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Heat My Space

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    Heat My Space

    Commercial, Industrial & Domestic Infrared Heating

    Using the very latest in Infrared Technology Heat My Space is able to supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of Electric Infrared Radiant Heating Equipment and associated products to a broad spectrum of customers including the commercial, public and private sectors.

    The Future of Heating

    As a distributor for some of industries leading infrared product manufacturers such as Herschel Infrared Ltd, IHP and Tansun Ltd we are able to supply a wide range of beautifully designed, well engineered and innovative heating equipment, infrared heating controls, thermostats, switches and accessories.

    Infrared Heating Panels

    Our range of Infrared Heating Panels is diverse, we offer styles to suit all homes.

    Infrared Panel Heater Range:

    - Frameless White Panel Heater
    - Glass Panel Heater
    - Mirror Panel Heater
    - Picture Panel Heater
    - White, Black or Pastel Green Panel Heater
    - XL Glass Infrared Panel Heater
    - Classic White Panel
    - Image Panel Heaters

    Commercial and Industrial Heating

    Infrared heating technology brings an endless range of heating possibilities including financial whereby businesses and organisations can take advantage of infrared technology's low product costs and running costs.

    We offer a large selection of heaters in a range of styles and sizes to cover every possible industrial and commercial heating application.


    - Instant Efficient Heating
    - Cost Savings
    - Healthier Environment
    - No Dust, Mould, Chills
    - 100% Natural
    - Massive Reduction in Waste Energy

    Infrared Heating can be used for a multitude of applications such as Warehouse, Hospitality, Outdoor, Factory, Airport, Office, Retail Farm & Animal and Garage to name but a few.

    Warehouse & Factory Heating

    When visiting the online shop at Heat My Space you'll find an impressive range of infrared heating equipment ideally suited for Warehouse and Factory heating applications. You'll also find this range consists of products for specific heating purposes within that environment such as washrooms, corridors etc. so to find out more please visit our website.

    Alternatively please do not hesitate to get in touch for any advice you may need on our complete range of Warehouse and Factory infrared heating equipment.

    Farm & Animal Heating

    Heat My Space supply a range of infrared heating products ideally suited for the Farm and Animal environment, so whether you want to heat your milking parlour, feed store, farm office or even heat individual intensive heated areas we will have the solution.

    Site Heating

    Heating a construction site can be an expensive business but is sometimes necessary not only for the workforce present but also for the purpose of speeding up the building process such as emergency drying procedures.

    Infrared heating therefore provides a cost effective and highly efficient solution by utilising targeted heating of objects and NOT the air.

    Heat My Space offers a range of lightweight on the spot infrared heating equipment which is perfect for all trades, workshops and garages so to find out more please head over to our online shop.

    Garage & Workshop Heating

    From Garages and Workshops through to Hobby Workshops and CNC Machine Workshops, Heat My Space offers one of the most cost effective ranges of infrared heating whatever your environment.

    Switch on your infrared heater on arrival and it will get your space warm in no time at all and what's more when used in conjunction with our range of thermostats, switches and controls your running costs will be kept to a minimum.

    Heaters for Homes

    The future is getting closer! We have a specialist range of electric and infrared radiant heating designed for the home.

    With electricity being the most sustainable energy source, electric heat is genuinely the future. Our heaters provide quality comfort heat that is 100% natural.

    The infrared electric heaters we provide offer both elegance and style, they incorporate smart control systems, are simple to install and fully guaranteed.

    Alfresco 365

    If you're thinking of buying heating products that allows your customers to sit, drink and dine outdoors even in the worst weathers then why not visit our sister site Alfresco 365.

    Alfresco 365 offers a range of Patio Awnings, Commercial Awnings, Jumbo Parasols and Shade Sails which are perfect to match our range of infrared heaters so if you're thinking of bringing the inside outside take a look at the full range on offer at our online shop.

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