DPA Technologies - Hand Arm Vibration Testing

DPA Technologies - Hand Arm Vibration Testing

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    DPA Technologies - Hand Arm Vibration Testing

    DPA Technologies provides a highly efficient and reliable range of hand arm vibration, noise testing and dust extraction consultancy services to clients involved in industrial sectors such as vehicle repairs, automotive, aerospace and fabrication to name but a few.

    �- Automobile
    �- Aerospace
    �- Fabrication
    �- Vehicle Repairs

    We offer a personal service to each and every client which involves getting to know their particular industry and specific testing requirements in order to address their issues.

    Hand Arm Vibration
    We provide a comprehensive range of hand arm vibration management services all of which are carried out in accordance with British Standard EN ISO 5349-2:2002 by a team of specialist consultants who are here ready to offer advice covering every aspect of hand arm vibration prevention.

    Noise Testing
    With the correct kind of measures and working practises put in place hearing damage is entirely preventable so if you have any issues in this area we are here to help you manage all risk areas and ensure you stay compliant.

    Dust Extraction
    Today there is a whole range of industries and jobs that inevitably will cause dust and fumes and if these issues aren't addressed properly the personnel involved can develop health problems some of which include lung scarring and asthma.

    We have vast experience in providing many industrial sectors with dust extraction equipment to suit their workplace needs and ensure compliancy.

    Personal Service
    DPA Technologies prides itself on the high level of customer care it provides its customers. Whether hand arm vibration, dust extraction or noise testing we are here to help.

    To find out more about DPA Technologies and the complete range of services we are able to provide please visit our website or get in touch with one of our experts.

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