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  • Franchised distributor of electronic components
  • Resistors for a wide range of applications
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    Legacy Distribution Ltd

    Supply of Resistors for a wide range of applications

    Legacy Distribution has over 40 years of experience in the distribution of one of the most comprehensive ranges of passive components to cover all applications.

    From thin film precision, thick film and current sense through to high voltage, wire wound and cement wire wound we offer you the complete supply service including immediate credit account facilities, technical information and after sales support.

    We are also able to provide commercial and technical support from your design stages to main production build with full data and evaluation samples on request so why not get in touch to find out more.

    Legacy Distribution offers a vast range of quality products from some of the industry�s leading electrical component manufacturers including:

    ��� � Betlux
    ��� � PEC
    ��� � Suntan
    ��� � Royalohm
    ��� � Amtek
    ��� � Thinking
    ��� � Walsin

    Betlux is one of the industry�s leading manufacturers of LED lamps. They provide an extensive range of high performance solid state LED lamps in an equally extensive range of sizes.

    From 3mm through to 10mm in a wide range of colours and profiles Betlux offers a range of highly efficient products for some of the most demanding application requirements.

    PEC is able to supply a range of innovative solutions to meet your precision power resistor requirements including:

    ��� � Silicone Coated Axial Leaded Resistors
    ��� � Vitreous Enamelled, Radial Tubular Resistors
    ��� � Capacitor Discharge & Symmetry Resistor
    ��� � Ceramic Cased, Low Ohmic, Non Inductive
    ��� � Silicone Coated High Precision Instrumentation Resistors

    For further information about the range of PEC resistors including their key features please refer to our website of get in touch.

    As a Hong Kong based manufacturer of Tantalum Capacitors Suntan supply a wide range of capacitors from dipped capacitors and chip tantalum capacitors to SMD tantalum capacitors.

    Suntan have been producing high quality and competitively priced capacitors for over thirty years to a wide range of industrial sectors including, military and civil, computers, telephones, camcorders and meters.

    From anti-surge thick film chip resistors through to pulse withstanding thick film chip resistors and high power thin film precision chip resistors Royalohm has a resistor product to cover most applications so why not contact Legacy Distribution to find out more.

    Legacy Distribution is able to supply a wide range of protective circuit components from Thinking Electronic Industrial Co.Ltd including:

    ��� � NTC Thermistors
    ��� � PTC Thermistors
    ��� � Varistors
    ��� � ESD Protectors

    Walsin offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors, chip resistors, disc Capacitors, varristors, RF components, linductors and chipfuse components all of which are highly efficient and extremely cost effective so why not get in touch with Legacy Distribution for more details.

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