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    Generator Pro

    Generator Pro offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of high quality petrol and diesel generators and portable generators in the UK. The whole range of generators we supply have been carefully selected by our highly knowledgeable team who are experts in all things generator.

    These days generators can run on various power sources such as Diesel, Petrol and LPG (Low Pressure Gas). Every single generator we supply is sourced only from industry leading brands including the likes of Black & Decker, Strom Swiss Kraft, Champion, ITC Power, Gude, Hyundai and Bass Polska.

    Whether you're requirements are for outdoor catering, farming, boating or for a reliable source of backup power for your industrial unit or garage we will have the solution.

    Falling back on a wealth of experience gained over the years supplying generators to both the commercial and domestic sectors we are able to make it easy for you when you're trying to choose the right generator to match your specific needs.

    Typical Applications Include:

    - Domestic Power Back-Up
    - Commercial Power Back-Up
    - Mobile Catering
    - Events
    - Welding
    - Farming
    - Pumping Water
    - Industrial Power Back-Up
    - Camping/Caravanning
    - Construction
    - Boating/RV/Mobile Home
    Portable Generators
    Portable Diesel Generators
    Where diesel generators are concerned Generator Pro offers one of the largest ranges around including great pieces of equipment from the German manufacturer Kraft Hertz who make super powerful diesel engines set in high performance insulated body casings.

    With their electric starters and low oil shut off technology the range of diesel generators from Kraft Hertz will keep your entire household going even for lengthy periods.

    Portable Petrol Generators
    Our portable petrol generators are from leading brands to ensure a reliable, durable and stable power supply for both commercial and domestic uses including large camping sites, homes and businesses of all sizes.

    We offer various portable petrol generators with wheels or handles for easy transportation, some of our portable generators are even small enough to fit into a backpack.
    Off Grid Solar Powered Generators
    The future is here! We are able to offer a great range of off grid generators that run using solar power. These can be recharged using the supplied mains adaptor or solar energy by using built in MPPT technology.

    The result is 240 Volts power wherever and whenever you need it. We offer a wide range of off grid solar powered generators to suit various requirements.

    Solar Panels
    Generator Pro are able to provide a range of LG Solar Panels ranging from 335Wp to 365Wp. We also supply Portable Solar Chargers by Hyundai available in 50W up to 130W.
    Power Back Ups
    Commercial Power Back Ups
    Power back ups for commercial premises can be vital with hospitals relying on a constant uninterrupted supply of power 24/7. A power cut can cause disaster not only in hospitals but in many businesses where loss of power can lead to downtime and a loss of earnings ... and that's where our commercial power back ups come in. We have power back ups of all sizes to suit all industry sectors.

    Domestic Power Back Ups
    Our range of residential/domestic power backs ups come in various sizes and power outputs. They are easy to store and can be very handy in case of loss of power to your premises. Our domestic power back ups are affordable and reliable. With over 5 pages to choose from we urge you to take a look at our website to view the full range.
    Generator Maintenance, Repairs, Service Contracts
    We provide high end generator maintenance and servicing to ensure yours is functioning to its full capabilities throughout the year. A regular service contract helps to highlight the components that are malfunctioning or wearing out. Failure to properly maintain your generator could lead to costly repairs.

    If you have a generator that is already in need of repair, our experienced generator engineers are on hand to help.
    Air Compressors
    We stock the very best air compressors by Hyundai and Zipper. Below are the types of compressors available to buy from our online store:
    - Direct Drive Compressors
    - Belt Drive Compressors
    - Low Noise Compressors
    - Oil Free Compressors
    - Petrol Driven Compressors
    - Electric Compressors
    - Screw Compressors
    - Heavy Duty Compressors
    Power Tools
    Our online store contains a diverse range of power tools ready to buy online with fast delivery:
    - Lawn Mowers
    - Electrical Pressure Washers
    - Petrol Pressure Washers
    - Strimmers
    - Water Pumps
    - Drills
    - Tool Chests
    - Multitools
    - Welding
    - Mini Dumpers


    Areas Covered
    Our complete range of portable petrol generators, portable diesel generators, commercial power back ups, domestic power back ups, off grid solar powered generators and everything else are available for delivery to the following locations and the rest of the UK:
    County Durham
    East Sussex
    Greater London
    Greater Manchester
    Isle of Wight
    Isles of Scilly
    Milton Keynes
    North Yorkshire
    South Gloucestershire
    South Yorkshire
    Tyne & Wear
    West Midlands
    West Sussex
    West Yorkshire

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