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    BA Fabrication - Custom Fabrication


    As one of Birmingham's longest established custom steel fabrication businesses, BA Fabrication is able to provide a comprehensive range of second to none metalworking services ranging from bespoke sheet metal work, railings & staircases to fire escapes.

    BA Fabrication engineers have a vast experience in steel fabrication and is able to work in a broad spectrum of materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and more so whatever your metalwork requirements, whether a small steelwork project or a large crane gantry system and anything else in between, we can deliver.

    Our Services
    BA Fabrication has built a reputation for producing high quality bespoke fabrications. We are also a result driven company and as such have the ability to turn your ideas into reality.

    We are large enough to take on even the most demanding of fabrication projects but small enough to care for clients requiring a one to one service so why not get in touch to find out more.

    We therefore offer a range of fabrication and welding services to cover the following including but not limited to:

    - In-House Fabrication
    - Mild Steel Fabrication
    - Stainless Steel Fabrication
    - Aluminium Fabrication
    - MIG & TIG Welding
    - Fire Escapes & Staircases
    - Platforms & Mezzanine Floors
    - Crane Beams
    - Builders Metalwork & Balustrades
    - Crane Gantry Steelwork
    - Gates, Railings & Fencing

    High Quality Workmanship
    Our success has been based on our ability to consistently manufacture high quality workmanship and provide customers with the high level of service they deserve regardless of how large or small their projects.

    Based in Rowley Regis West Midlands BA Fabrication is able to cover the whole of the area so whether you're based in Birmingham, Wolverhampton or Coventry we are here to provide you with a design, fabrication, welding and installation service to meet your exact requirements.

    If you would like to find out more about BA Fabrication why not head over to our main website.

    Our website also contains a comprehensive photo gallery page covering a good cross section of the work we have carried out in the past. Alternatively please do not hesitate to get in touch thank you.

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    1. All Aspects Of Metal Works
    2. Aluminium Fabrication
    3. Aluminium Fabrication Service
    4. Aluminium Fabrication Services
    5. Aluminium Fabrications
    6. Aluminium Fabricator
    7. Aluminium Fabricators
    8. Aluminium Fencing Extrusions
    9. Aluminium Gates
    10. Aluminium Metalwork
    11. Aluminium Railing
    12. Aluminium Railings
    13. Aluminium Welding
    14. Aluminium Welding Services
    15. Architectural Steel Fabrications
    16. Bespoke Aluminium Fabrication
    17. Bespoke Aluminium Fabrications
    18. Bespoke Metal Work
    19. Bespoke Metalwork
    20. Bespoke Stainless Steel Fabrication
    21. Bespoke Staircases
    22. Bespoke Steel Fabrication
    23. Bespoke Steel Fabrications
    24. Builders Metal Work
    25. Builders Metalwork
    26. Commercial Mezzanine Floor
    27. Commercial Mezzanine Flooring
    28. Commercial Mezzanine Floors
    29. Competitive Mezzanine Floors
    30. Copper Metalwork
    31. Crane Beam Design
    32. Custom Aluminium Fabrications
    33. Custom Metalwork
    34. Custom Staircases
    35. Exterior Staircase
    36. External Staircases
    37. Fire Escape Ladders
    38. Fire Escape Manufacture
    39. Fire Escape Repair
    40. Fire Escape Staircases
    41. Fire Escape Systems
    42. Fire Escapes
    43. Fire Escapes And Walkways
    44. Free Standing Staircases
    45. General Steel Fabrication
    46. Guaranteed Mezzanine Floor
    47. Guaranteed Mezzanine Flooring
    48. Guaranteed Mezzanine Floors
    49. Handrail Sections Steel Fabrications
    50. Heavy Steel Fabricators
    51. Industrial Mezzanine Floor
    52. Industrial Mezzanine Flooring
    53. Industrial Mezzanine Floors
    54. Industrial Staircases
    55. Industrial Steel Gates
    56. Light Steel Fabrications Fasteners
    57. Mesh Steel Fabrications
    58. Metal Staircase
    59. Metal Staircases
    60. Metal Steel Fabricators
    61. Metal Welding
    62. Metal Welding To Specification
    63. Metal Work
    64. Metal Workers
    65. Metal Working
    66. Metal Working Fabricator
    67. Metal Works
    68. Metalwork
    69. Metalwork - Aluminium
    70. Metalwork - Mild Steel
    71. Metalwork - Stainless Steel
    72. Metalwork Fabrications
    73. Metalworkers
    74. Metalworking
    75. Mezzanine Floor
    76. Mezzanine Floor System
    77. Mezzanine Flooring
    78. Mezzanine Flooring Company
    79. Mezzanine Flooring Fabrication
    80. Mezzanine Flooring System
    81. Mezzanine Floors
    82. Mezzanine Floorspace
    83. Mig Welder
    84. Mig Welders
    85. Mig Welding
    86. MIG Welding Services
    87. Mild Steel Fabrication
    88. Mild Steel Fabrications
    89. Mild Steel Metalwork
    90. Mild Steel Welded Mesh
    91. Raised Mezzanine Flooring
    92. Retail Mezzanine Floor
    93. Retail Mezzanine Flooring
    94. Retail Mezzanine Floors
    95. Safety Fire Escapes
    96. Sheet Metal Mig Welding
    97. Sheet Metal Tig Welding
    98. Sheet Metal Welding
    99. Sheet Steel Fabrication
    100. Site Staircase
    101. Special Purpose Steel Fabrications
    102. Stainless Steel Fabrication
    103. Stainless Steel Fabrication Service
    104. Stainless Steel Fabrication Services
    105. Stainless Steel Fabrications
    106. Stainless Steel Fabricator
    107. Stainless Steel Fabricators
    108. Stainless Steel Gates
    109. Stainless Steel Staircase
    110. Stainless Steel Staircases
    111. Stainless Steel Welding
    112. Stainless Steel Welding Services
    113. Staircase
    114. Staircase Design
    115. Staircase Fabricators
    116. Staircases
    117. Steel Fabrication
    118. Steel Fabrication Companies
    119. Steel Fabrication Equipment
    120. Steel Fabrication Machinery
    121. Steel Fabrication Services
    122. Steel Fabrication Tools
    123. Steel Fabrications
    124. Steel Fabrications Hampshire
    125. Steel Fabricators
    126. Steel Fencing
    127. Steel Fencing Supplier
    128. Steel Fencing Suppliers
    129. Steel Gates
    130. Steel Mezzanine Floor
    131. Steel Mezzanine Floors
    132. Steel Sheet Metalwork
    133. Steel Staircases
    134. Structural Steel Fabrication
    135. Sub-Contract Metalwork
    136. Supported Staircases
    137. Tig Welder
    138. Tig Welders
    139. TIG Welding
    140. TIG Welding Services
    141. Ultrasonic Metal Welding
    142. Used Steel Fabrication Equipment
    143. Warehouse Mezzanine Flooring
    144. Warehouse Mezzanine Floors
    145. Welding
    146. Welding & Fabrication
    147. Welding / Fabrication
    148. Welding Aluminium
    149. Welding And Fabricating
    150. Welding And Fabrication
    151. Welding Fabrication
    152. Welding Fabrications
    153. Welding Fabrications Services
    154. Welding Fabricators