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    Euro-Gas Management Services Ltd - Gas Detection Sensors & Equipment

    EURO-GAS - Gas Detection Sensors & Gas Detection Equipment

    Gas Detection Solutions

    Euro-Gas offers a specialist range of gas detection equipment and gas sensor component solutions worldwide including:

    Gas Detection Sensors and Gas Transmitter Circuitry - a superior range of gas detection sensors, available as bare sensors, with circuitry or as fixed housed options.

    Our specialist selection of gas detection sensors, such as the ECO-Sure CO sensor and the Zellpell flammable sensor, offers essential benefits for manufacturers, installers and end users including superior quality, enhanced performance, simple integration into product designs and all at low cost. Let Euro-Gas assist your Company in building and installing quality gas detection products more cost effectively. Our gas detection sensors are suitable for industrial, residential and commercial environments.

    Popular Gas Sensor Solutions:

    - Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and indoor air quality (IAQ)
    - Car park monitoring systems, approved by TUV according to VDI 2053
    - 'Stop smoking' programmes requiring a low Hydrogen cross-sensitivity sensor
    - Multi-criteria fire detection
    - Domestic CO monitoring

    Kitagawa Gas Detector Tube System

    A simple yet highly accurate spot gas detector, widely used and known throughout the world. The system:

    - Offers a LOWER COST of analysis for over 300 gases and vapours.
    - Is PORTABLE and EASY TO USE for all levels of personnel.
    - Provides accurate readings in minutes.
    - Requires NO POWER SUPPLY, for use in flammable atmospheres

    Personal & Portable Gas Detectors

    Providing single and multiple gas monitoring options for Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, flammables and a wide range of toxic gases. These provide protection for workers on the move.

    GazCal Chlorine Gas Generators

    To generate Chlorine gas from 0.5-20ppm Cl2 reliably and economically for the on-site test and calibration of gas detectors plus water treatment, swimming pools, chemicals manufacture and laboratory applications.

    About Us

    With over 50 years of technical expertise and knowledge of worldwide industrial markets, Euro-Gas products benefit and protect your workforce and your environment. We take safety very seriously.

    We offer a global network of specialist Sales Distributors, encompassing many leading Gas Detection instrument manufacturers and suppliers, to ensure our customers receive first class technical sales and service support.

    Please get in touch or visit our website for further information.

