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    If you're looking for a professional driver training organisation that provides top class driving courses tutored by expert instructors then you've come to the right place because here at GS Driver Training it is our aim to get you to become a safe and reliable driver and what's more to pass first time!

    GS Driver Training gives 100% every time because at the end of the day your success is our success and nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing our clients succeed and going on to pursue the driving career of their choice.

    Fast Track HGV Training
    GS Driver Training offers a range of highly efficient and cost effective fast track HGV training courses covering the following categories: Cat C1, Cat C, Cat C+E & Driver CPC.

    Fast Track LGV Training
    LGV training made simple with our fast track service. If you don't already have a UK driving licence you can sign up for one with us, a course manual will be made available to you online when you register with us. Simply click on the fast track LGV training option and a professional advisor will be in touch to guide you through the process.

    PCV Bus and Coach Driver Training
    PCV licences are used to carry passengers, PCV stands for passenger-carrying vehicles and includes minibuses, buses, passenger cars, etc. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a PCV Bus or a PCV Coach training course and already have a Category B drivers licence. Our PCV Bus and Coach Driver Training courses come with a medical examination for the first step.

    Online CPC Training Courses
    The CPC (Competent Person Card) is the final hurdle in becoming a professional driver and is a must if you want to pursue a career in driving. GS Driver Training has the perfect set up and are well placed to help with the initial CPC training including Module 2 and Module 4. Our online CPC training courses are easy to access and will get you fully trained.

    Driver CPC 1-Day Course - Virtual

    Our virtual 1 day course is designed especially for those that would like to complete their periodic CPC hours at home. All you need to take this course is an internet connection and a computer with a camera and microphone. Login details will be sent to you prior to the course start time.

    C1 Driver Training Class 3
    We offer one of the most competitively priced C1 Driver Training courses around. The C1 Licence you will obtain allows you to drive a vehicle of up to 7.5 tonnes and is extremely popular with trainee paramedics and people who need to transport horses. For student paramedics we offer large discounts as we really do want you to be able to obtain you're dream job affordably and efficiently.

    C Driver Training Class 2
    The C driving training course will train you to drive rigid vehicles of up to 32 tonnes and after obtaining this licence you can expect to earn over £30,000 a year making for a good return on your career investment. To qualify for this course you must have a manual geared car licence and be over 18 years of age so why not get in touch to find out more.

    C+E Driver Training Class 1
    If you intend making a living from driving to earn a good income then this is the course for you! GS Driver Training will take you through everything you need to know in order to pass your HGV Class 1 test.

    C1+E Driving Courses
    The C1+E Driving Test is required to drive a vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes towing a trailer. GS Driver Training have a high pass rate and can teach you to safely drive this type of vehicle.

    C1 Ambulance Licence
    The C1 Ambulance Licence allows you to operate any type of ambulance with a weight of up to 7.5 tonnes. After you have passed your C1 test you will then have to complete the Emergency Response Blue Light Training to finalise your licence.

    Car and Trailer courses
    In order to drive a car with a trailer you must have passed the B+E Car and Trailer test. On average up to 3 days of training is required to pass this course. High amounts of driving experience may reduce the time required.

    Minibus Driving Courses
    If you need to drive a minibus our experienced instructors will teach you how to drive a minibus safely. We will help you become a confident minibus driver and have a very high pass rate.

    Minibus and Trailer Driving Course
    Trailer towing when driving a minibus requires a different course be passed. Our experienced trainers will guide you through the course and help you pass with our very high pass rate.

    Truck Driving Surrey
    Hosted by a professional driver training school you can now drive a 44-ton DAF truck at Dunsfold! You will be able to drive the truck on the track at Dunsfold Aerodome, Cranleigh. 45 and 60 minute truck sessions are available, visit Truck Driving Surrey to find out more.

    Finance Agreements
    Our finance agreements offer competitive rates with APRs based on your specific circumstances and credit score. We offer secured and unsecured lending choices with variable rates, whilst a simplified application process makes applying for credit easy.

    Expert After Support Service
    We also offer an excellent support service for when you've passed your test including offering advice on finding employment. It doesn't end there either because as professionals in this field we are often aware of many jobs on offer and can sometimes provide you with an introduction to these employers.

    This is only a small sample of the wide range of professional and affordable driver training courses we are able to provide.

