Euroteck Systems (UK) Ltd

Euroteck Systems (UK) Ltd

NDT House, 61 Kepler (off Mariner), Lichfield Road Industrial Estate
Tamworth Staffordshire
B79 7XE

  • A leading supplier of NDT equipment
  • Magnetic particle and penetrant systems
  • ISO accredited since 2003
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    Euroteck Systems (UK) Ltd

    With an ever growing list of high quality NDT products along with an unsurpassed after sales service Euroteck Systems UK Ltd not only continuously exceeds its customers’ expectations in supply but is also able to reach them within just a few hours to provide solutions for their emergency breakdown needs.

    Based in the Midlands in the heart of England, Euroteck is ideally situated in providing both the UK and Europe with an unparalleled supply and aftersales service for non-destructive testing instrumentation and equipment.


    X-Ray Inspection
    The X-Ray Inspection equipment from Euroteck offers Real Time radiographic inspection of manufactured parts such as castings, electrical assemblies, carbon composites and automotive components. Our X-Ray facility is unique in the UK for Real Time inspection and incorporates Microfocus X-Ray, Linescan Cameras and image intensifier based systems to 160kV.

    X-Ray Cabinets
    Euroteck Systems offers a range of high quality X-ray Cabinets from 160kV to 320kV for non-destructive testing applications.

    Real Time X-Ray
    We supply a comprehensive range of automated Real Time X-ray Systems from 100kV to 450kV, utilising multiple axis systems with manual and CNC controls, more details of which may be found by visiting our website.

    Computed Radiography
    Durr NDT HD CR Scanners - Durr NDT is the first company worldwide to develop a 12.5 micron laser spot scanner with high resolution phosphor storage IPs. Euroteck Systems offers the HD CR 35 NDT, which exceeds the requirements of Rolls Royce RRP 58009 for welds and castings.

    Digital Radiography
    The process of digital radiography is just another form of X-ray imaging only it uses flat panel detectors instead of X-ray film. They provide a wide dynamic range and are more forgiving for over and under exposure; they also use less radiation. Euroteck is able to supply a range of Digital Radiography systems so to find out more please head over to our website or get in touch.

    Bespoke MPI/LPI Systems
    We are now the UK and Ireland lead generator partner of CGM. All CGM MPI & LPI systems are manufactured on-site and FAT tested prior to being shipped. Some of the MPI/LPI systems include: Aerospace Liquid Penetrant Inspection System, Magnetic Particle Inspection System and Aerospace MPI System.

    Complete Product Range
    As one of the UKs leading distributors of Non Destructive Testing Equipment Euroteck is able to supply a comprehensive range of high quality equipment for applications including:

      • Computed Tomography
      • Constant Potential X-Ray
      • Hire Equipment
      • Magnetic Particle Equipment
      • Film Processors and Chemicals
      • Radiation Monitoring
      • X-Ray Film Digitisation
      • Micro Focus X-Ray
      • Portable X-Ray


    The engineers at Euroteck have had many years of experience in the non-destructive testing industry and in this time have accrued a wealth of knowledge enabling them to find solutions for even the most demanding non-destructive testing requirements.

    Calibration and Repair
    With a well equipped repair and calibration laboratory Euroteck is able to provide a high level after sales service for most makes and types of NDT systems and instruments.

    Systems Integration
    Euroteck Systems UK Ltd also provides a bespoke system manufacturing service using the best equipment available.

    Contract Services
    We offer an onsite contract service including servicing, maintaining and calibrating your NDT equipment. This service also includes refurbishment, equipment hire and the sale of used NDT equipment.

    Real Time X-Ray Inspection Service
    Euroteck Systems offers a Real Time Radiographic Inspection service for manufactured parts and components, electrical assemblies, automotive parts, carbon composites and non-ferrous parts. You simply send us a sample and we will get it back to you within 48 hours accompanied by a DVD movie of your part being tested.

    We are passionate about what we do which is solving our clients manufacturing and quality issues so why not talk to us and see if we can improve your products, reduce your Q.C. costs and solve those sometimes difficult manufacturing problems.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 14:30
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Aluminium Castings
    2. Automated Real Time X-Ray Systems
    3. BGA X-Ray
    4. Castings X-Rayed
    5. CNC Control
    6. Computed Radiography
    7. Computed Tomography
    8. Constant Potential Systems
    9. Constant Potential X-Ray
    10. CR Phantom
    11. CT Scanning
    12. CT Systems
    13. Digital Radiography
    14. Digital X Ray Detectors
    15. Digital X-Ray Systems
    16. Electrical Inspection & Test
    17. Electrical Inspections
    18. Electrical Testing
    19. Electrical Testing Services
    20. Ex Demo NDT Equipment
    21. Ferrous Castings
    22. Field Strength Meter
    23. Film Processors And Chemicals
    24. Flat Panel Detectors
    25. Gas Inspections
    26. Hi-Res X-Ray Systems
    27. Hire Equipment
    28. Industrial Control Machines
    29. Inspection Systems
    30. Magnetic Particle Equipment
    31. Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment
    32. Magnetic Particle Inspections Systems
    33. Micro Focus X-Ray
    34. MPI Equipment
    35. MPI Systems
    36. MPI Techniques
    37. NDT
    38. NDT Applications
    39. NDT Equipment
    40. NDT Equipment Hire
    41. NDT Equipment Supplies
    42. NDT Hire Equipment
    43. Non Destructive Testing Equipment
    44. Non Destructive Testing Services
    45. Non-Destructive Testing
    46. Non-Ferrous Castings
    47. Panoramic Equipment
    48. Panoramic X-Ray
    49. Phantom For Computed Radiography
    50. Portable CP X-Ray
    51. Portable X-Ray
    52. Portable X-Ray Equipment
    53. Postal X-Ray Scanners
    54. Radiation Monitoring
    55. Radiation Monitors
    56. Real Time Radiography
    57. Real Time X-Ray
    58. Refurbished NDT Equipment
    59. Rod Anodes
    60. Security X-Ray Machines
    61. Semiconductor Inspection
    62. Steel Castings X-Rayed
    63. Ultrasonic Systems
    64. UV Lamp
    65. UV LED
    66. X Ray Accessories
    67. X Ray Crystallography Systems
    68. X Ray Inspection System
    69. X Ray Protection
    70. X Ray Radiation Shielding
    71. X Ray Rooms
    72. X Ray Shield
    73. X-Ray
    74. X-Ray Cabinets
    75. X-Ray Cassette Sleeve
    76. X-Ray Chemicals
    77. X-Ray Detectors
    78. X-Ray Developer
    79. X-Ray Equipment
    80. X-Ray Equipment Hire
    81. X-Ray Equipment Inspection
    82. X-Ray Film Digitisation
    83. X-Ray Film Digitisers
    84. X-Ray Film Digitization
    85. X-Ray Film Digitizers
    86. X-Ray Film Scanner
    87. X-Ray Food Inspection
    88. X-Ray Generators
    89. X-Ray Hire
    90. X-Ray Imaging
    91. X-Ray Inspection
    92. X-Ray Inspections
    93. X-Ray Machines
    94. X-Ray Of Castings
    95. X-Ray Proof Vision Panels
    96. X-RAY Protection
    97. X-Ray Services
    98. X-RAY Shield
    99. X-Ray Shielding
    100. X-Ray System
    101. X-Ray Systems
    102. X-Ray Technologies
    103. X-Ray Tube
    104. X-Ray Tubes
    105. Xray Protection
    106. Xray Shield


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