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    Ignite Technologies International Limited

    Ignite Technologies International provides clients from a broad spectrum of commercial, retail, hotel and residential organisations a comprehensive range of energy, low current and building automation, HVAC, life and safety turnkey solutions.

    From design and implementation through to the management and maintenance of your system Ignite Technologies strives to provide the best service possible and help customers achieve their long term business goals.

    HVAC Energy Consultancy Services

    Ignite Technologies offers a whole range of solutions for HVAC energy consultancy all of which have been designed to improve the energy efficiency and overall performance of your HVAC systems covering the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

    Industrial Automation

    Where industrial automation is concerned we provide a wide range of industries with process control solutions covering electricity and water, food and beverage, oil & gas and sewage to name but a few.

    Building Management Systems

    As a highly specialised engineering company we are able to provide a wide range of extremely cost effective and reliable well engineered system products and solutions created to cover an equally wide range of applications for industries involved in utilities, energy, food and commercial buildings.

    Power Distribution & Electrical Installation

    At Ignite Technologies we provide a comprehensive range of power distribution and electrical installation systems to include medium and low voltage switchgear, control and automation panels, low voltage and high voltage cables. Additional solutions include modular enclosures, service box enclosures, junction box installations and main distribution boards.

    Security & Surveillance Systems

    When it comes to security and surveillance Ignite Technologies takes the holistic approach which involves incorporating a whole network of security solutions which can be controlled through one central and remote monitoring system thus removing the usual risks associated with human error.

    Life Safety Systems

    All life safety systems from Ignite Technologies are customisable by both onsite and offsite programming and can include audible enabled public addressing, voice evacuation and central battery systems for emergency & exit lighting. All are manufactured and implemented to be compliant with international and local codes and standards.

    Audio-Visual Systems

    As experts in communication systems for businesses Ignite Technologies AV systems are intelligent enough to manage all of the complexities of controlling the IT equipment used in applications ranging from the boardroom, classroom and meeting venues through to a hall conference room and auditorium.

    Low Current Systems

    Today with the increased worldwide demand for technology in the construction industry Ignite Technologies has increased its capabilities in systems integration and implementation of IT infrastructure and now provides solutions that offer end to end IT and include LC solutions for contractors involved in large scale construction projects.

    Structure Cabling & Networking

    For today and tomorrows structured cabling installations that need to support multiple hardware users Ignite Technologies provides a range of solutions for both current and future needs that allow for updated hardware to be seamlessly integrated well into the future.

    To find out more about Ignite Technologies International Limited please visit the main website. Alternatively please feel free to give us a call.

