Power-Lifts Ltd

Power-Lifts Ltd

18 Marlborough Road

  • Design & Manufacture of Platform lifts
  • Supplier of Hydraulic Scissor lifts
  • Custom Designed Lift tables
  • Bespoke Design
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    Power-Lifts Ltd

    Specialists in the design and manufacture of platform lifts, scissor lifts and lift tables

    You have reached Power-Lift Ltd, we specialise in the design and manufacture of Hydraulic Scissor, Wheelchair, Platform Lifts and much more with an extensive range of standard and bespoke lifts available.

    Custom Built Lifts
    We are able to design and manufacture Custom Built Hydraulic Scissor Lifts, Lift Tables and more all fully bespoke to our clients specifications. They can be fabricated or Galvanised ATEX rated Stainless Steel.

    World Class Supplier
    Power-Lift are a world class supplier of Hydraulic Scissor Lifts, all of our products are designed around the widely accepted BS EN 1570 standards and are manufactured with the greatest care and quality. Not only do we supply to the UK but we also take on projects for International companies around the world.

    Lift Tables & Other Products

    Custom Made Lifts
    Disabled And Wheelchair Lifts
    Double Horizontal Scissor Lift
    Double Vertical Scissor Lift
    Hovmand Mini-Lifts

    Lift Components
    Low Closed Lift
    Optional Features
    Pallet Trucks
    Single Scissor Lift

    Stacker Trucks
    Stainless Steel Lift Tables

    Image Showcase

    Scissor Lift Table Lifting Platform BS1570


    Opening Hours

    Monday 07:00 to 18:00
    Tuesday 07:00 to 18:00
    Wednesday 07:00 to 18:00
    Thursday 07:00 to 18:00
    Friday 07:00 to 18:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

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    Products and Services

    1. Access Lifts
    2. Bespoke Lift Tables
    3. Bespoke Lifts
    4. Custom Built Lift Tables
    5. Custom Design Lifting Equipment
    6. Custom Made Lifts
    7. Custom Made Scissor Lifts
    8. DDA Platform Lift
    9. DDA Wheelchair Lift
    10. Die Lifters
    11. Disability Lifts
    12. Disabled Access Lifts
    13. Disabled Lifts
    14. Disabled Scissor Lifts
    15. Double Deck Lifts
    16. Double Horizontal Scissor Lift
    17. Double Scissor Lifts
    18. Double Vertical Scissor Lift
    19. Economic Scissor Lift
    20. Electric Scissor Lift
    21. Electric Scissor Lift Trolleys
    22. Euro-Bin Lifters
    23. Explosion Protected Lifts
    24. External Lifts
    25. Flameproof Lift Tables
    26. Goods Lift
    27. Goods Lift Tables
    28. Goods Lifts
    29. Goods Scissor Lift Tables
    30. Goods Scissor Lifts
    31. Heavy Duty Lifts
    32. Heavy Duty Mobile Scissor Lift
    33. Heavy Duty Packaging Material Lifters
    34. Heavy Duty Pallet Lifters
    35. Heavy Duty Scissor Lift Tables
    36. Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts
    37. High Lift Scissor Lift Tables
    38. High Lift Scissor Lifts
    39. Horizontal Scissor Lift
    40. Hydraulic Lift Tables
    41. Hydraulic Lifting Platforms
    42. Hydraulic Lifts
    43. Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables
    44. Hydraulic Scissor Lifts
    45. Industrial Lift Tables
    46. Industrial Lifting Equipment
    47. Industrial Lifts
    48. Large Capacity Scissor Lifts
    49. Lift Platforms
    50. Lift Table Sales
    51. Lift Tables
    52. Lift Tables Manufacturer
    53. Lift Tables Specialists
    54. Lifting Platforms
    55. Lifting Tables
    56. Lifting Tables (Feed Stations)
    57. Lifting Tables (Heavy Duty Up To 10 Tonnes
    58. Lifting Tables (Mobile)
    59. Lifting Tables (Multi-Task)
    60. Lifting Tables (Pallet Handlers)
    61. Lifting Tables (Work Stations)
    62. Lifts
    63. Loading Bay Lifts
    64. Loading Dock Lift Tables
    65. Low Closed Lift
    66. Low Profile Lift Tables
    67. Low Profile Lifts
    68. Low Profile Scissor Lifts
    69. Low Profile Static Scissor Lift
    70. Medium Duty Mobile Scissor Lift
    71. Mezzanine Floor Scissor Lifts
    72. Mezzanine Goods Lifts
    73. Mezzanine Lifts
    74. Mobile Lift Tables
    75. Rigid Chain Lifts
    76. Scissor Lift
    77. Scissor Lift Sale
    78. Scissor Lift Table
    79. Scissor Lift Tables
    80. Scissor Lifting Tables
    81. Scissor Lifts
    82. Screw Drive Lifts
    83. Single Scissor Lift
    84. Single Scissor Lift Tables
    85. Single Scissor Lifts
    86. Small Goods Lift
    87. Stainless Steel Lift Tables
    88. Stainless Steel Scissor Lifts
    89. Static Heavy Duty Scissor Lift Tables
    90. Static Lift Tables
    91. Static Scissor Lift
    92. Static Scissor Lifting Tables
    93. Static Scissor Lifts
    94. Steel Scissor Lifts
    95. Vertical Scissor Lift
    96. Wheelchair Lifts
    97. Wheelchair Scissor Lifts

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