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    Since its inception in 1988 drawTREND Ltd continues to exceed its customer expectations with solutions covering Instrumentation, Automation & Control, SCADA, Machine Vision and Motion Control.

    drawTREND operates in a wide range of industries and has gained a vast knowledge along with a capability to implement solutions for a broad spectrum of technological areas including control, sensing, visualisation, database and reporting. drawTREND also has the capability to seamlessly integrate between these technologies and disciplines.

     ï¿½ Control System Design
     ï¿½ Design and Project Management
     ï¿½ Total System Integration
     ï¿½ Technical Support & Training
     ï¿½ Distribution

    Our Aim

    As factory automation experts we are able to provide innovative solutions for applications such as handling raw materials, control processes and the manufacture and assembly of solutions to track these processes from start to finish.

    These processes offer a wide range of benefits such as optimised production, minimised downtime, the handling of waste and help maintain environments all of which result in the guaranteed success of the manufacturer in question.

    Control Panels

    drawTREND offers a wide range of solutions to meet the control requirements of today�s ever demanding industry.

    Industries we have already provided solutions for include Water Treatment, Bakeries, Automotive, Engineering, Environmental Monitoring and Electroplating.

    We can provide you with a complete turnkey solution to meet your exact needs from initial consultation and system design through to manufacture, installation, software and commissioning.

    Utilising the very latest technology and dedicated technicians with a wide experience we can tailor a product to meet your requirements, so whether it�s a control system with small panels with direct on-line starting, multi-bay panel with PLCs or a servo and inverter drive control we will always find a solution.


    drawTREND offers a total turnkey package for clients with precise requirements so all installation work of the control panel system is carried out by our own skilled and experienced technicians including power and control wiring.

    Our installations are also conducted to all current IEE regulations, Health & Safety standards, COSHH regulations and consultants� specifications.


    DrawTREND provides a complete repair and maintenance service for all industrial automation products by leading manufacturers.

    These include:

     ï¿½ PLC - cost effective repair and management service
     ï¿½ Inverters/AC Drives - let our team of technicians repair and solve your problems
     ï¿½ Servo Drives - you can rest assured your servo drive will work first time every  time
     ï¿½ Servo Motors - if you want yours repaired properly get in touch
     ï¿½ HMI/MMI/Industrial PC Programmers - a comprehensive repair and refurbishment service

    The success of drawTREND Ltd is based on working closely with our customers to meet their needs so why not let us work with you to find the appropriate solution.

    PLC-ANALYZER pro 6

    PLC-ANALYZER pro 6 is a software system by AUTEM designed for recording of measured values in PLC controlled facilities and logic analysis. Evaluation, acquisition and representation of PLC signals such as flags, input, output, timer, data, counter of data blocks is now very easy with the PLC-ANALYZER pro 6 software.

    Find out more about PLC-ANALYZER pro 6

    BLACKBOX 4 Edge

    The BLACKBOX 4 Edge provides an ultra-compact IPC for PLC process data monitoring, recording and remote maintenance of systems and machines based on the PLC-ANALYZER pro 6. The box can archive process data over a very long period of time and record continuously.

    Find out more about BLACKBOX 4 Edge

    PROFIBUS�-Tester V5

    The PROFIBUS�-Tester V5 is a powerful troubleshooting and diagnostic tool for measuring the signals, testing the cables and analyzing the communication of PROFIBUS networks. It has an integrated graphical display and is battery powered, in addition is supports the export of test results for advanced analysis.

    Find out more about PROFIBUS�-Tester V5


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