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    Leotronics Ltd

    For over twenty five years Leotronics has been supplying a vast range of industry standard electronic connectors and cable assemblies to organisations around the world all of which are competitively priced.

    In order to compliment this reliable and professional supply service we are also able to provide a range of cost effective services such as help with design and sourcing for worldwide distribution.

    Over the years Leotronics has achieved worldwide recognition for the products and services provided by covering a broad spectrum of industrial sectors including Automotive, GPS Systems, Boilers & Heating, Medical Equipment, Elevators, Electronics, Technology and ATM/Cash Depository System Manufacturers to name but a few.

    Why Leotronics?
    Trusted Supplier
    Our clients choose us for a whole variety of reasons but mainly for our expertise and the fact that we are an ISO accredited and internationally recognised market leader who is able to provide them with industry standard electronic connectors and cable assemblies.

    Fast Lead Times
    From an advanced warehouse system containing a vast range of stock Leotronics is able to supply products on a fast turnaround basis and always aim to respond to orders within 24 hours.

    Leotronics is a founding member of the Logistics and European Supply Group Conexcon guaranteeing clients a range of top quality components at competitive prices.

    Industry Knowledge
    With an in depth knowledge and understanding of both the UK and Overseas electronics market Leotronics is able to provide all customers with a range of superior customer support services.

    Custom Cable Assembly
    As a leading electronics specialist we are able to provide a complete custom cable assembly service. We will work alongside you and help design a solution to suit your specific requirement. This solution will be a cost effective one with a fast turnaround, while at the same time of a high quality.

    What's more if the specification allows we can also source and supply a range of brand name components and alternatives at a competitive price, so why not get in touch with one of the team to find out more.

    Cable Harness, IDC Cable & FFC Cable Assemblies
    Leotronics is also able to work with many talented designers to provide customers with a bespoke moulded cable harness assembly service to incorporate a wide range of connectors from some of the industry�s leading manufacturers such as Molex, JST and TYCO.

    This service also includes full technical support including sample and drawing approval, inspection and testing.

    From board to board, wire to board electronic connectors through to IDC, FFC, PCB and Telecom connectors Leotronics offers one of the most comprehensive design and supply services in the UK.

    Leotronics stock a wide range of electronic connectors to enable us to offer clients the high level of service they have come to expect from a global supplier.

    As sole agents for the Cvilux Group, a founding member with the Conexcon Partnership and distributors for Greenconn and Leoco, we are able to provide a wide range of alternative products that offer quality and exceptional value for money.

    Design & Manufacture

    We work with designers and engineers around the world to bring a truly bespoke electronic connector and cable assembly service.

    Source & Distribution
    With a team of highly experienced and expert consultants we can identify and source a vast range of high quality products to meet our customers� demands all of which are quality assured.

    Technical Support
    We are always here at your disposal to provide technical support and advice. We also provide a personal account service whereby you will be given a dedicated account handler.

    This is only a sample of the wide range of professional services Leotronics is able to provide. If you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to visit our website or get in touch direct.

