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    Firma-Chrome Ltd

    Since 1987 Firma-Chrome has been providing satisfied customers from a vast range of industrial sectors with a second to none metal surface finishing service and what's more at a competitive price.

    � Electroless Nickel
    � Anodising
    � Phosphating
    � Polishing
    � Specialist Coatings
    � Hard Chrome
    � Shot Peening
    � Pelox Supply

    Fast and Reliable Turnaround
    At Firma-Chrome we believe our customers should expect 100% quality as standard as well as receiving their surface treated parts and components reliably and within their timescales so we always endeavour to deliver on time.

    Electroless Nickel
    Offering the very best level of protection Electroless Nickel plating can be used on most base materials such as brass, steel, stainless steel, copper and more.

    Firma-Chrome is able to provide a wide range of industries an exceptional Electroless Nickel plating service to meet their specific applications so to find our more please get in touch.

    Where Anodising is concerned we can process all of your components in small to large batch sizes.

    We have a vast experience in Phosphating the surfaces of ferrous materials including both Manganese Phosphating and Zinc Phosphating applications so if you have any requirements in this area please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Hard Chrome
    With a fully automated Hard Chrome plant Firma-Chrome has the capacity to cater for high volumes of parts and produce Flash Hard Chrome coatings in thicknesses of up to 25 microns.

    Typical finishes include smooth, bright and satin. To find out more about our Hard Chrome service please head over to our website.


    Both Electro Polishing and Mechanical Polishing are regularly carried out to meet the specific requirements of our customers. These processes are particularly well suited for industries such as pharmaceutical, food, medical and semi-conductor components.

    Xylan Coating
    With a newly installed spray plant and curing oven we offer a range of specialist coatings and various other forms of Dry Film Lubricant coatings. To further enhance your products even more this process can be used to coat your parts from a range of colours.

    This is just a tiny sample of the wide range of high quality surface coating and finishing services Firma-Chrome has to offer so please do visit our website or get in touch.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:00 to 17:00
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    Wednesday 08:00 to 17:00
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    Products and Services

    1. Alloy Polishing
    2. Aluminium Anodising
    3. Aluminium Extrusion Anodising
    4. Aluminium Nickel Plating
    5. Aluminium Polishing
    6. Aluminium Profile Anodising
    7. Anodising
    8. Anodising Aluminium
    9. Anodising Finishing
    10. Anodising Service
    11. Anodising Services
    12. Anodising Sevices
    13. Anodising Tanks
    14. Brass Polishing
    15. Chrome Polishing
    16. Chroming
    17. Clear Anodising
    18. Controlled Shot Peening
    19. Copper Polishing
    20. Corrosion Protective Coating
    21. Electroless Nickel
    22. Electroless Nickel Coating
    23. Electroless Nickel Plating
    24. Electroless Nickel Plating Service
    25. Electroless Nickel Plating Specialists
    26. Electroless-Nickel
    27. Electroless-Nickel Plating
    28. Electropolishing
    29. Hard Chrome
    30. Hard Chrome Plating
    31. Masking For Anodising
    32. Mechanical Polishing
    33. Metal Finishing
    34. Metal Finishing Consultants
    35. Metal Finishing Service
    36. Metal Finishing Services
    37. Metal Finishing Specialists
    38. Metal Polishing
    39. Metal Polishing Services
    40. Mild Steel Polishing
    41. Nickel Plating
    42. Nickel Plating Service
    43. Nickel Plating Specialists
    44. Off Site Shot Peening
    45. Phosphating
    46. Phosphating Manganese
    47. Phosphating Zinc
    48. Polishing
    49. Polishing Of Stainless Steel
    50. Protective Coating
    51. Protective Coating Systems
    52. Protective Coatings
    53. PTFE Coating
    54. PTFE Coatings
    55. Safety Critical Shot Peening
    56. Shot Peening
    57. Shot Peening Contractors
    58. Shot Peening Gears
    59. Shot Peening Service
    60. Shot Peening- Controlled
    61. Silver Polishing
    62. Specialist Coating
    63. Specialist Coating Processes
    64. Specialist Coatings
    65. Specialist Metal Finishing
    66. Stainless Finishing
    67. Stainless Steel Polishing
    68. Sulphuric Anodising
    69. Surface Engineering
    70. Titanium Polishing
    71. Xylan Coatings

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