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  • Life sized modular building blocks
  • EverBlock is a unique modular building system
  • Sustainable through re-use walling
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    EverBlock Systems UK

    EverBlock Systems UK - Giving people the freedom to build whatever they want

    EverBlocks, the life sized modular building blocks that allow you to build almost anything.

    You simply create your project by stacking and organising multi-purpose waterproof blocks into any shape, size or configuration.

    EverBlock Systems UK is the Main distributor here in the UK and we are here to revolutionise the way people realise their ideas and build amazing things.

    From our dedicated facility based in Slough UK we are able to ship this unique product throughout the UK and Europe so whatever your dreams and whatever your requirements EverBlock Systems UK is here to serve.

    What is the EverBlock System?

    Founded by a US entrepreneur this unique system has been specifically designed to help companies and individuals alike build all kinds of customised items by using one single universal building block system.

    It is a system of oversized plastic blocks that allows for quick and easy construction. Anything you have built can be disassembled and re-assembled with all of the pieces ready to use again and again and what's more in any colour or configuration.

    At EverBlock Systems UK we believe in the principle of simple design and construction and that is why we strive to make it accessible for everyone to construct functional objects by using a small number of different components.

    You simply build whatever you want, the only limit is your imagination. EverBlock Systems UK is simply here to help.

    Environmentally Friendly
    This must surely be one of them most unique green building systems around. If you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Sales & Installation
    EverBlock Systems UK offers a sales and rental service as well as design and installation. If you need a customised solution we can also consult with you to help with any large scale or complex builds.

    Hire & Rental
    We can also deliver the Hire EverBlocks to your site before the event and can even install and build the display for you so if this is something that may be of interest to you please get in touch.

    EverBlock Applications

    It’s true, the only limitation is your imagination!

    Just a brief list of possibilities includes:

    ...• Room Dividers & Modular Walls
    ...• Modular Furniture
    ...• Modular Buildings
    ...• Exhibits and Retail Displays
    ...• Disaster Relief and Military
    ...• Special Events
    ...• Construction and Industrial Facilities
    ...• Office Cubicles
    ...• Modular Desks
    ...• Christmas Trees
    ...• Partitions and Dividers etc

    Take a look at our Modular Building Blocks

    EverBlock Compatible Flooring

    You can also construct your own flooring system by using a complete line of modular flooring blocks so you can now create a complete environment with unique displays and spaces.

    The flooring systems from EverBlock are in sheet form and come in easily transportable sections making them well suited for special events such as dance floors, wedding venues, game courts, marquee floors and more.

    This is only a brief summary of the wide range of products, services and applications EverBlock Systems UK has to offer so why not head over to our website for further details.

    Take a look at our Temporary Modular Flooring

    EverPanel Wall System

    Our EverPanel's are a unique modular wall panel systems that allows you to economically and quickly create rooms, divide spaces and define areas. These modular walling systems are perfect for offices and can also be used to build portable backdrops for exhibits, trade show booths, film sets, gallery walls and more.

    Take a look at our Modular Walling Systems

    Video - Built our Desk from Giant Everblock Bricks! + 34 Foot Wall


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    Key Personnel
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    Products and Services

    1. Apartment Room Dividers
    2. Architectural Trade Show Booth
    3. Architectural Wall
    4. Architectural Walls
    5. Bars
    6. Brand Activation
    7. Building Blocks
    8. Chairs
    9. Colorful Displays
    10. Complete Modular Buildings
    11. Complete Modular Rooms
    12. Counters
    13. Creative Exhibit Designs
    14. Creative Exhibit Displays
    15. Creative Exhibition Designs
    16. Creative Exhibition Displays
    17. Custom Backdrops
    18. Custom Displays
    19. Custom Event Furniture
    20. Custom Exhibition Displays
    21. Custom Modular Walls
    22. Decor
    23. Decorative Walls
    24. Demountable Walls
    25. Designer Walls
    26. Disaster Relief
    27. Display Booths
    28. Display Columns
    29. Display Pedestals
    30. Display Plinths
    31. Divider Walls
    32. DJ Booths
    33. Educational
    34. Equipment Supports
    35. Event Backdrops
    36. Event Chairs
    37. Event Decor
    38. Event Decoration
    39. Event Furnishings
    40. Event Furniture
    41. Event Seating
    42. EverBlock
    43. EverBlocks
    44. Exhibit Counters
    45. Exhibit Display Plinths
    46. Exhibit Furniture
    47. Exhibit Seating
    48. Exhibition Counters
    49. Exhibition Display Plinths
    50. Exhibition Displays
    51. Exhibition Furniture
    52. Exhibition Seating
    53. Exhibitions
    54. Exhibits
    55. Eye Catching Furniture
    56. Factory Wall Systems
    57. Fun Displays
    58. Furniture
    59. Garden Borders
    60. Garden Edging
    61. Illuminated Bars
    62. Illuminated Displays
    63. Illuminated Event Furniture
    64. Illuminated Furniture
    65. Marketing
    66. Marketing Walls
    67. Modern Event Furnishing
    68. Modular Backdrops
    69. Modular Bars
    70. Modular Buildings
    71. Modular Designer Wall
    72. Modular Displays
    73. Modular Exhibits
    74. Modular Factory Wall System
    75. Modular Furniture
    76. Modular Kiosks
    77. Modular Retail Displays
    78. Modular Rooms
    79. Modular Walls
    80. Office Divider Walls
    81. Office Enclosures
    82. Office Exclosures
    83. Office Privacy Screens
    84. Open Stagger Wall
    85. Open Stagger Walls
    86. Outdoor Furniture
    87. Pedestals
    88. Plinths
    89. Portable DJ Booths
    90. Privacy Screens
    91. Props
    92. Reconfigurable Booth Shells
    93. Reconfigurable Booths
    94. Residential Room Divider
    95. Retail Display
    96. Retail Displays
    97. Retail Room Divider
    98. Retail Room Dividers
    99. Room Divider
    100. Room Dividers
    101. Sales Counters
    102. Scenery
    103. Seating
    104. Shop Window Display
    105. Shop Window Displays
    106. Special Events
    107. Stage And Scenery
    108. Stage Backdrops
    109. Stage Decor
    110. Stage Sets
    111. Stem Learning
    112. Team Building
    113. Team Building Excercises
    114. Temporary Art Walling
    115. Temporary Office Divider Walls
    116. Temporary Walling
    117. Tent Walls
    118. Thematic Display Construction
    119. Trade Show Booth
    120. Trade Show Booths
    121. Wall Systems

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