Labfacility Ltd (Sheffield)

Labfacility Ltd (Sheffield)

Units 3a & 3b, Eden Place, Outgang Lane
Dinnington Sheffield
S25 3QT

  • One of the largest ranges of Sensor & Instrumentation
  • Exporting to over 85 countries worldwide
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    Labfacility Ltd (Sheffield)

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    Labfacility offers one of the largest ranges of Sensor and Instrumentation products in the UK and today exports to over 85 countries worldwide. From a 12,000 sq. ft dedicated facility based in Yorkshire we are able to stock, design, manufacture and supply a vast range of Temperature Sensors, Temperature Instrumentation, Thermocouple Connectors and Cables.

    Our highly knowledgeable sales team can also offer advice on all products so if you`re thinking of a product not listed we have the expertise to design and manufacture a bespoke product for your exact application and industry.

    Our Markets
    From agricultural, catering, environmental and cold chain monitoring through to HVAC, motorsport, pharmaceutical and veterinary we cover a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors and applications.

    Cable & Wire
    Where cable and wire products are concerned Labfacility stocks and supplies the largest range in the UK.
    IEC (European) Colour coded thermocouple cables, ANSI (USA) colour coded cables, PRT sensor cables, retractable curly leads, British Standard cables and more can be found by visiting the Labfacility online shop.

    Thermocouple Connectors
    Whatever industry and whatever application Labfacility lives and breathes thermocouple connector solutions including USA and JIS (Japanese) connectors.

    A comprehensive family of IEC colour coded miniature and standard connectors, terminal barrier blocks, panels and accessories can also be found on our website.

    Temperature Instrumentation
    Below is a small sample of the range of temperature instrumentation solutions Labfacility provides. Further products and data sheets can be found at our online shop.

    � � Thermocouple wire welders manufactured by Labfacility
    � � Calibrators and precision calibration checkers
    � � Thermometer kits with meters
    � � Motorsports racing kits and sensors
    � � Handheld instrumentation
    � � Lascar data loggers
    � � Temperature and humidity transmitters
    � � Atex approved temperature products
    � � Temperature and pressure gauges

    Temperature Sensors
    As specialists in the design and manufacture of temperature Sensors, Labfacility offers a complete custom build service. From concept through to delivery our team of engineers have expertise in all areas of temperature sensor development.

    If you would like to build your own sensor just simply fill out the configuration forms on our website after which a member of our team will contact you to provide you with a solution and a competitive quotation.

    Sensor Fittings
    Our comprehensive range of sensor fittings includes compression fittings, locknuts, olives, pot seals, plugs, nipples, terminal blocks, reducers, bayonet fittings and bayonet caps and adaptors in fact every type of sensor fitting you will ever need.

    Worldwide Delivery

    Labfacility offers a fast worldwide postage delivery service so to find out more please visit our online shop.

    Technical Support
    Our highly experienced sales team are always available to provide technical support for both instrumentation and sensing applications.

    The Labfacility online shop also contains a download facility for technical data on Sensor Fittings, Temperature Instrumentation and sensors, Thermocouple connectors and more.

    West Sussex Branch Address
    Below is the address for our other branch based in West Sussex:

    Unit 7, Block K
    Southern Cross Industrial Estate
    Shripney Road
    Bognor Regis
    West Sussex

    For further information about Labfacility please head over to the online shop or get in touch.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