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    Products and Services

    1. 2-Wire Transmitters
    2. Ammonia Leak Detection
    3. Analogue Output Transmitters
    4. Analogue Portable Gas Detection Equipment
    5. ATEX Transmitters
    6. Battery Operated Co Detector
    7. Boat Gas Alarm
    8. Business Gas
    9. Car Park Vehicle Detection
    10. Carbon Dioxide Detector
    11. Carbon Dioxide Detectors
    12. Carbon Dioxide Gas Detectors
    13. Carbon Dioxide Meters
    14. Carbon Dioxide Monitors
    15. Carbon Dioxide Sensors
    16. Carbon Dioxide Transmitters
    17. Carbon Monoxide Alarm
    18. Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector
    19. Carbon Monoxide Alarms
    20. Carbon Monoxide Detection
    21. Carbon Monoxide Detector
    22. Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    23. Carbon Monoxide Monitor
    24. Carbon Monoxide Monitors
    25. Carbon Monoxide Sensor
    26. Carbon Monoxide Sensors
    27. Carbonmonoxide Detector
    28. Carbonmonoxide Detectors
    29. CH4 Detector
    30. CH4 Sensor
    31. Chlorine Gas Sensors
    32. Co Alarms Detectors
    33. CO Detector
    34. Co Detectors
    35. CO Sensor
    36. Co2 Detector
    37. Co2 Detectors
    38. Co2 Gas Sensor
    39. Co2 Leak Detection Systems
    40. Co2 Sensor
    41. CO2 Transmitters
    42. Compressed Gases Safety
    43. Detector Manufacturers And Suppliers
    44. Detectors
    45. Dual Sensor Smoke Detector
    46. Dual Sensor Smoke Detectors
    47. Electrochemical Gas Sensors
    48. Explosion Proof Gas Detector
    49. Fixed Gas Analyser
    50. Flammable Gas Detector
    51. Flammable Gas Detectors
    52. Flue Gas Analyser
    53. Flue Gas Analysers
    54. Fork Lift Truck Gas
    55. Gas
    56. Gas & Air Sampling
    57. Gas Alarms
    58. Gas Analyser
    59. Gas Analysers
    60. Gas Analysers Calibrating
    61. Gas Analysis
    62. Gas Analysis Components
    63. Gas Analysis Equipment
    64. Gas Analysis Systems
    65. Gas Analyzer
    66. Gas Analyzers
    67. Gas Apparatus And Control Equipment
    68. Gas Detection
    69. Gas Detection And Analysis
    70. Gas Detection Devices
    71. Gas Detection Electrochemical Sensors
    72. Gas Detection Equipment
    73. Gas Detection Infra Red Sensors
    74. Gas Detection Sensors
    75. Gas Detection Systems
    76. Gas Detection Tubes
    77. Gas Detector
    78. Gas Detector Tube System
    79. Gas Detectors
    80. Gas Equipment Suppliers
    81. Gas Generation
    82. Gas Generators
    83. Gas Industry
    84. Gas Kits
    85. Gas Leak Detection
    86. Gas Leak Detector
    87. Gas Measurement Equipment
    88. Gas Measurement Equipment/Systems
    89. Gas Measurement Systems
    90. Gas Monitor
    91. Gas Monitoring
    92. Gas Monitoring Control Systems
    93. Gas Monitors
    94. Gas Regulators
    95. Gas Sampling
    96. Gas Sampling Pumps
    97. Gas Sampling Systems
    98. Gas Sensor
    99. Gas Sensor Remote
    100. Gas Sensors
    101. Gas Supplier
    102. Gas Suppliers
    103. Gas Surveying Equipment
    104. Gas Test Equipment
    105. Gas Transmitters
    106. Gas Valves
    107. Gas Warning Alarms
    108. Gases
    109. H2S Detector
    110. H2S Sensor
    111. Hazardous Area Detectors
    112. Hazardous Area Gas Detector
    113. Hazardous Area Sensors
    114. Hazardous Testing Equipment
    115. HVAC Room Sensors
    116. HVAC Sensors
    117. Hydrogen
    118. Hydrogen Analysis
    119. Hydrogen Analyzer
    120. Hydrogen Gas Sensors
    121. Hydrogen Monitor
    122. Hydrogen Sulfide Detector
    123. Hydrogen Sulfide Monitor
    124. Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor
    125. Hydrogen Sulphide Detector
    126. Hydrogen Sulphide Monitor
    127. Hydrogen Sulphide Sensor
    128. Industrial Gas
    129. Industrial Gas Controls
    130. Industrial Gas Equipment
    131. Industrial Gasses
    132. Industrial Sensors
    133. Infrared Detector
    134. Infrared Gas Analysers
    135. Infrared Sensors
    136. Landfill Gas
    137. Landfill Gas Analyser
    138. LPG Gas Alarms
    139. Marine Gas Alarms
    140. Marine Gas Detection Equipment
    141. Marine Gas Detectors
    142. Marine Gas Leak Detection
    143. Marine Gas Leak Sensor Systems
    144. Medical Gas Analysers
    145. Methane Detector
    146. Methane Sensor
    147. Monoxide Detector
    148. Monoxide Detectors
    149. Natural Gas Alarms
    150. Natural Gas Detectors
    151. Natural Gas Monitors
    152. Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Sensor
    153. O2 Gas Analysers
    154. O2 Sensors
    155. Oil & Gas
    156. Oil And Gas Tubes
    157. Oxygen Gas Detector
    158. Oxygen Gas Sensors
    159. Oxygen Sensors
    160. Pellistors
    161. Personal Gas Detector
    162. Personal Gas Detectors
    163. Personal Gas Monitor
    164. Point Gas Detector
    165. Portable Flue Gas Analysers
    166. Portable Gas Detection
    167. Portable Gas Detection Equipment
    168. Portable Gas Detector
    169. Propane Detectors
    170. Propane Gas
    171. Refrigerant Gas Detectors
    172. Residual Gas Analysis
    173. Semiconductor Gas Sensors
    174. Sensor
    175. Sensor Gas Alarm System
    176. Sensors
    177. Sensors And Detectors
    178. Single Point Gas Sensor
    179. Single Sensor Gas Detection System
    180. Smart Sensors
    181. Spangas
    182. Test Gas
    183. Toxic Gas Detector
    184. Toxic Gas Sensors
    185. Trace Gas Analyser
    186. Transmitters
    187. VOC Detector

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