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    Products and Services

    1. Aerospace Approved Cable Assemblies
    2. Aerospace Approved Cable Assembly
    3. Aerospace Cable Assemblies
    4. Aerospace Cable Assembly
    5. Agricultural Cable AssembliesAutomotive Industry Cable AssembliesCable Assemblies Design And Manufacture
    6. Air Conditioning Cable Assemblies
    7. Armoured Cable Assemblies
    8. Armoured Test Cable Assemblies
    9. As9100 Cable Assemblies
    10. As9100 Cable Assembly
    11. Audio Cable Assemblies
    12. Audio Cable Assembly
    13. Audio Visual Cable Assemblies
    14. Automotive Cable Assemblies
    15. Automotive Cable Assembly
    16. Automotive Industry Cable Assemblies
    17. Aviation Sector Cable Assemblies
    18. Avionics Cable Assemblies
    19. Bespoke Cable Assemblies
    20. Bespoke Cable Assembly Manufacturer
    21. Beverage Equipment Cable Assemblies
    22. Boiler Cable Assemblies
    23. Cable Assemblies
    24. Cable Assemblies - Automotive Industry
    25. Cable Assemblies - Avionics
    26. Cable Assemblies - Bespoke
    27. Cable Assemblies - Custom
    28. Cable Assemblies - Defence Standards
    29. Cable Assemblies - Design And Manufacture
    30. Cable Assemblies - Electrical Testing
    31. Cable Assemblies - Medical
    32. Cable Assemblies - Overmoulded
    33. Cable Assemblies - RF
    34. Cable Assemblies - To Specification
    35. Cable Assemblies Accessories
    36. Cable Assemblies Connectors
    37. Cable Assemblies To Specification
    38. Cable Assembly
    39. Cable Assembly Design
    40. Cable Assembly Manufacture
    41. Cable Assembly Manufacturer
    42. Cable Assembly Manufacturers
    43. Cable Assembly Service
    44. Cable Assembly Service - Bespoke
    45. Cable Assembly Services
    46. Cable Assembly Sub-Contractor
    47. Cable Harness
    48. Cable Harness - Cabinets
    49. Cable Harness - Cabled Panels
    50. Cable Harness - Complex Cable Units
    51. Cable Harness - Components
    52. Cable Harness - Crimping
    53. Cable Harness - Racks
    54. Cable Harness - Soldering
    55. Cable Harness - Special Projects
    56. Cable Harness - Terminals
    57. Cable Harness - Total Assembly
    58. Cable Harness Complex Cable Units
    59. Cable Harness Crimping
    60. Cable Harness Manufacturers
    61. Cable Harness Soldering
    62. Cable Harness Total Assembly
    63. Cable Harness Assemblies
    64. Cable Harness Assembly
    65. Cable Harness Manuafcturers
    66. Cable Harness Manufacturers
    67. Cable Harness Systems
    68. Cable Harness Test Equipment
    69. Cable Harness Total Assembly
    70. Cable Harnesses
    71. Cable Harnessing
    72. Catering Equipment Cable Assemblies
    73. Central Heating Boiler Cable Assemblies
    74. Coaxial Cable Assemblies
    75. Compressor Cable Assemblies
    76. Computer Cable Assemblies
    77. Connector Cable Assemblies
    78. Connectors
    79. Connectors - Cable Assemblies
    80. Connectors-Power Connectors
    81. Consumer Product Testing
    82. Contract Cable Assembly
    83. Control Gear Cable Assemblies
    84. Cooker Cable Assemblies
    85. Custom Cable Assemblies
    86. Custom Connectors
    87. Custom Electronic Connectors
    88. Custom Moulded Cable Assemblies
    89. Custom RF Cable Assemblies
    90. Defence Approved Cable Assemblies
    91. Defence Approved Cable Assembly
    92. Domestic Appliance Cable Assemblies
    93. Electrical Equipment Cable Assemblies
    94. Electronic Cable Assemblies
    95. Electronic Cable Assemblies Or Harnesses
    96. Electronic Cable Assembly
    97. Electronic Cable Harnesses
    98. Electronic Connectors
    99. Electronic Solutions - Cable And Cable Harness Design
    100. EMC Test Cable Assemblies
    101. EMC Test Chamber Cable Assemblies
    102. Energy Cable Assemblies
    103. Energy Cable Assembly
    104. Environmental Industry Cable Assemblies
    105. FFC Cable Assemblies
    106. FFC Cables
    107. FFC Connectors
    108. Fiber Channel Cable Assemblies
    109. Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
    110. Fibre Optics Cable Assemblies
    111. Food Equipment Cable Assemblies
    112. Foodservice Equipment Cable Assemblies
    113. Gaming And Amusement Cable Assemblies
    114. Gas Analysers Ribbon Cable Assemblies
    115. HDMI - Cable Assemblies
    116. Heating Appliance Cable Assemblies
    117. Heating Equipment Cable Assemblies
    118. HGV Cable Assemblies
    119. HIFI Cable Assemblies
    120. HIFI Cable Assembly
    121. High Performance Cable Assemblies
    122. High Performance Cable Harnesses
    123. High Power Connectors
    124. High Voltage Cable Assemblies
    125. High Voltage Corona Free Cable Assemblies
    126. IDC Cable Assemblies
    127. IDC Connectors
    128. Idc/Idt Cable Assemblies
    129. Instrumentation Cable Assemblies
    130. Instrumentation Cable Assembly
    131. Invalid Carriage Cable Assemblies
    132. ISO 9001 Cable Assemblies
    133. ISO 9001 Cable Assembly
    134. Lift Equipment Cable Assemblies
    135. Lifting And Handling Cable Assemblies
    136. Lighting System Cable Assemblies
    137. Low PIM Test Cable Assemblies
    138. Low Temperature Cable Assemblies
    139. Mains Cable Assemblies
    140. Medical Cable Assemblies
    141. Medical Cable Assembly
    142. Medical Equipment Cable Assemblies
    143. Military Cable Assemblies
    144. Military Cable Assembly
    145. Mobility Equipment Cable Assemblies
    146. Motor Vehicle Cable Assemblies
    147. Moulded Cable Assemblies
    148. Orthopaedic Equipment Cable Assemblies
    149. Overmoulded Cable Assemblies
    150. Packaging Equipment Cable Assemblies
    151. PCB Connectors
    152. PCMCIA
    153. Power Connectors
    154. Product Testing
    155. Product Testing Engineer
    156. Product Testing Laboratory
    157. Product Testing Research
    158. QSFP Cable Assemblies
    159. Rail Cable Assemblies
    160. Rail Cable Assembly
    161. RF Cable Assemblies
    162. RF Test Cable Assemblies
    163. Ribbon Cable
    164. Ribbon Cable Assemblies
    165. Ribbon Cable Testers
    166. Ribbon Cables
    167. Rubber Cable Harnesses
    168. Rubber Product Testing
    169. Rugged Armoured RF Cable Assemblies
    170. SAS Cable Assemblies
    171. SATA Cable Assemblies
    172. SCSI Cable Assemblies
    173. Security Cable Assemblies
    174. Security Cable Assembly
    175. Small Product Testing
    176. Specialty Cable Assemblies
    177. Sub-Contract Cable Assemblies
    178. Telecom Components
    179. Telecom Connectors
    180. Test Cable Assemblies
    181. Transportation Cable Assemblies
    182. Transportation Cable Assembly
    183. UL Approved Cable Assemblies
    184. UL Approved Cable Harness
    185. UL Approved Cable Harnesses
    186. USB Connector
    187. USB Connectors
    188. Waterproof Cable Assemblies
    189. Wire And Cable Harness


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