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    Products and Services

    1. ABS Terminal Head
    2. ANSI Barrier Terminal Strips
    3. ANSI Colour Coded Cable
    4. ANSI Colour Coded Wire
    5. ANSI Connectors
    6. ANSI Miniature Thermocouple Connectors
    7. ANSI Retractable Curly Leads
    8. ANSI Standard Thermocouple Connectors
    9. ANSI Terminal Blocks
    10. ATEX Transmitters
    11. Bayonet Caps
    12. Bayonet Fittings
    13. Bench Top Instrumentation
    14. Beverages Temperature Instrumentation
    15. Bondable General Temperature Sensors
    16. Brass Bayonet Adaptors
    17. Brass Bayonet Caps
    18. Brass Compression Fittings
    19. Brass Flanges
    20. Brass Locknuts
    21. Brass Olives
    22. Brass Reducers
    23. British Standard Cable
    24. British Standard Wire
    25. Cable
    26. Cable & Wire
    27. Cable & Wire Equipment
    28. Cable & Wire Equipment Manufacturers
    29. Cable & Wire Products
    30. Cable & Wire Suppliers
    31. Cable And Wire
    32. Cable And Wire - Assemblies
    33. Cable And Wire - Coaxial
    34. Cable And Wire - Crimping
    35. Cable And Wire - Cut
    36. Cable And Wire - Design And Manufacture
    37. Cable And Wire - Harness Test Equipment
    38. Cable And Wire - Harnesses
    39. Cable And Wire - Medical
    40. Cable And Wire Assemblies
    41. Cable And Wire Clamps
    42. Cable And Wire Drag Chains
    43. Cable And Wire Energy Chains
    44. Cable And Wire Equipment
    45. Cable And Wire Harnesses
    46. Cable And Wire Management Systems
    47. Cable And Wire Preparation Specialists
    48. Cable And Wire Suppliers
    49. Cable Strain Relief Washers
    50. Cable Tidy
    51. Calibrators
    52. Catering Calibrators
    53. Catering Thermometer
    54. Catering Thermometers
    55. Ceramic Kiln Thermocouples
    56. Ceramic Terminal Blocks
    57. Cloud Data Loggers
    58. Cold Chain Calibrators
    59. Colour Coded Cable
    60. Colour Coded Wire
    61. Compression Cable Clamp
    62. Compression Fitting
    63. Compression Fittings
    64. Control Cable And Wire
    65. Cooker Thermocouples
    66. Cooking Calibrators
    67. Cooking Thermometers
    68. Cryogenic Linear Temperature Sensors
    69. Curly Cable
    70. Curly Cables
    71. Custom Cable And Wire
    72. Custom Temperature Sensors
    73. Customised Cable And Wire
    74. Data Loggers
    75. Digital Light Meters
    76. Digital Temperature Sensors
    77. Digital Thermometers
    78. Duct Mounted Transmitters
    79. Electrcial Cable And Wire Assemblies
    80. Electrical Cable And Wire
    81. Electrical Cable And Wire Assemblies
    82. Electronic Component Sourcing
    83. Electronic Component Specialist
    84. Electronic Component Supplier
    85. Electronic Component Suppliers
    86. Electronic Instruments
    87. Environmental Instrumentation
    88. Environmental Sensors
    89. Extension Leads
    90. Fabricated Thermocouples
    91. Fabricated Thermopockets
    92. FEP Insulated Cable And Wire
    93. Fibre Optic Cable And Wire
    94. Fine Wire Thermocouples
    95. Fine Wire Welder
    96. Flanges
    97. Flat Film Detectors
    98. Flexible Cable And Wire
    99. Food Temperature Instrumentation
    100. Food Thermometers
    101. Gas Temperature Instrumentation
    102. Gas Thermocouples
    103. Glassfibre Insulated Thermocouple Cable
    104. Glassfibre Insulated Thermocouple Wire
    105. Grain Moisture Meter
    106. Grub Screw Fitting
    107. Hand Held Instrumentation
    108. Handheld Temperature Sensors
    109. Handheld Thermometers
    110. Harnesses Cable And Wire
    111. Harsh Environment Cable And Wire
    112. High Pressure Thermopockets
    113. High Temperature Cable And Wire
    114. High Temperature Sensors
    115. High Temperature Thermocouple Connectors
    116. High-Temp Plastic Connectors
    117. Humidity Gauges
    118. Humidity Meter
    119. Humidity Transmitters
    120. HVAC Temperature Instrumentation
    121. HVAC Thermometer
    122. IEC And Small Chassis EMC Filters
    123. IEC Barrier Terminal Strips
    124. IEC Colour Coded Thermocouple Cable
    125. IEC Colour Coded Thermocouple Wire
    126. IEC Connectors
    127. IEC In Line Filter
    128. IEC Inlet Filter
    129. IEC Mains Connectors
    130. IEC Miniature Thermocouple Connectors
    131. IEC Power Cords
    132. IEC Retractable Curly Leads
    133. IEC Standard Thermocouple Connectors
    134. IEC Terminal Blocks
    135. IEC Training
    136. IECEx Transmitters
    137. Industrial Calibrators
    138. Industrial Temperature Head Sensors
    139. Infrared Thermometers
    140. Instrument Cable And Wire
    141. Ip67 Temperature Sensors
    142. Ip68 Temperature Sensors
    143. IR Infrared Thermometers
    144. JIS Barrier Terminal Strips
