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Graham Roberts Plastics

Unit 4 Robin Hood Industrial Estate, Alfred Street South
Nottingham Nottinghamshire

  • Fibreglass roofing & resin composite specialists
  • Over 70 years of experience
  • Often cheaper than your local builders merchant
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    Graham Roberts Plastics

    Graham Roberts Plastics offer customers a one stop shop for a wide range of GRP products and roofing including the ever popular CrysticRoof system which has been developed as an effective alternative to more traditional materials.

    - Fibreglass
    - CrysticRoof
    - GRP
    - Catalysts, Solvents & Additives
    - Flowcoats
    - GRP Fittings
    - Resins
    - Gelcoats
    - Mouldmaking Materials
    - Fibreglass Matting & Fabric
    - Ancillary & Tools


    Graham Robert Plastics supply a wide range of specialist products to cover the needs of an equally wide range of industry sectors so whether its materials for roofing, special kit for the automotive and marine industry or special materials for the DIY and crafts sector we`ve got you covered.

    Why Graham Roberts Plastics?

    - Nationwide delivery
    - Free delivery in the Nottingham area
    - Trade counter open 5 days a week
    - Knowledgeable staff
    - Very competitive prices

    Fibreglass Flat Roofing and Resin Specialists

    Are you've been looking for a reliable supplier and installer of top quality roofing materials then you've come to the right place because here at Graham Roberts Plastics we can supply and fit the perfect roofing system.

    Versatile, Lasts a Lifetime, One Piece Installation
    Fibreglass flat roofing is extremely versatile, it does not crack or suffer from algae and what's more the cost is no more than the cost of a traditional roofing system.

    Why not call one of our team today to find out more about our flat roof installation service.

    The Innovative CrysticRoof System

    CrysticRoof is an extremely effective roofing system that is manufactured by Scott Bader Company and has been created as an efficient alternative to the more traditional types of roofing such as felt, lead and bitumen-type membranes.

    Its flexibility also means it can be used for creating a wide range of roof structures such as valleys, flat and pitched roofing.

    Additional Benefits:

    - 25 year warranty
    - Durable and leak free
    - Can be formed into any shape
    - No hot work necessary also means cost reductions
    - Cold applied

    Tools & Ancillary Products

    Graham Roberts Plastics also supply a vast range of tooling , ancillary products and equipment so why not head over to our online shop to find out more. Alternatively please give us a call.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 06:30 to 14:00
    Tuesday 06:30 to 14:00
    Wednesday 06:30 to 14:00
    Thursday 06:30 to 14:00
    Friday 06:30 to 13:30
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Abrasives
    2. Additives
    3. Ancillary
    4. Ancillary Equipment
    5. Ancillary Materials
    6. Ancillary Parts
    7. Ancillary Products
    8. Ancillary Tools
    9. Bespoke Fibreglass
    10. Bespoke Grp Fibre Glass
    11. Brushes
    12. Buckets
    13. Carbon Fibre
    14. Carbon Fibre Fabrics
    15. Carbon Fibre Products
    16. Catalysts
    17. Cloths
    18. Coatings
    19. Comercial Roofing
    20. Commercial Flat Roof Repair
    21. Commercial Roofing
    22. Commercial Roofing Contractors
    23. Commercial Roofing Services
    24. Commercial Roofing Specialist
    25. Commercial Roofing Suppliers
    26. Edge Trims
    27. Epoxy
    28. Epoxy Adhesive
    29. Epoxy Adhesives
    30. Epoxy Coatings
    31. Epoxy Paint
    32. Epoxy Paints
    33. Epoxy Resin
    34. Epoxy Resin Coatings
    35. Epoxy Resins
    36. Fibre Glass Flat Roof
    37. Fibreglass
    38. Fibreglass Fabric
    39. Fibreglass Flat Roof Supplies
    40. Fibreglass Flat Roof Systems
    41. Fibreglass Flat Roofs
    42. Fibreglass Kits
    43. Fibreglass Materials
    44. Fibreglass Mats
    45. Fibreglass Matting
    46. Fibreglass Membrane
    47. Fibreglass Sheeting
    48. Fibreglass Sheets
    49. Fibreglass Solutions
    50. Fibreglass Specialists
    51. Fibreglass Supplier
    52. Fibreglass Suppliers
    53. Fibreglass Supplies
    54. Flat Roof Repairs
    55. Flat Roofing
    56. Flat Roofing Contractors
    57. Flat Roofing Products
    58. Flat Roofing Services
    59. Flat Roofing Specialist
    60. Flat Roofing Supplies
    61. Flat Roofing Systems
    62. Flowcoats
    63. Gelcoats
    64. GRP
    65. GRP Edge Trims
    66. GRP Flat Roofing
    67. GRP Products
    68. GRP Resin Waterproofing
    69. GRP Roofing
    70. Liquid Coating Roofing System
    71. Liquid Roofing
    72. Liquid Roofing Systems
    73. Liquid Waterproof Coatings
    74. Mixing Equipment
    75. Mould Making Materials
    76. Paints
    77. Personal Protection
    78. Pigment Pastes
    79. Pigment Powders
    80. Polishing
    81. Polishing Consumables
    82. Polishing Products
    83. Polishing Supplies
    84. Prep Products
    85. Primers
    86. Professional Roofing
    87. Professional Roofing Contractors
    88. Professional Roofing Services
    89. Protective Roof Coatings
    90. Re-Roofing
    91. Residential Roofing
    92. Residential Roofing Contractor
    93. Residential Roofing Contractors
    94. Residential Roofing Services
    95. Resins
    96. Roller Refills
    97. Rollers
    98. Roof Coatings
    99. Roof Repair
    100. Roof Repair Company
    101. Roof Repair Contractor
    102. Roof Repair Service
    103. Roof Repairs
    104. Roof Waterproofing
    105. Roofing
    106. Roofing Accessories
    107. Roofing Equipment
    108. Roofing Fibreglass
    109. Roofing GRP
    110. Roofing Installation
    111. Roofing Installation Contractor
    112. Roofing Products
    113. Roofing Services
    114. Roofing Solutions
    115. Roofing Specialists
    116. Roofing Tools
    117. Solvents
    118. Tape
    119. Tapes
    120. Tool Making Supplies
    121. Waterproof Coatings
    122. Weatherproof Coatings
    123. Wipes

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