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    1. Audio Visual
    2. Audio Visual (Av) Installation
    3. Audio Visual Accessories
    4. Audio Visual Consultancy
    5. Audio Visual Consulting
    6. Audio Visual Contractors
    7. Audio Visual Design
    8. Audio Visual Equipment
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    11. Audio Visual Install
    12. Audio Visual Installations
    13. Audio Visual Products
    14. Audio Visual Services
    15. Audio Visual Solutions
    16. Audio Visual Suppliers
    17. Audio Visual Systems
    18. Audio/Visual Systems
    19. Audiovisual
    20. Audiovisual Conference
    21. Audiovisual Distributor
    22. Automation
    23. Automation And Control
    24. Automation System
    25. Automation Systems
    26. Automation Systems Solutions
    27. Bespoke Automation
    28. Bespoke Power Distribution
    29. Building Automation
    30. Building Automation System
    31. Building Management System
    32. Building Management Systems
    33. Building Security
    34. Building Security Cctv Systems
    35. Building Security Software
    36. Building Site Security
    37. Burglar Alarm
    38. Burglar Alarm Installers
    39. Burglar Alarm Systems
    40. Burglar Alarms
    41. Burglar Alarms Installation
    42. Burglar Alarms Wireless
    43. Business Automation Software
    44. Business Electrical Installation
    45. Business Energy Management
    46. Business Energy Saving
    47. Business IT Networking Support
    48. Business Networking
    49. Business Security
    50. Business Security Cameras
    51. Business Security Systems
    52. Business Surveillance
    53. Car Park Security
    54. CCTV
    55. CCTV Camera
    56. Cctv Camera Specialists
    57. Cctv Cameras
    58. CCTV Consultancy
    59. Cctv Equipment
    60. CCTV Equipment Installation
    61. CCTV Installation
    62. CCTV Installations
    63. CCTV Security System
    64. CCTV Security System Design
    65. CCTV Security System Designers
    66. CCTV Security System Installers
    67. CCTV Security System UK
    68. CCTV Security Systems
    69. Cctv Solutions
    70. Cctv Surveillance
    71. CCTV System
    72. Cctv Systems
    73. Cctv Systems Security
    74. Commercial Automation
    75. Commercial CCTV Systems
    76. Commercial Electrical Installation
    77. Commercial Energy Saving
    78. Commercial Security
    79. Commercial Security Services
    80. Commercial Security Specialists
    81. Complete CCTV Package
    82. Components Automation Equipment
    83. Computer Networking
    84. Computer Networking And Cabling
    85. Computer Systems & Networking
    86. Computers And Networking
    87. Conference Audio Visual
    88. Custom Power Distribution
    89. Data Networking
    90. Domestic Electrical Installation
    91. Domestic Surveillance Services
    92. Electrical Industrial Automation
    93. Electrical Installation
    94. Electrical Installation Systems
    95. Electrical Installations
    96. Emergency Exit
    97. Emergency Exit Door Alarms
    98. Energy Consultancy
    99. Energy Consultancy Services
    100. Energy Management
    101. Energy Management Consultants
    102. Energy Management Solutions
    103. Energy Management Systems
    104. Energy Saving
    105. Energy Saving Specalists
    106. Energy Saving Specialist
    107. Engineering Electrical Installations
    108. Event Audio Visual
    109. Event Audio-Visual
    110. External Cctv Cameras
    111. Fibre Optic Networking
    112. Fire Alarm Sensors
    113. Fire Alarm Systems
    114. Fire Alarms
    115. Full Audio Visual Services
    116. Home Automation
    117. Home CCTV Cameras
    118. Home Surveillance
    119. HVAC Energy Consultancy
    120. HVAC Energy Consultancy Services
    121. Industrial Automation
    122. Industrial Automation Companies
    123. Industrial Automation Design Services
    124. Industrial Automation Project Management
    125. Industrial Automation Solutions
    126. Industrial Automation Systems
    127. Industrial Electrical Installation
    128. Industrial Networking
    129. Installing Structured Cabling
    130. Internal Cctv Cameras
    131. IP CCTV Cameras
    132. It Infrastructure
    133. IT Infrastructure Design
    134. IT Infrastructure Implementation
    135. IT Networking
    136. Line Safety
    137. Line Safety Systems
    138. Low Current System
    139. Managed It Infrastructure
    140. Motion Detection CCTV
    141. Motion Detectors
    142. Networking
    143. Networking Cables
    144. Networking Consultants
    145. Networking Equipment
    146. Networking Products
    147. Networking Services
    148. Networking Solutions
    149. Networking Structured Cabling
    150. Networking Systems
    151. Power Distribution
    152. Power Distribution Equipment
    153. Power Distribution Systems
    154. Power Distribution Unit
    155. Power Distribution Units
    156. Process Control
    157. Process Control Equipment
    158. Process Control Solutions
    159. Process Control Systems
    160. Remote CCTV Camera
    161. Remote CCTV Cameras
    162. Retail Power Distribution
    163. Security
    164. Security Agencies
    165. Security Agency
    166. Security Alarms
    167. Security And Protection
    168. Security Companies
    169. Security Company
    170. Security Consultancy
    171. Security Consultant
    172. Security Consultants
    173. Security Consultation
    174. Security Service
    175. Security Services
    176. Security Services And Equipment
    177. Security Surveillance
    178. Security System
    179. Security System Installation
    180. Security System Installations
    181. Security Systems
    182. Security Systems And Equipment
    183. Security Systems Installer
    184. Smart Surveillance
    185. Solar Electrical Installations
    186. Special Systems Maintenance
    187. Structure Cabling
    188. Structured Cabling
    189. Structured Cabling And Patching
    190. Structured Cabling Installation
    191. Structured Cabling Installations
    192. Structured Networking
    193. Sub-Contractors Electrical Installation
    194. Surveillance
    195. Surveillance Cameras
    196. Surveillance Equipment
    197. Surveillance Services
    198. Surveillance Systems
    199. Temporary Power Distribution
    200. Video Surveillance Systems
    201. Wirefree Burglar Alarms
    202. Wireless Burglar Alarms
    203. Wireless Fire Alarm System
    204. Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
    205. Wireless Networking

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    Our News & PR

    • Energy Institute - UK

      Energy Institute - UK

      Ignite Technologies International Limited has achieved a significant milestone by becoming a member associate of the Energy Institute UK.

    • New Malls in Oman

      New Malls in Oman

      In 2023, Ignite Technologies International Ltd worked with Tecum Solutions to spearhead a transformative initiative focused on HVAC Energy Optimization in key Middle Eastern shopping destinations.

    • Water Treatment Plant - ENI Iraq b.v.

      Water Treatment Plant - ENI Iraq b.v.

      Ignite Technologies International played a fundamental role in designing the Safety, Security, and Low Current Systems for the Water Treatment Plant project undertaken by ENI Iraq b.v. in Basra, Iraq.