wales
    Gloucester Stafford Blackburn Swansea
    Somerset Worcester St. Helens
    Wiltshire Hereford Lancaster
    Bristol Shropshire Cumbria
    Plymouth Wolverhampton Carlisle

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:30
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:30
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:30
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:30
    Friday 09:00 to 17:30
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
    Key Personnel
    Danny  Sims
    Danny Sims Chairman and Founder

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    Alasdair Gleed
    Alasdair Gleed Managing Director

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    Products and Services

    1. Accompanied Shopping Trips
    2. Advanced Statistics
    3. Advertising Research
    4. Advertising Tracking
    5. Automotive Market Research
    6. B2B Market Research
    7. B2C Market Research
    8. Brand Alignment
    9. Brand Market Research
    10. Brand Research Company
    11. Brand Strategy Consultants
    12. Brand Strategy Consulting
    13. Brand Tracking
    14. Branding Research
    15. Building Products Market Research
    16. Business Market Research
    17. Business Support Research
    18. Business To Business Market Research
    19. CATI Research
    20. Central Government Research
    21. Chambers Of Commerce Research
    22. Chemicals Research
    23. Childcare Sufficiency
    24. Co-Creation
    25. Communication Development Research
    26. Communications Research
    27. Communications Testing Research
    28. Concept Development Research
    29. Concept Testing Research
    30. Conjoint Analysis
    31. Consumer Market Research
    32. Customer Closeness
    33. Customer Experience Research
    34. Customer Immersion
    35. Customer Insight
    36. Customer Journey Research
    37. Customer Research
    38. Customer Satisfaction
    39. Customer Satisfaction Market Research
    40. Customer Satisfaction Research
    41. Customer Segmentation Research
    42. Customer Workshops
    43. DAAT Research
    44. Data Visualisation Software
    45. Data Visualisation Tools
    46. Depth Interviewing
    47. Depth Interviews
    48. Desk Research
    49. E-Research
    50. E-Surveys
    51. Economic Development Research
    52. Education Research
    53. Employee Research
    54. Ethnography
    55. Evaluations
    56. Eye Tracking
    57. Eyetracking
    58. Face To Face Interviews
    59. Financial Services Market Research
    60. FMCG Research
    61. Focus Groups
    62. Food And Drink Research
    63. Group Discussions
    64. Hall Tests
    65. Health And Social Care Research
    66. In-Store Research
    67. Industrial Market Research
    68. Insurance Market Research
    69. International Market Research
    70. Leisure Research
    71. LEP Research
    72. Literature Reviews
    73. Local Authority Market Research
    74. Local Enterprise Partnership Research
    75. Local Government Research
    76. Management Workshops
    77. Manufacturing Research
    78. Market Analysis
    79. Market Analytics
    80. Market Insight
    81. Market Research
    82. Market Research Agency
    83. Market Research Cheshire
    84. Market Research Company
    85. Market Research Consultancy
    86. Market Research Consultant
    87. Market Research Experts
    88. Market Research For Advertising Agencies
    89. Market Research For Branding Agencies
    90. Market Research For Design Agencies
    91. Market Research For Digital Agencies
    92. Market Research For Marketing Agencies
    93. Market Research For PR Companies
    94. Market Research Lancashire
    95. Market Research Liverpool
    96. Market Research Manchester
    97. Market Research Merseyside
    98. Market Research NorthWest
    99. Market Research Services
    100. Market Research Specialists
    101. Market Research Yorkshire
    102. Market Segmentation
    103. Market Share Programmes
    104. Marketing Advice
    105. Marketing Advice & Consultings
    106. Marketing Campaign Development
    107. Marketing Campaign Testing
    108. Marketing Research
    109. Marketing Research Agency
    110. Marketing Research Company
    111. Marketing Research Consultancy
    112. Marketing Research Experts
    113. Marketing Research Specialists
    114. Marketing Strategy
    115. MAS Research
    116. Mystery Customer
    117. Mystery Shopping
    118. Needs Assessments And Analysis
    119. Net Promoter Score
    120. New Product Development
    121. NPD Agency
    122. NPD Research Agency
    123. NPS
    124. Observation Research
    125. Online Communities
    126. Online Focus Groups
    127. Online Market Research
    128. Online Panels
    129. Online Portals
    130. Online Research
    131. Online Research Agency
    132. Online Research Company
    133. Online Survey Research
    134. Packaging Research
    135. Perception Studies
    136. Pharmaceuticals Research
    137. Planning For Action
    138. Postal Surveys
    139. Pricing Research
    140. Product Development Research
    141. Product Testing Research
    142. Projective Techniques
    143. Proposition Development Research
    144. Proposition Testing Research
    145. Public Health Research
    146. Public Sector Market Research
    147. Qualitative Market Research
    148. Qualitative Research
    149. Qualitative Research Agency
    150. Quantitative Market Research
    151. Quantitative Research
    152. Quantitative Research Agency
    153. Regression Analysis
    154. Research Events
    155. Research Films
    156. Research Podcasts
    157. Research Screencasts
    158. Researching Children
    159. Researching Ethnic Minorities
    160. Researching Hard To Reach Groups
    161. Researching Older People
    162. Researching Young People
    163. Retail Market Research
    164. Satisfaction Tracking
    165. Segmentation Studies
    166. Self-Completion Surveys
    167. Semiotics
    168. Service Quality Benchmarking
    169. Shopper Insight Films
    170. Shopper Insights
    171. Shopper Research
    172. Skills Research
    173. SME Research
    174. SMS Surveys
    175. Social Inclusion Research
    176. Social Marketing Research
    177. Social Media Research
    178. Social Research
    179. Staff Research
    180. Stakeholder Research
    181. Stakeholder Workshops
    182. Statistical Analysis
    183. Street Interviews
    184. Survey Research
    185. Survey Research Company
    186. Target Market
    187. Target Market Analysis
    188. Technology Research
    189. Telecoms Research
    190. Telephone Market Research
    191. Telephone Research
    192. Telephone Research Company
    193. Telephone Surveys
    194. Tourism Research
    195. Tracking Research
    196. Turning Data Into Intelligence
    197. Usage & Attitude
    198. Utilities Market Research
    199. Video And Animation Production
    200. Video Diaries
    201. Vox Pops
    202. Web Usability Research
    203. Welfare To Work Research

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