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6 Hoylake Road, South Park Industrial Estate
Scunthorpe Lincolnshire
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  • Supply, hire, repair, testing & design of lifting equipment
  • Many years experience of lifting & manual handling
  • A newly refurbished stock and service centre
  • UK Services
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    Servicing & Repairs
    Experienced Staff

    Lincs Lifting Ltd

    Lincs Lifting offers a highly efficient and cost effective manufacturing and supply service for clients requiring height safety and lifting equipment.

    With many years of experience in the industry we are able to provide a wide range of both new and refurbished lifting solutions including:

    • Manufacture
    • Height Safety Equipment
    • Load Restraints
    • Safety Equipment
    • Webbing
    • Wire Rope
    • Chain and Hardware
    • Bespoke Manufacture
    • Design
    • Supply
    • Hire
    • Repair
    • Testing
    • Test Certification
    • Calibration
    • Skilled Hand Splicing

    Height Safety Equipment
    We provide a comprehensive height safety equipment supply and hire service and as one of the UKs leading distributors we have built many long term relationships with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers of lifting equipment making for a second to none supply service.

    From fully body harnesses, fall arrest blocks, horizontal and vertical fixed systems through to safety lanyards, ropes, rope grabs and rescue equipment our experienced staff can advise on all of the height safety equipment products Lincs Lifting is able to supply.

    Load Restraints
    Where load restraints are concerned Lincs Lifting can provide technical advice on all equipment and guarantee to source and supply your equipment quickly and reliably.

    We have full in house manufacturing facilities in place for flat polyester load restraints, special purpose straps and load restraint systems. Alternatively if you've got an idea but unsure if it will be fit for purpose please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Wire Rope
    We supply a wide range of wire rope slings in an equally wide range of sizes and specifications including configuration and capacities. A bespoke plated wire rope sling service is also available just simply get in touch and talk to one of our skilled technicians.

    End fittings, thimbles, shackles and hooks are also available.

    Chain and Hardware
    Custom chain slings can be designed and made to your specific needs, all of which will be supplied with the right certification.

    Lincs Lifting Hire Service
    By hiring equipment from Lincs you are instantly relieved of the essential inspection and maintenance processes normally associated with lifting equipment. It’s also a very cost effective alternative when compared to the purchasing of such equipment so why not let our highly skilled staff take care of all of your hiring needs.

    For further information about Lincs Lifting, our products and services please visit our website.

    Areas Covered
    We are able to offer our services and equipment to the following locations, surrounding areas and nationwide:

