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  • Established in 1952
  • Hard Metal Wear Resistant Products
  • Division of Corewire Limited
  • UK Manufacturer
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    Dymet Alloys

    Tungsten Carbide

    Welcome to Dymet Alloys we are specialists in the production of Tungsten Carbide Hard Metal Wear Resistant Products, these products can be used across a broad range of industrial applications.

    The range of Tungsten Carbide Grades we produce in house is extensive and includes the always popular ISO application grades of P30/40, P20. P10, K40, K30, K20, K10 as well as a number of special Nickel and Cobalt binder tungsten carbide grades for use in corrosive resistant applications.

    We were established in 1952 and are a division of Corewire Limited, we offer customers solutions and recommendations for special tooling requirements and individual wear resistant components.

    Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts
    Tungsten carbide's resistance to abrasion, corrosion and extreme temperatures along with its high hardness 700 to 2000 Hv30 (84-94 RA) make it the perfect choice of material for wear parts. Tungsten carbide wear parts are invaluable in many engineering and industrial applications.

    Some of the Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts we manufacture include:

    - Conveyor Scraper Blade Tips
    - Faced Bar Hammers
    - Crusher Jaws & Tips
    - Wear & Impact Plates
    - Shot Blast Nozzles, Wheel Blades & Lance Tips

    Bespoke Tungsten Carbide Components Tooling
    Our bespoke tungsten carbide tooling components are designed to last a ling time in a production environment. We manufacture a wide range of bespoke tungsten carbide tooling components for a wide range of applications that rely on hardness and strength.

    Some of the most popular bespoke tooling components we have produced from Tungsten Carbide:

    - Gun Drill Bushes
    - Bespoke Boring Bars
    - Shearing Blades, Cutters & Knives for Tobacco/Paper Machinery
    - Female & Male Lathe Centres
    - Inserts for Drilling, Mining, Crushing & Tunnelling

    Below is our Grade Chart (for special & additional tungsten carbide grades please contact us)

    Grade Chart

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    Products and Services

    1. AKS Tuingsten
    2. Anode Tungsten
    3. Ball Valve Seats
    4. Bearings
    5. Bespoke Boring Bars
    6. Bespoke Tungsten Carbide Components
    7. Brick Mould
    8. Bushes
    9. Cages
    10. Centreless Ground Eddy Current Tested Rod
    11. Centrifuge Tile Assemblies
    12. Choke Beans
    13. Coiling Points
    14. Consumables
    15. Control Valve Assemblies
    16. Conveyor Scraper Blade Tips
    17. Crusher Blocks
    18. Crusher Inserts
    19. Crusher Jaws
    20. Crusher Tips
    21. Crushing Inserts
    22. Curved Guide Rails
    23. Cut-Off Die Inserts
    24. Cutters
    25. Disc Stack Assemblies
    26. Drilling Inserts
    27. Ejector Pins
    28. Engineering
    29. Engineering Services
    30. Extrusion Dies
    31. Faced Bar Hammers
    32. Female Lathe Centres
    33. Flat Guide Rails
    34. Floating Dies
    35. Flow Trim Components
    36. Forging Dies
    37. Forming Dies
    38. Guides
    39. Gun Drill Bushes
    40. High Precision Tungsten EDM Wires
    41. Hot And Cold Heading Die Inserts
    42. Impact Plates
    43. Knives
    44. Lance Tips
    45. Lanthanated Tungsten
    46. Lathe Centres
    47. Male Lathe Centres
    48. Manufacturing
    49. Manufacturing Technologies
    50. Mechanical Seal Rings
    51. Mining Inserts
    52. Nibs And Points
    53. Non-Sag Tungsten
    54. Piston Bodies
    55. Plugs
    56. Plugs And Bullets
    57. Plungers
    58. Porous Tips
    59. Profiled Rollers
    60. Profiled Slippers
    61. Punches
    62. Pure Tungsten
    63. Reamer Blanks
    64. Refractory Liners
    65. Roller End Plates
    66. Rotary Recycling Shredding Blades
    67. Seats
    68. Segmented Rollers
    69. Shaped Electrodes
    70. Shaving Dies
    71. Shearing Blades
    72. Shot Blast Nozzles
    73. Sleeves
    74. Special Profiled Cutting Tips
    75. Spinner Dies
    76. Split Dies
    77. Stabiliser Inserts
    78. Straightening Dies
    79. Swaging Dies
    80. Tipped Static Shredding Blades
    81. Tooling
    82. Tube Weld Rolls
    83. Tungsten
    84. Tungsten Carbide
    85. Tungsten Carbide Balls
    86. Tungsten Carbide Bricks
    87. Tungsten Carbide Circular Saw
    88. Tungsten Carbide Gas Components
    89. Tungsten Carbide Heading Dies
    90. Tungsten Carbide Oil Components
    91. Tungsten Carbide Parts
    92. Tungsten Carbide Roof Tiles
    93. Tungsten Carbide Tipped Bandsaw Blades
    94. Tungsten Carbide Tipped Tools
    95. Tungsten Carbide Tooling
    96. Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts
    97. Tungsten Discs
    98. Tungsten Pins
    99. Tunnelling Inserts
    100. Turks Head Rolls
    101. Valve Bodies
    102. Wear Inserts
    103. Wear Plates
    104. Wear Sleeves
    105. Wear Tips
    106. Wear Tracks
    107. Weights
    108. Welding Machines
    109. Wheel Blades
    110. Wire & Cable
    111. Wire Drawing Dies
    112. Wire Eyelets
    113. Wire Flattening Rolls


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