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    Highblade Cables

    Highblade Cables produce a wide range of cable assemblies and cabling products for the data communications, telecommunications and electronics industries. This includes multipair, multicore, coaxial, fibre optic and power cables of every type. Highblade also manufacture bespoke coiled extensible cables. The company is registered to ISO9001:2000 and offers a free cable design service.

    As well as cable products Highblade can provide a full range of data cabinets and associated products. This includes custom-made patch panels, chassis and shelf units. The design service also extends to custom plastic injection mouldings and cable over-mouldings.

    Highblade Cables can undertake the site installation of cabling, network systems and fibre optics. The networking service is supported by a choice of manufacturer's extended warranties and a full range of network hardware.

    Highblade's service includes fast order turn around at highly competitive rates and a flexible approach to solving your interconnection problems.

    Multicore Cable Assemblies
    Highblade Cables is able to design and manufacture a broad range of data cable products for an equally broad range of applications such as data communications, machine control, EPOS equipment, video transmission and a wide range of bespoke applications.

    Coaxial Cable Assemblies
    We provide a range of coaxial cables which can be manufactured to meet your specific requirements including networking, flexible or semi-rigid, BNC, TNC, SMA, SMB, F-type, N-type and BT43 ranges.

    Fibre Optics
    We offer a complete design and manufacturing service for all types of fibre optic cable and can be supplied either as readymade assemblies/patch leads or as an onsite installation. Connector types supplied include ST, SC, LC, FC and MTRJ. Test documentation is also provided as standard.

    Coiled Cables
    Our highly efficient and cost effective custom cable service also extends to the design and manufacture of coiled extensible leads. Highblade Cables also offers a wide range of jacket material and jacket colour options including PVC, Polyurethane, Polyethylene and various elastomer materials.

    Ribbon Cables
    Highblade Cables offers a design and manufacturing service for ribbon cables for all standard PC interfaces including SCSI versions. We cover many areas in this category including some of the more diverse applications such as underwater cameras, image enhancers and gas analysers.

    Circuit Boards and Sub-Assemblies
    We also undertake the design and build of PCBs and complete units made to your specific requirements such as interface devices, counters, EPOS Systems, PSUs, upgrades for printers, protocol converters, adaptor units, LAN testers and more.

    LANS and Networking Products
    We can supply you with all forms of networking hardware, patching cables and site installations which are completed in accordance with ISO 11801 Generic Cabling and Customer Premises and ANSI/TIA/E1A-568-A Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard.

    Site Installation
    Highblade Cables offers a complete on site installation service for cables, cable management systems and equipment packaging. This quality service also includes fibre optic cabling, data communications cabling including X21 and RS232, coaxial cables for data, RF and Video transmission.

    Specialist Racking Hardware
    As specialists in all types of cabling solutions Highblade Cables is able to provide a full manufacturing service for custom sheet metal fabrications including punched and formed enclosures, CNC punched products and laser cut components. We also offer a number of material options such as mild steel, different grades of stainless steel and Zintec.

    Power Cables
    Highblade Cables offers a wide range of 240v AC power cords all of which can be fitted to many types of plugs and connections including moulded cables and cordsets, custom power cables, coiled power cables and LSOH power cables. All are inspected individually and tested at high voltage.

    Data Cabinets
    As a supplier of data cabinets Highblade Cables offers a comprehensive range of products including wall boxes, server racks, and hinged two part wall boxes. We are also able to customise data cabinets to suit your exact specification. All cabinets are then powder coated to either dark grey or black to British standards.

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    91. FFC Cable Assemblies
    92. Fiber Channel Cable Assemblies
    93. Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
    94. Fibre Optic
    95. Fibre Optic Cable
    96. Fibre Optic Cable And Wire
    97. Fibre Optic Systems
    98. Fibre Optics
    99. Fibre Optics Cable Assemblies
    100. Fibre-Optics
    101. Food Equipment Cable Assemblies
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    104. Gas Analysers Ribbon Cable Assemblies
    105. Harness Manufacture
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    108. Heating Appliance Cable Assemblies
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    111. HIFI Cable Assemblies
    112. HIFI Cable Assembly
    113. High Performance Cable Assemblies
    114. High Temperature Cable Assemblies
    115. High Voltage Cable Assemblies
    116. High Voltage Corona Free Cable Assemblies
    117. IDC Cable Assemblies
    118. Idc/Idt Cable Assemblies
    119. Instrumentation Cable Assemblies
    120. Instrumentation Cable Assembly
    121. Invalid Carriage Cable Assemblies
    122. ISO 9001 Cable Assemblies
    123. ISO 9001 Cable Assembly
    124. Lift Equipment Cable Assemblies
    125. Lifting And Handling Cable Assemblies
    126. Lighting System Cable Assemblies
    127. Low PIM Test Cable Assemblies
    128. Low Temperature Cable Assemblies
    129. Mains Cable Assemblies
    130. Medical Cable Assemblies
    131. Medical Cable Assembly
    132. Medical Equipment Cable Assemblies
    133. Military Cable Assemblies
    134. Military Cable Assembly
    135. Mobility Equipment Cable Assemblies
    136. Motor Vehicle Cable Assemblies
    137. Moulded Cable Assemblies
    138. Network Cables
    139. Network Cabling
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    141. Orthopaedic Equipment Cable Assemblies
    142. Overmolded Cable Assemblies
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    145. QSFP Cable Assemblies
    146. Rail Cable Assemblies
    147. Rail Cable Assembly
    148. RF Cable Assemblies
    149. RF Test Cable Assemblies
    150. Ribbon Cable Assemblies
    151. Rugged Armoured RF Cable Assemblies
    152. SAS Cable Assemblies
    153. SATA Cable Assemblies
    154. SCSI Cable Assemblies
    155. Security Cable Assemblies
    156. Security Cable Assembly
    157. Specialty Cable Assemblies
    158. Sub-Contract Cable Assemblies
    159. Test Cable Assemblies
    160. Transportation Cable Assemblies
    161. Transportation Cable Assembly
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    ISO 1:2002 Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) Standard reference temperature for geometrical product specification and verification ISO 9001 Quality management systems