    Earl Shilton
    Market Bosworth
    Market Harboroughý
    Melton Mowbray


    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Access & Lifting Equipment
    2. Air Hoist Suppliers
    3. Air Hoists
    4. Air Winches
    5. Alloy Shackles
    6. Architectural Wire Ropes
    7. Bariatric Hoists
    8. Barrel Lifting Equipment
    9. Bed Hoists
    10. Below The Hook Lifting Equipment
    11. Belt Webbing
    12. Bespoke Hoists
    13. Bespoke Lifting Equipment
    14. Boot Hoists
    15. Buggie Hoists
    16. Chain Hoists
    17. Chain Sling Hire
    18. Chain Sling Repair
    19. Chain Slings
    20. Chain Slings Repairs
    21. Clamps
    22. Construction Hoists
    23. Cranes & Hoists
    24. Custom Design Lifting Equipment
    25. Custom Design Packaging Material Lifting Equipment
    26. Custom Design Pallet Lifting Equipment
    27. Custom Design Reel Lifting Equipment
    28. Custom Design Roll Lifting Equipment
    29. Custom Design Vessel Lifting Equipment
    30. Custom Made Hoists
    31. Custom Made Lifting Equipment
    32. Drum Lifting Equipment
    33. Edge Protection
    34. Electric Chain Hoists
    35. Electric Hoists
    36. Electric Winches
    37. Electric Wire Rope Hoists
    38. Entry Level Winches
    39. Euro Bin Hoists
    40. Eurobin Hoists
    41. Explosion Proof Electric Hoists
    42. Explosion Proof Hoists
    43. Explosion Proof Manual Hoists
    44. Explosion Proof Manual Winches
    45. Explosion Proof Pneumatic Lifting Equipment
    46. Fall Arrest Blocks Ropes
    47. Food Quality Hoists
    48. Full Body Harnesses
    49. Galvanised Wire Ropes
    50. Gantry Hoists
    51. Glass Lifting Equipment
    52. Glass Webbing Tape
    53. Hand Hoists
    54. Hand Winches
    55. Handles With Webbing
    56. Heavy Duty Lifting Equipment
    57. Height Safety Kits
    58. Herringbone Webbing
    59. Hoist Scales
    60. Hoists
    61. Hoists And Workshop Cranes
    62. Hooks
    63. Horizontal Fixed Systems
    64. Hospital Hoists
    65. Hydraulic Hoists
    66. Hydraulic Lifting Equipment
    67. Hydraulic Lifting Gear Service
    68. Hydraulic Lifting Gear Servicing
    69. Hydraulic Winches
    70. Industrial Lifting Equipment
    71. Industrial Winches
    72. Jib Hoists
    73. Karabiners
    74. Ladder Hoists
    75. Large Winches
    76. Lego Block Lifting Equipment
    77. Lever Hoists
    78. Lifting Equipment
    79. Lifting Equipment Consultants
    80. Lifting Equipment Designers
    81. Lifting Equipment Hire
    82. Lifting Equipment Inspection
    83. Lifting Equipment Inspection And Testing
    84. Lifting Equipment Inspections
    85. Lifting Equipment Installation
    86. Lifting Equipment Repair
    87. Lifting Equipment Sales
    88. Lifting Equipment Service
    89. Lifting Equipment Supply And Installation
    90. Lifting Equipment Testing
    91. Lifting Equipment Training
    92. Lifting Gear
    93. Lifting Gear Equipment Hire
    94. Lifting Gear Hire
    95. Lifting Gear Repair
    96. Lifting Gear Service
    97. Lifting Gear Servicing
    98. Lifting Hoists
    99. Lifting Shackles
    100. Lightwieght Lifting Equipment
    101. LNG Hoists
    102. Load Restraint
    103. Load Restraint Bars
    104. Load Restraints
    105. Load Shackles
    106. Man-Riding Winches
    107. Manual Chain Hoists
    108. Manual Hand Winches
    109. Manual Handling Lifting Equipment
    110. Manual Hoists
    111. Manual Winches
    112. Marine Hoists
    113. Marine Lifting Equipment
    114. Material Lifting Equipment
    115. Medical Hoists
    116. Mobile Lifting Hoists
    117. Mobile Winches
    118. Mobility Hoists
    119. Monorail Hoists
    120. Mooring Winches
    121. Nitchi Chain Hoists
    122. Packaging Material Lifting Equipment
    123. Pallet Lifting Equipment
    124. Patient Hoist Servicing
    125. Patient Hoist Spare Parts
    126. Patient Hoists
    127. Patient Lifting Equipment Maintenance
    128. Patient Lifting Equipment Repairs
    129. Patient Lifting Equipment Servicing
    130. Patient Lifting Equipment Spare Parts
    131. Pneumatic Chain Hoists
    132. Pneumatic Hoists
    133. Pneumatic Winches
    134. Pneumatic Wire Rope Hoists
    135. Polypropylene Webbing
    136. Portable Lifting Equipment
    137. Powered Hoists
    138. Powered Winches
    139. Precision Lifting Equipment
    140. Premium Winches
    141. PVC Coated Webbing
    142. Rack And Pinion Hoists
    143. Ratchet Wire Rope Cutter
    144. Reel Lifting Equipment
    145. Rescue Equipment
    146. Roll Lifting Equipment
    147. Rope Grabs
    148. Safety Equipment
    149. Safety Lanyards
    150. Scaffold Hoists
    151. Scooter Hoists
    152. Shackles
    153. Shackles Hire
    154. Single Column Hoists
    155. Site Lifting Equipment
    156. Spark Proof Hoists
    157. Stainless Steel Chain Slings
    158. Stainless Steel Lifting Equipment
    159. Stainless Steel Shackles
    160. Stainless Steel Wire Rope
    161. Stainless Steel Wire Ropes
    162. Steel Wire Rope
    163. Swimming Pool Lifting Equipment
    164. Tote Bin Hoists
    165. Trailer Winches
    166. Vacuum Lifting Equipment
    167. Vertical Fixed Systems
    168. Vessel Lifting Equipment
    169. Warehouse Lifting Equipment
    170. Webbing
    171. Webbing Elastic
    172. Webbing Hire
    173. Webbing Manufacturer
    174. Webbing Manufacturers.
    175. Webbing Products
    176. Webbing Slings
    177. Webbing Straps
    178. Webbing Supplies
    179. Webbings
    180. Welded Chain Slings
    181. Winches
    182. Wire Rope
    183. Wire Rope Assemblies
    184. Wire Rope Assembly
    185. Wire Rope Cutter
    186. Wire Rope Flaw Detector
    187. Wire Rope Flaw Detectors
    188. Wire Rope Grease
    189. Wire Rope Grips
    190. Wire Rope Hoist
    191. Wire Rope Hoists
    192. Wire Rope Inspections
    193. Wire Rope Lubrication
    194. Wire Rope Manufacturers
    195. Wire Rope Mounts
    196. Wire Rope Sling
    197. Wire Rope Slings
    198. Wire Ropes
    199. Worm Drive Winches
    200. Woven Polypropylene Webbing