    145. JIS Connectors
    146. JIS Miniature Thermocouple Connectors
    147. JIS Retractable Curly Leads
    148. JIS Standard Thermocouple Connectors
    149. Legionella Thermometer
    150. Liquid Temperature Sensor
    151. Locking Brackets
    152. Locknuts
    153. Low Smoke Cable And Wire
    154. Medical Cable And Wire
    155. Mi Thermocouples
    156. Military Temperature Sensors
    157. Mineral Insulated Thermocouples
    158. Miniature High-Temp Ceramic Connectors
    159. Miniature Terminal Heads
    160. Multi Function Calibrators
    161. Multiway Selector Switches
    162. Non Contact Surface Temperature Sensors
    163. Ntc Temperature Sensor
    164. Oil Temperature Instrumentation
    165. Olives
    166. Panel Blanking Sockets
    167. Panel Meters
    168. Panel Mount Instrumentation
    169. Panel Pilot Displays
    170. PFA Insulated PRT Sensor Cable
    171. PFA Insulated PRT Sensor Wire
    172. PFA Insulated Thermocouple Cable
    173. PFA Insulated Thermocouple Wire
    174. Pharmaceutical Temperature Instrumentation
    175. Portable Dry Block Calibrators
    176. Pot Seals
    177. Precision Thermometer
    178. Pressure Gauges
    179. Pressure Indicator
    180. Pressure Manometer
    181. Programmable Temperature Controller
    182. PRT 4-Wire Connectors
    183. PRT Connectors
    184. PRT Retractable Curly Lead
    185. PRT Sensor Cable
    186. PRT Sensor Wire
    187. PRT Sensors
    188. Ptc Temperature Sensor
    189. PTFE Insulated PRT Sensor Cable
    190. PTFE Insulated PRT Sensor Wire
    191. PTFE Insulated Thermocouple Cable
    192. PTFE Insulated Thermocouple Wire
    193. PVC Insulated PRT Sensor Cable
    194. PVC Insulated PRT Sensor Wire
    195. PVC Insulated Thermocouple Cable
    196. PVC Insulated Thermocouple Wire
    197. Rail Mounted Transmitters
    198. Reducers
    199. Remote Mounted Transmitters
    200. Resistance Thermometers
    201. Retractable Curly Leads
    202. Robotics Cable And Wire
    203. Room Temperature Sensor
    204. RTD Detectors
    205. RTD Panel Selector Switches
    206. Rtd Sensors
    207. RTD Thermometer
    208. Rubber Boot
    209. Sensor Cable
    210. Sensor Fittings
    211. Sensor Wire
    212. Signal Conditioners
    213. Signal Convertors
    214. Silicone Rubber Insulated PRT Sensor Cable
    215. Silicone Rubber Insulated PRT Sensor Wire
    216. Spare Stainless Steel Clip
    217. Specialist Thermocouples
    218. Stainless Steel Bayonet Adaptors
    219. Stainless Steel Bayonet Caps
    220. Stainless Steel Compression Fittings
    221. Stainless Steel Flanges
    222. Stainless Steel Locknuts
    223. Stainless Steel Nipples
    224. Stainless Steel Olives
    225. Stainless Steel Plugs
    226. Stainless Steel Pot Seals
    227. Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges
    228. Stainless Steel Reducers
    229. Stainless Steel Terminal Head
    230. Standard High-Temp Ceramic Connectors
    231. Strain Relief Grommet
    232. Temperature Controllers
    233. Temperature Gauges
    234. Temperature Indicator
    235. Temperature Instrument Manufacturers
    236. Temperature Instrumentation
    237. Temperature Measurement
    238. Temperature Meter
    239. Temperature Meters
    240. Temperature Monitoring
    241. Temperature Monitoring Systems
    242. Temperature Sensor
    243. Temperature Sensor Calibrators
    244. Temperature Sensor Protection Sheaths
    245. Temperature Sensors
    246. Temperature Thermocouples
    247. Temperature Transmitters
    248. Terminal Blocks
    249. Terminal Head
    250. Terminal Heads
    251. Thermistor Temperature Sensor
    252. Thermocouple
    253. Thermocouple Bench Selector Switches
    254. Thermocouple Cable
    255. Thermocouple Cable Clamps
    256. Thermocouple Calibration
    257. Thermocouple Compensators
    258. Thermocouple Connector Accessories
    259. Thermocouple Connectors
    260. Thermocouple Controller
    261. Thermocouple Probes
    262. Thermocouple Sensors
    263. Thermocouple Temperature Probe
    264. Thermocouple Temperature Probes
    265. Thermocouple Temperature Sensors
    266. Thermocouple Temperature Transducer
    267. Thermocouple Transducers
    268. Thermocouple Vacuum Gauges
    269. Thermocouples
    270. Thermometer
    271. Thermometer Kits
    272. Thermopockets
    273. Threaded Pot Seals
    274. Tube Adaptors Duplex
    275. Tyre Temperature Probes
    276. Underwater Cable And Wire
    277. Voltage Signal Indicator
    278. Wall Mounted Terminal Head
    279. Wall Mounted Transmitters
    280. Waterproof Temperature Sensors
    281. Wire
    282. Wire Wound Detectors
    283. Wireless Temperature Sensor
    284. Wireless Temperature Sensors
    285. Wood Moisture Meter

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