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Bordon Hampshire
GU35 9QF

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    Complete Vacuum Forming & Toolmaking Solutions

    FB-AVAK offers one of the most comprehensive vacuum forming and toolmaking services around. From a modern manufacturing facility based in Hampshire housing 12 vacuum forming machines and fully equipped pattern making shop FB-AVAK is able to provide a one stop shop for customers everywhere with the cost effective supply service of quality vacuum formed components.

    Product Design & Development
    Vacuum Forming Materials up to 10mm Thick
    5 Axis CNC Machining

    Vacuum Forming
    From small machines used to produce smaller mouldings using multi impression tooling through to PLC controlled machines used to produce up to 2m x 1.2m mouldings with a draw of 500mm in materials up to 10mm thick FB-AVAK will meet all of your vacuum forming requirements.

    We use a wide range of vacuum forming materials including ABS, FR ABS, Acrylic Capped ABS and HIPS as well as clear materials such as PETG, Polycarbonate and Extruded Acrylic.

    Assembly & Finishing
    We have a wide range of processes on hand and can provide a complete assembly and finishing service including machining, painting and silk screen printing.

    Custom CNC Precision Machining
    Using the very latest in CNC machining technology including 5-axis custom CNC machinery we can trim the customers components to suit their precise needs.

    Each machine is linked to our Mastercam CAD/CAM system and can trim directly from data for uninterrupted manufacture.

    Composite Toolmakers
    To ensure the product will meet your expectations we can also offer advice on tooling and materials and will be happy to assist you at the concept stage of your product. This ensures a smooth transition between product development and production.

    A sample moulding can normally be ready within only a few days and can be used to perfect the fit and form of your product.

    Traditional Toolmaking Service
    FB-AVAK also provides a traditional toolmaking service along with 3D Laser Scanning when CAD data is not available. This type of tooling is usually produced from wood which is followed by either cast aluminium or aluminium filled resin.

    Whatever your vacuum forming needs FB-AVAK will provide a cost effective and highly efficient solution from start to finish. Your products will be right first time, every time and on time so why not visit our website or get in touch to find out more.

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