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    JT Handtools Ltd

    JT Handtools is a specialist supplier of Handtools for the Automotive Glass Industry.

    All tools manufactured and by JT Handtools are of a supreme quality and are supplied with lifetime guarantees. We offer a wide range of quality products covering most elements of the glass fitting industry so if your requirements are for a specialist toolkit or an item of safety wear please get in touch.

    The range of products from JT Handtools not only caters for the automotive trade side of glass fitting because we also manufacture and supply automotive glass tools for the bus, coach, train and plant sectors.

    Our range of products have been specifically designed for their intended use to enable the user to carry out their work safely and efficiently all of which are manufactured on site at our Sheffield based factory.

    Although our products are made to a high standard and with quality in mind they still offer affordability and are all competitively priced.

    Car Care
    JT Handtools offers an impressive range of car care products from bonnet covers and roof covers to both single seat and double seat covers.

    Clip Removal Tools
    We manufacture and supply one of the most comprehensive and competitive ranges of clip removal tools that combine quality and long working life so to find out more please visit our online shop where you will find the complete range we have available.

    Consumables & Safety Wear
    Our range of consumable products is one of the most comprehensive around, from simple fuses and duct tape to specialist glues, greases and preparation cleaner.

    Glass Handling Tools
    From glass suction holding straps to pump action glass lifters and swivel head suction lifters you won't find a better range of products that offer quality and cost efficiency.

    Glass Repair Products
    Plastic curing film, UV shields, O rings, Esprit repair kits, suckers for UV lamps, acetone, razor blades, inspection mirrors, repair bridges and much more may be found in supply at our online shop so please feel free to browse through the range of glass repair products we have available.

    Sensor Tack Gel & Pads
    JT Handtools offers a wide range of sensor tack and gel products at very competitive prices ready for delivery.

    Utility Knives, Scrapers and Blades
    All specialist tools manufactured by JT Handtools offer supreme quality and carry lifetime guarantees. Our products have been designed and produced to provide clients with tools that will make a substantial impact in their operations.

    Windscreen Clips
    With one of the widest selection of windscreen clips JT Handtools is able to provide its clients with products to cover every application of their windscreen repair operations.

    Windscreen Cut Out Knives & Blades
    When it comes to windscreen knives and blades you won't find a better selection so why not get in touch or visit our website for more detailed information.

    Wiper Arm Removal Tools
    JT Handtools range of wiper arm removal tools have been specifically created for their intended use and we guarantee they will do the job safely and efficiently.

    Windscreen Wizard
    The windscreen wizard range from JT Handtools includes windscreen wizard square wire, windscreen wizard pro/full kit and the windscreen wizard standard half kit all of which combine high performance with economy.

    If you would like to find out more about the range of supreme quality products from JT Handtools please call us or visit our online shop.

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    Products and Services

    1. 10 Amp Fuse
    2. 13 Amp Fuse
    3. 3 Amp Fuse
    4. 5 Amp Fuse
    5. ADAS Calibration Equipment
    6. Automotive Glass Handling
    7. Automotive Glass Handling Tools
    8. Automotive Glass Repair
    9. Automotive Glass Repair Products
    10. Automotive Utility Knives
    11. Automotive Windscreen Clips
    12. Blades
    13. Bolts
    14. Braided Wire
    15. Butane Gas Bottle
    16. Car Bonnet Cover
    17. Car Care Products
    18. Car Scrapers
    19. Clip Removal Tools
    20. Crack Strips
    21. Craft Blades
    22. Damming Tape
    23. Dash Knife
    24. Diamond Lacing Filler Strip Tool
    25. Door Panel Clip Tool
    26. Double Seat Cover
    27. Drill
    28. Electrical Connectors
    29. Electrical Fasteners
    30. First Aid Kit
    31. Fuses
    32. Glass Handling
    33. Glass Handling Equipment
    34. Glass Handling Suction Cups
    35. Glass Handling Tools
    36. Glass Inspection Mirror
    37. Glass Lifter
    38. Glass Lifters
    39. Glass Lifting Equipment
    40. Glass Metal Adhesive
    41. Glass Repair
    42. Glass Repair Products
    43. Glass Suckers
    44. Glass Suction Handles
    45. Glass Suction Holding Straps
    46. Glass Suction Lifter
    47. Glass Suction Lifters
    48. Glass Suction Pads
    49. Glazing Tools
    50. Hard Dibber
    51. Hard Hat
    52. Hard Spatula
    53. Heat Gun
    54. Heat Pad
    55. Heat Shrink Pipe
    56. Heat Shrink Pipe Set
    57. Heavy Duty Craft Long Knife
    58. High Viz Vest
    59. Insulating Tape
    60. Kevlar Wrist Guards
    61. Laser Measuring Tool
    62. LED Torch
    63. Marker Pen
    64. Nitrile Gloves
    65. Nuts
    66. Open Catridge Skeleton Gun
    67. Plastic Curing Film
    68. Pump Action Glass Lifter
    69. Razor Blade Scraper Tool
    70. Razor Blades
    71. Red Tip Tape
    72. Roof Cover
    73. Rubber Moulding Tools
    74. Safety Glasses
    75. Safety Wear
    76. Safetywear
    77. Scissors
    78. Scrapers
    79. Screws
    80. Side Window Suction Pads
    81. Single Seat Cover
    82. Soft Dibber
    83. Soft Spatula
    84. Soldering Equipment
    85. Soldering Iron
    86. Square Wire
    87. Straight Hook Tool
    88. Suction Cups
    89. Superglue
    90. T Wire Feeder
    91. Tack Lifter
    92. Tapered Hook Tool
    93. Urethane Dispenser Guns
    94. Urethane Dispenser Parts
    95. Utility Knives
    96. UV Lamp
    97. UV LED Curing Torch
    98. Washers
    99. Window Channel Chisel
    100. Window Suction Cups
    101. Window Winder Clip Removal Tool
    102. Windscreen Blades
    103. Windscreen Clips
    104. Windscreen Cut Out Blades
    105. Windscreen Cut Out Knives
    106. Windscreen Cut Out Products
    107. Windscreen Cutting Wire
    108. Windscreen Repair Resin
    109. Windscreen Scratch Repair
    110. Windscreen Wipers
    111. Wiper Arm Puller
    112. Wiper Arm Removal Tools
    113. Wire Feeder
    114. Work Safety Wear
    115. Wrist Guards

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