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    FastLine Coatings Ltd

    FastLine Coatings are based in Lancashire and offer a comprehensive range of high quality coating and finishing services some of which include but not limited to the following:

    Powder Coating
    We offer a wide range of powder coating options, colours and finishes... In fact if you can think it, we can do it.

    FastLine Coatings offers a range of Cerakote Ceramic Coating services suitable for a range of applications including chemical resistance, aerospace, consumer electronics and more.

    Custom Masking
    Where custom masking is concerned FastLine Coatings has a vast expertise in all areas of customised coatings to meet our clients specific requirements, and what's more we do all of the necessary masking for you so why not get in touch to find out more.

    Vapour Blasting
    As a less aggressive blasting process, vapour blasting is particularly well suited for those intricate components such as parts for an engine etc. We offer our vapour blasting service to customers from a wide range of industries, more of which information can be found on our website.

    Media Blasting
    FastLine Coatings offers a second to none media blasting service for customers with old paint and corrosion problems.

    Chemical Paint Stripping

    Why not let FastLine Coatings do the hard preparation work of removing paint for you so you can focus on doing the paintwork yourself?

    Sonic Cleaning
    If you've been looking for a company that provides a sonic cleaning service then look no more because we've got the facilities and know how to clean those hard to reach places such as carburettors, valves and other small working parts.

    Vinyl Graphics
    Why not turn your ideas into reality. Whether its screen names, logos or other form of graphics and images we can help.

    As a multi skilled family team who is passionate about providing customers with top quality coating services we are able to cater for a broad range of customers, so whether its high volume work for a large organisation or for an individual hobbyist in the domestic sector the results we regularly achieve are always the same, top notch.

    To find out more about FastLine Coatings please visit our website or get in touch.

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