    Areas Covered
    All of our driver training courses are available to the below locations and surrounding areas:

    Kingston upon Thames
    Haywards Heath
    Burgess Hill
    Bognor Regis
    New Alresford
    St Albans

    Opening Hours

    Monday 07:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 07:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 07:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 07:00 to 17:00
    Friday 07:00 to 17:00
    Saturday 07:00 to 17:00
    Sunday 07:00 to 17:00

    Accepted Payment Methods

    Visa Debit
    Online Bill Payments
    American Express
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    4. ALLMI Training
    5. Ambulance Driver Jobs
    6. Ambulance Driver Training
    7. Ambulance Lessons
    8. Ambulance Licence
    9. Ambulance School
    10. Apprenticeship Training
    11. B & E Driver Training
    12. B+E Driver Training
    13. Banksman Slinger / Signaller Training
    14. Banksman Slinger Training
    15. Banksman Training
    16. Banksman Vehicle Reversing Training
    17. Bendi Truck Training
    18. Bendi Truck Training Course
    19. Boom Lift Course
    20. Boom Lift Operator Training
    21. Boom Lift Training
    22. Boom Lift Training Courses
    23. Boom Training
    24. Bus Driver Training
    25. Bus Training
    26. Bus Training Courses
    27. C Driver Training
    28. C+E Driver Training
    29. C1 Driver Training
    30. C1+ E Driver Training
    31. Car And Trailer Training
    32. Car Lessons
    33. Caravan Towing Driver Training
    34. Carriage Of Dangerous Goods
    35. Cheap Forklift Training
    36. Chemicals Training
    37. Coach Driver Training
    38. Coach Training
    39. Coach Training Courses
    40. Combilift Training
    41. Courier Driver Jobs
    42. CPC
    43. CPC Courses
    44. CPC Driver Training
    45. CPC Lessons
    46. CPC Licence
    47. CPC Products
    48. CPC School
    49. CPC Tests
    50. CPC Theory Tests
    51. CPC Training
    52. CPC Training Courses
    53. Dangerous Goods Training
    54. DCPC Courses
    55. DCPC-LGV
    56. DCPC-PSV
    57. Driver Assessment And Retraining Courses
    58. Driver Certificate Of Professional Competence
    59. Driver Cpc
    60. Driver CPC Training
    61. Driver CPC Training Costs
    62. Driver CPC Training Courses
    63. Driver Education
    64. Driver Hire
    65. Driver Recruitment
    66. Driver Training
    67. Driver Training Courses
    68. Driver Training Refresher Courses
    69. Drivers CPC Periodic Training
    70. Drivers CPC Training
    71. Drivers Jobs
    72. Driving Instructor
    73. Driving Instructors
    74. Driving Jobs
    75. Driving Licence
    76. Driving School
    77. Flexi Courses
    78. Flexi Training
    79. Flexi Truck Courses
    80. Flexi Truck Training
    81. Fuel Reduction Driver Training
    82. Fuel Saving Driver Training
    83. Full Time Recruitment
    84. Hazardous Areas Training
    85. Health & Safety Training
    86. Health And Safety Training
    87. Health Safety Training
    88. Heavy Goods Vehicle Driver Training
    89. Heavy Haulage Specialised Logistics
    90. HGV
    91. HGV Artic Training
    92. HGV C Training
    93. HGV C+E Training
    94. HGV CPC Training
    95. HGV Driver
    96. HGV Driver Training
    97. HGV Driving Jobs
    98. HGV Driving School
    99. HGV Lessons
    100. HGV LGV Driver Training
    101. HGV LGV Training
    102. HGV Licence
    103. HGV Rigid
    104. HGV School
    105. HGV Test
    106. HGV Theory Tests
    107. HGV Training
    108. HGV Training Courses
    109. HIAB
    110. HIAB Course
    111. HIAB Courses
    112. Hiab Training
    113. Hiab Training Course
    114. In-House Training
    115. Industrial Training
    116. Industrial Truck Training
    117. Instructor Training
    118. International Transport Logistics
    119. Internet Recruitment
    120. ITSSAR
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    123. Job Boards
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    127. Job Vacancies
    128. Jobs
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    130. Jobs And Vacancies
    131. Large Goods Vehicle Driver Training
    132. Large Goods Vehicles Driver Training
    133. Large Goods Vehicles Training
    134. LGV
    135. LGV Artic Training
    136. LGV C Training
    137. LGV C+E Training
    138. LGV C1 Training
    139. LGV Driver Jobs
    140. LGV Driver Training
    141. LGV Instructor Training
    142. LGV Lessons
    143. LGV Licence
    144. LGV Rigid Training
    145. LGV School
    146. LGV Test
    147. LGV Theory Tests
    148. LGV Training
    149. LGV Training Courses
