Excel Precision Ltd (Gloucester Branch)

Excel Precision Ltd (Gloucester Branch)

34 Sabre Close, Quedgeley
Gloucester Gloucestershire

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    Excel Precision Ltd (Gloucester Branch)

    As part of the Excel Precision Group which is one of the UKs leading providers of Electro Discharge Machining services, Gloucester based Excel Precision Ltd is able to provide a range of highly efficient and specialist precision machining solutions to industrial sectors such as Aerospace, Petro-Chemical, Defence, Nuclear, Space, Motorsport, Automotive, Bio-Chemical and more.

    Specialist EDM Manufacturing Services
    Excel Precision are leading specialists in EDM manufacturing so whether its precision components for critical applications or specialised tooling for customers who require tooling and fixtures for their CNC spark erosion machining and wire spark erosion machining processes we can help.

    � � Expert Technical Advice
    � � Prototype and tooling
    � � Exceptional Technical Know How
    � � Dedicated Toolroom
    � � Over 40 Years Industry Experience
    � � Quality Assured

    CNC Wire Erosion
    Our Gloucester based manufacturing facility houses state of the art Agie-Charmilles and Sodick CNC wire erosion machinery which we regularly use to produce components to meet the needs of a wide range of industries one of which includes the space sector where we manufacture critical components for satellite structures as small as the width of a human hair.

    CNC Spark Erosion
    Since 1978 Excel Precision has been providing a range of highly efficient CNC spark erosion services to clients over a broad spectrum of high end sectors.

    Where CNC spark erosion is concerned Excel Precision provides one of the most comprehensive services for both close tolerance components and special purpose tooling.

    We have expertise in a wide range of CNC spark erosion processes. When combined with our sister companies based in Leeds and Birmingham the Excel Precision Group boasts over 30 wire and CNC spark erosion machines as well as toolroom machinery for the production of hardened tooling and work holding equipment.

    Currently Excel Precision holds the following approvals:

    � � UKAS AS9100 Rev D
    � � UKAS ISO 9001:2015
    � � NADCAP AC7116

    Excel Precision also has approvals from many of the worlds most famous and prestigious organisations some of which include Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, Triumph Actuation Systems and Safran Landing Systems.

    This is just a small sample of the wide range of EDM services available from Excel Precision Ltd. For further details on all services we have to offer or to get in touch please visit our website.

    Areas Covered
    Our specialist EDM Manufacturing Service, CNC Wire Erosion and CNC Spark Erosion Services are available to the following locations:


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