Falcon Industrial Supplies

Falcon Industrial Supplies

Unit 22, Fallings Park Industrial Estate, Park Lane
Wolverhampton West Midlands
WV10 9QB

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    Falcon Industrial Supplies


    Falcon Industrial Supplies is one of the Midlands premier suppliers of top quality workwear, personal protective equipment, hi-vis clothing and safety signs so if your based in Wolverhampton, Birmingham or the surrounding areas we've got your needs well covered.

    Falcon Industrial Supplies also offers range of industrial vending services and for those larger companies we are able to provide a consignment stock facility of which further details may be found on our website.


     - Footwear
     - Workwear
     - Hi-Vis Clothing
     - PPE
     - Safety Signs
     - First Aid Kits
     - Tooling
     - Washroom & Janitorial
     - Spill Control Products
     - Packaging

    If you're looking for safety footwear for the workplace be it on site, in the workshop, agricultural or forestry we offer a wide variety of high quality products sourced from some of the industry's leading manufacturers.

    Where workwear is concerned Falcon Industrial Supplies leads the way. We have been supplying top quality workwear solutions to customers since 1992 so it goes without saying we know what our customers want and don't want.

    Hi-Vis Wear
    From hi-vis jackets, hi-vis vests and trousers through to hi-vis shorts and more, our warehouse is fully stocked so you're guaranteed a fast delivery when you order from Falcon Industrial Supplies

    PPE & Accessories
    Whether for ear protection, head protection, respiratory protection or eye protection you'll be hard pushed to find a better selection of top quality PPE.

     - Protective Gloves
     - All Types of Visors, Safety Specs and Goggles
     - Ear Plugs and Defenders
     - Protective Coveralls
     - Safety and Welding Helmets
     - Air Fed and Powered Air Systems

    Safety Signs
    Falcon Industrial Supplies also provide a range of safety signage to meet the needs of a wide range of industries some of which include construction sites, workshops, warehouses, factories, traffic and parking.

    Spill Control
    Of course we all make the effort to create a safe working environment but it's a fact that accidents happen. In order to help prevent that Falcon Industrial Supplies stock a full range of spill control equipment.

    To further complement our range of existing products we can supply you with everything you will ever need for your packaging applications, so whether its bubble wrap, polypropylene and steel strapping, pallet wrap or packaging tape and dispensers we offer a nationwide delivery services.

    Quality Washroom & Janitorial Supplies
    We supply everything from hand cleaners and hand towels to floor and toilet cleaner products all of which have been chosen to cover the needs of industries everywhere, so why not get in touch today and get stocked up.

    Get In Touch Today!
    This is only a small sample of the vast range of industrial workplace products we are able to supply so why not head over to our online shop now and browse through the wide range of protective workwear we have to offer.

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    Friday 08:30 to 16:00
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    Products and Services

    1. Access Ladders
    2. Angle Grinders
    3. Anti Bacs Soaps
    4. Anti Static Clothing
    5. Anti Vibration Gloves
    6. Antiviral Sprays
    7. Antiviral Wipes
    8. Arc Compliant Clothing
    9. Arc Flash Hi-Vis Trousers
    10. Bactericidal Cleaner
    11. Balaclavas
    12. Boiler Suits
    13. Boots
    14. Bubble Wrap
    15. Bunds
    16. Business Signage
    17. Chemical Absorbent Pads
    18. Chemical Spill Absorbents
    19. Cleaning Materials
    20. Cleaning Products
    21. Cold Chisels
    22. Cordless Power Tools
    23. Corporate Workwear
    24. Corrugated Rolls
    25. Coveralls
    26. Custom Safety Labels
    27. Direction Boards
    28. Disinfectants
    29. Disposable Gloves
    30. Disposable Workwear
    31. Drills
    32. Ear Defenders
    33. Ear Plugs
    34. Ear Protection
    35. Face Masks
    36. Face Screens
    37. Fire Exit Signs
    38. First Aid Kits
    39. Flame Retardant Clothing
    40. Footwear
    41. Gas Alarms
    42. Gloves
    43. Goggles
    44. H-Vis Workwear
    45. Hacksaws
    46. Hammers
    47. Hand Sanitiser
    48. Hand Soap
    49. Hand Towels
    50. Handsaws
    51. Hard Hats
    52. Head Protection
    53. Health & Safety Signage
    54. Health & Safety Signs
    55. Health And Safety Signage
    56. Health And Safety Signs
    57. Hi Vis Workwear
    58. Hi-Vis Workwear
    59. Hi-Viz Workwear
    60. High Visabiliy Workwear
    61. High Visibility Clothing
    62. High Visibility Workwear
    63. Industrial Disposable Gloves
    64. Industrial Gloves
    65. Industrial Protective Clothing
    66. Industrial Supplies
    67. Industrial Workwear
    68. Jackets
    69. Janitorial Products
    70. Janitorial Supplies
    71. Ladies Safety Footwear
    72. Ladies Workwear
    73. Latex Gloves
    74. Masking Tape
    75. Mens Workwear
    76. Packaging
    77. Packaging Items
    78. Packaging Products
    79. Pallet Wrap
    80. Paper Dispensers
    81. Personal Protection Equipment
    82. Personal Protective Equipment
    83. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    84. Polo Shirts
    85. Polypropylene Strapping
    86. Polythene Bags
    87. Polythene Rolls
    88. Power Tool Suppliers
    89. Power Tools
    90. PPE
    91. Ppe Accessories
    92. PPE Equipment
    93. PPE Face Shields
    94. PPE Face Visors
    95. PPE Safety Equipment
    96. PPE Safety Signs
    97. PPE Signs
    98. PPE Supplier
    99. PPE Suppliers
    100. Ppe Workwear
    101. Protective Clothing
    102. Protective Clothing & Workwear
    103. Protective Clothing And Workwear
    104. Protective Coveralls
    105. Protective Gloves
    106. Protective Masks
    107. Protective Workwear
    108. Protective Workwear Ppe
    109. PVC Gloves
    110. Rescue Equipment
    111. Rigger Gloves
    112. Rubber Gloves
    113. Safety Barriers
    114. Safety Boots
    115. Safety Equipment
    116. Safety Equipment Supplier
    117. Safety Footwear
    118. Safety Glasses
    119. Safety Gloves
    120. Safety Goggles
    121. Safety Harnesses
    122. Safety Helmets
    123. Safety Labels
    124. Safety Signage
    125. Safety Signs
    126. Safety Workwear
    127. Shoes
    128. Signage
    129. Signs
    130. Soap Dispensers
    131. Spanners
    132. Spill Absorbents
    133. Spill Trays
    134. Steel Strapping
    135. Strapping
    136. Sweatshirts
    137. Tape Dispenser
    138. Thermal Clothing
    139. Toilet Rolls
    140. Toilet Tissue
    141. Tooling
    142. Trainers
    143. Trousers
    144. Tubing Roll
    145. Visors
    146. Warning Labels
    147. Washroom Products
    148. Washroom Supplies
    149. Water-Resistant Boots
    150. Water-Resistant Shoes
    151. Waterproof Workwear
    152. Welding Helmets
    153. Welding Visors
    154. Work Wear
    155. Work Wear Clothing
    156. Workwear
    157. Workwear And Safety Supplies
    158. Workwear Clothing
    159. Workwear Coats
    160. Workwear Jackets
    161. Workwear Supplier
    162. Workwear Suppliers
    163. Workwear Supplies
    164. Workwear Trousers
    165. Wrenches

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