Hamilton Rand Ltd

Hamilton Rand Ltd

Unit 2 Howard Centre Paper Mill End, Industrial Estate, Great Barr
Birmingham West Midlands
B44 8NH

  • Engraving & die sinking services
  • 40+ years experience
  • Highest quality industrial engraving in Birmingham
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    Hamilton Rand Ltd

    Hamilton Rand provides a range of professional and speedy engraving services to customers in the UK all of which you`ll find are competitively priced.

    Utilising both old fashion methods such as panto-graph and diamond engraving alongside CNC laser machining using state of the art CAD software Hamilton Rand is able to ensure total customer satisfaction whatever the enquiry.

    Our Engraving Services include:

    - Industrial Engraving
    - Steel Marking Punches
    - Branding Irons
    - Badge Engraving
    - Stencil Marking
    - Name Plates and Memorial Plaques
    - Embossing Dies and Die Sinking

    Industrial Engraving Signs and Labels

    Hamilton Rand offers one of the most comprehensive Industrial engraving services in the Birmingham area. Using various engraving techniques we are able to produce signs and labels from a wide range of materials including both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics and laminates.

    Steel Marking Punches

    Where steel marking punches are concerned we can precisely produce these to meet both you specific applications and material hardness requirements. Made from special tool steel our steel punches are renowned for their durability, hardness and longevity. They are also a very cost effective way of producing clear and accurate marking.

    Branding Irons

    We design, manufacture and supply various types of branding irons depending on the customers particular requirements, including fire heated branding irons, electrically heated branding irons including temperature regulated branding irons and propane flame heated branding irons of which much further information may be found on our website.

    Badges Engraving

    If you have been looking for a Birmingham based engraving company to take care of all of your personalised Trophy, Medal, Gift and Award personalised engraving then Hamilton Rand offers a highly affordable and reliable Badge engraving service so why not call now to discuss customising your personalised product requirements.

    Stencil Marking

    We supply custom and reusable Mylar stencil products of all shapes and sizes to meet the needs of customers from every industry. Your bespoke stencils can be made by using the laser cutting technology we have available at our finger tips to enable you to use your stencils to meet your precise applications.

    Name Plate and Memorial Plaques/Embossing Dies & Die Sinking

    For customers who require special personalised name plates or a stylish sign for an office door, machinery identification purposes or just to display clear data and information about a particular product Hamilton Rand offers a high quality engraving and die sinking service to Birmingham and the surround Counties so why not get in touch to find out more.

    Rush Orders All Year Round

    We provide a fast turnaround service for customers all year round so to find out more about this service or anything else please do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated advisors who will endeavour to meet your needs.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:00 to 16:30
    Tuesday 08:00 to 16:30
    Wednesday 08:00 to 16:30
    Thursday 08:00 to 16:30
    Friday 08:00 to 16:30
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

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    American Express

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    Products and Services

    1. Aluminium Engraving
    2. Aluminum Name Plate Engraving
    3. Asset Label Engraving
    4. Badge Engraving
    5. Badges Engraving
    6. Bespoke Engraving
    7. Bespoke Stamps
    8. Blow Torch Branding
    9. Branding Iron
    10. Brass Engraving
    11. Brass Laser Engraving
    12. Brass Name Plate Engraving
    13. CNC Engraving
    14. Commercial Engraving
    15. Company Name Plate Engraving
    16. Computerised Engraving
    17. Control Panel Engraving
    18. Copper Engraving
    19. Copper Engraving Plates
    20. Copper Plate Engraving
    21. Crystal Engraving
    22. Cup Engraving
    23. Custom Glass Engraving
    24. Custom Laser Engraving
    25. Custom Metal Engraving
    26. Custom Metal Engraving Services
    27. Custom Metal Stamp For Steel
    28. Cutlery Engraving
    29. Die Sinking
    30. Directional Arrows
    31. Electrical Branding Iron
    32. Electrical Label Engraving
    33. Electrical Panel Engraving
    34. Embossing
    35. Embossing Stamps
    36. Engraved Metal Stamp
    37. Engraved Traffolyte Labels
    38. Engravers Engraving
    39. Engraving
    40. Engraving Aluminium
    41. Engraving Brass
    42. Engraving Labels
    43. Engraving Laser
    44. Engraving Machines
    45. Engraving Metal
    46. Engraving Plastics
    47. Engraving Plates
    48. Engraving Service
    49. Engraving Services
    50. Engraving Signs
    51. Etching Engraving
    52. Facia Engraving
    53. Fire Heated Branding
    54. Foil Embossing
    55. Glass Awards Engraving
    56. Glass Engraving
    57. Glass Engraving Services
    58. Goblet Engraving
    59. Gold Embossing
    60. Grid Plate Engraving
    61. Hand Stamps
    62. Industrial Engravers
    63. Industrial Engraving
    64. Industrial Engraving Labels
    65. Industrial Engraving Signs
    66. Industrial Labels
    67. Industrial Signs
    68. Label Engraving
    69. Laser Cutting Engraving
    70. Laser Engraving
    71. Laser Engraving & Cutting
    72. Laser Engraving Aluminium
    73. Laser Engraving Aluminum
    74. Laser Engraving And Cutting
    75. Laser Engraving Brass
    76. Laser Engraving Business
    77. Laser Engraving Machines
    78. Laser Engraving Metal
    79. Laser Engraving Near Me
    80. Laser Engraving On Brass
    81. Laser Engraving On Metal
    82. Laser Engraving On Stainless Steel
    83. Laser Engraving On Steel
    84. Laser Engraving Service
    85. Laser Engraving Stainless
    86. Laser Engraving Stainless Steel
    87. Laser Engraving Steel
    88. Laser Engraving Systems
    89. Laser For Engraving
    90. Laser For Engraving Metal
    91. Leather Embossing
    92. Logo Engraving
    93. Logo Stencils
    94. Manufacturing Stencil Marking
    95. Mechanical Engraving
    96. Memorial Plaque Engraving
    97. Metal Engraving
    98. Metal Engraving Companies
    99. Metal Engraving Designs
    100. Metal Engraving Specialists
    101. Metal For Engraving
    102. Mimic Engraving
    103. Modern Day Traffolyte
    104. Name Plate Engraving
    105. Plaque Engraving
    106. Plaques Engraving
    107. Plate Engraving
    108. Presentation Plaque Engraving
    109. Product Coding
    110. Safety Label Engraving
    111. Sheet Metal Engraving
    112. Shield Engraving
    113. Shipping Stencils
    114. Sign Engraving
    115. Stainless Steel Engraving
    116. Steel Engraving
    117. Stencil Marking
    118. Subcontract Laser Engraving
    119. Switch Engraving
    120. Switch Plate Engraving
    121. Tag Engraving
    122. Tankards Engraving
    123. Traditional Engraving
    124. Traffolyte Labels
    125. Traffolyte Engraved Labels
    126. Traffolyte Label Distributors
    127. Traffolyte Label Manufacturers
    128. Traffolyte Label Specialists
    129. Traffolyte Label Suppliers
    130. Traffolyte Labels
    131. Trophy Engraving
    132. Warehouse Directional Arrows
    133. Warehouse Safety Symbols
    134. Warehouse Stencils

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