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    Labtek Services Ltd

    Support Services and Instrumentation to Laboratories

    Dairy Processing

    Labtek Services was established in 1987, we are an independent company providing support services and instrumentation to laboratories across both the UK and Europe. We have the experience and knowledge of the food lab & specialist dairy environment allowing us to deliver the best instrumentation and supplies for the dairy, medical, food & beverage industries at competitive prices.

    Specialist Area In Dairy Processing
    Our strengths lie in the dairy processing industry, we strive to provide best equipment in the dairy industry along with expert advice. Over the years we have diversified into laboratory and quality control supplies, we provide you will all the latest technology and instrumentation in today’s market.

    Buy Online
    All of our instrumentation and equipment is available to buy online from our website, we use only the most certified and highest quality equipment available and ensure we are consistently providing the newest technology along with the best service possible.

    Maintenance & Repair Service
    Our technical support team have extensive expertise in this field and are highly trained, they offer an efficient and flexible maintenance and repair service that is tailored around your needs.

    Support Service
    Labtek take great pride in providing fantastic support servicers and great customer care. All of our customers will receive ongoing support and detailed services for all of our equipment provided. We are always on hand to help.

    To view our full range of food & beverage, dairy and medial instrumentation please feel free to visit our website or contact a member of our team who are always at hand.

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    Monday 09:00 to 16:30
    Tuesday 09:00 to 16:30
    Wednesday 09:00 to 16:30
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    Friday 09:00 to 16:30
    Saturday Closed
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    Key Personnel
    James Allen
    James Allen Sales & Marketing Director
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    Products and Services

    1. Acids
    2. Adulteration Testing
    3. Allergen Testing
    4. ALP Test
    5. ALP Testing
    6. Antibiotic Milk Testing
    7. Aseptic Sampling
    8. ATP Testing
    9. Auto Clave
    10. Balances
    11. Beverage Instrumentation
    12. Beverage Processing
    13. Beverage Processing Products
    14. Butterfat Testers
    15. Centrifuges
    16. Chemicals
    17. Chlorine Dioxide Test Strips
    18. Cleaning Solutions
    19. Colorimeter
    20. Colour Measurement
    21. Conductivity Meters
    22. Conductivity Testing
    23. Cryoscopes
    24. Dairy Testing
    25. Electrodes
    26. Environmental Swabbing
    27. Flow Cabinets
    28. FTIR Analyser Consumables
    29. FTIR-NIR Analysers
    30. General Lab Instrumentation
    31. Gerber Testing
    32. Hygiene Control
    33. Hygiene PPE
    34. Ice Packs
    35. Incubators
    36. Instrumentation
    37. Insulated Shipping
    38. IR Analyser Consumables
    39. IR Analysers
    40. Lab Accessories
    41. Lab Consumables
    42. Laboratory Accessories
    43. Laboratory Consumables
    44. Laboratory Glassware
    45. Laboratory Plasticware
    46. Liquid Handling
    47. Liquid Sampling
    48. Microbiology Plastics
    49. Microbiology Testing
    50. Microscopy
    51. Milk Analysers
    52. Milk And Cream Butterfat Testers
    53. Moisture Analysers
    54. NIR Analyser Consumables
    55. Osmometers
    56. Pasteurisation Test
    57. Pasteurisation Testing
    58. Pathogen Testing
    59. PH Testing
    60. PH Testing Meters
    61. Photometer
    62. Plastic Measuring Cylinders
    63. PPE
    64. Probes
    65. Protein Swabs
    66. Quality Control
    67. Rapid Microbiology
    68. Refractometers
    69. Refurbished Lab Instruments
    70. Safety Equipment
    71. Salt Analysers
    72. Sample Handling
    73. Sample Homogenisation
    74. Sanitisation
    75. Scales
    76. Solutions
    77. Surface Wipes
    78. Temperature Measurement
    79. Temperature Monitoring
    80. Test Kits
    81. Titration
    82. Viscosity Testing
    83. Waste Water Analysis
    84. Water Activity Testing
    85. Water Analysis
    86. Water Purification
    87. Waterbaths


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