    150. Lorry Driver Aids
    151. Lorry Driver Jobs
    152. Lorry Driver Lessons
    153. Lorry Driver Licence
    154. Lorry Driver School
    155. Lorry Driver Training
    156. Lorry Driver Training Courses
    157. Lorry Driving Jobs
    158. Lorry Loader
    159. Lorry Loader Courses
    160. Lorry Loader Training
    161. Lorry Loading Crane
    162. Lorry Loading Crane Course
    163. Lorry Loading Training Course
    164. Lorry Mount Training
    165. Lorry Mounted Crane
    166. Lorry Mounted Crane Grabs
    167. Lorry Mounted Crane Training
    168. Lorry Mounted Forklift Grabs
    169. Lorry Training
    170. Lorry Training Courses
    171. Management National CPC Training
    172. Manual Handling Course
    173. Manual Handling Training
    174. Manual Handling Training Courses
    175. Manual Handling Training DVD
    176. Material Handling Equipment Training
    177. Material Handling Training
    178. Mechaincal Training
    179. Mechanical Handling Training
    180. Mechanical Recruitment
    181. Mechanical Training
    182. Medical
    183. Minibus Driver Lessons
    184. Minibus Driver School
    185. Minibus Driver Training
    186. Minibus Lessons
    187. Minibus School
    188. Minibus Tests
    189. Minibus Training
    190. MMPG Driver Training
    191. Moffett Courses
    192. Moffett Mounty Courses
    193. Moffett Mounty Training
    194. Moffett Training
    195. Motorised Pallet Truck Training
    196. Narrow Aisle Training
    197. Narrow Aisle Training Course
    198. National Qualifications
    199. Nationwide Transport Training
    200. NPORS Training Courses
    201. Oil Training
    202. On Site Fork Lift Training
    203. On Site Plant Training
    204. On Site Training
    205. Online Recruitment
    206. Online Recruitment Service
    207. Order Picker Training Course
    208. Overhead Crane Training
    209. Overhead Crane Training Courses
    210. Overhead Pendant Crane Training
    211. Overhead Pendant Crane Training Course
    212. Owner Driver
    213. Pallet Stacker Courses
    214. Paramedic Driver Training
    215. Part Time Driving Jobs
    216. Part Time Recruitment
    217. PCV Driver Training
    218. PCV Lessons
    219. PCV Licence
    220. PCV School
    221. PCV Tests
    222. PCV Theory Tests
    223. PCV Training
    224. PCV Training Courses
    225. Practical Training
    226. Production And Manufacturing Recruitment
    227. PSV Driver Training
    228. PSV Training
    229. PSV Training Courses
    230. Safe Lorry Loading Course
    231. Safe Lorry Loading Training
    232. Security Awareness Training
    233. Shipping And Logistics Recruitment
    234. Shunt Vehicle Training
    235. Shunter Training
    236. Side Loader Training
    237. Sideloader Training
    238. Signaller Training
    239. Signaller Training Course
    240. Slinger/Signaller Training
    241. Slinging And Signalling Training
    242. Slinging Signaller Training
    243. Slinging Signaller Training Course
    244. Slinging Training
    245. Slinging Training Course
    246. Specialist Logistics
    247. Student Recruitment
    248. Subcontract Work
    249. Sugar Logistics
    250. Tachograph Training
    251. Tail Lift Training
    252. Tank Truck Logistics
    253. Tankcontainer Logistics
    254. Tanker Driver Jobs
    255. Technical Jobs
    256. Technical Recruitment Consultant
    257. Technical Recruitment; Technical Jobs
    258. Temporary Drivers
    259. Temporary Logistic Recruitment
    260. Temporary Recruitment
    261. Theory Training
    262. Trailer Towing Driver Training
    263. Trailer Towing Training Course
    264. Training
    265. Training Courses
    266. Training Provider
    267. Training Services
    268. Transport CPC
    269. Transport Logistics
    270. Transport Manager CPC
    271. Transport Recruitment
    272. Transport Training
    273. Truck Driving Jobs
    274. UK Logistics
    275. Van And Trailer Driver Training
    276. Van Driver Hire
    277. Van Driver Training
    278. Van Driving Jobs
    279. Various Fork Lifts
    280. Vehicle Banksman Training
    281. Vehicle Marshall Training
    282. Vehicle Mounted Forklift Training
    283. Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck Courses
    284. Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck Training
    285. Vehicle Reversing Banksman Training Course
    286. Vehicle Reversing Training
    287. Vehicle Reversing Training Course
    288. Verry Narrow Aisle Training
    289. VNA Aisle Truck Training
    290. VNA Training
    291. Vna Training Course
    292. Yard Shunter Training

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