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Lion Trading GB Ltd

Unit 1 Bloomhill Road, Moorends
Doncaster Yorkshire

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    Lion Trading GB Ltd

    We specialise in the supply of all types of netting for the domestic, commercial, and industrial market. Lion Trading GB Ltd stock a wide range of tarpaulins products, nets, sports nets, scaffold netting, cargo trailer nets, lift nets, skip container nets, debris netting, shade nets, litter control nets and much more. We hold a good range of all types of tarpaulins, fence tarpaulins and pallet covers.

    Any requirements in this area please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Lion Trading GB Ltd also has many close relationships with some of Europe's leading manufacturers and can provide you with the best possible service for your industrial textiles and netting requirements.

    Products and Applications include:

    - Heras fence privacy covers
    - Tarpaulins
    - Safety nets EN1263-1
    - Pallet Covers
    - Flood defence
    - Football goal nets
    - Archery nets and poles
    - Scaffold netting
    - Lion hooks EN1263-1
    - Shock cord and bungee rope
    - Windbreaks, shades, and tennis nets
    - Knotless polypropylene nets

    Temporary Fence Products
    To further complement the range of Heras Fence products Lion Trading GB Ltd is also able to supply a range of Heras Fence Tarps designed for use with mesh fences and railings to provide protection and privacy to public areas, events and sites.

    Custom digitally printed fence covers can also be supplied to promote an event or advertising purpose so please contact us to find out more about this service.

    Temporary Fence Privacy Covers
    Lion Trading GB Ltd supplies a range of nets that can be used in conjunction with Heras fences to provide privacy and shielding from passers-by. This helps to reduce crime by limiting access and blocking the view which can sometimes lead to theft and vandalism.

    Tarpaulins and Pallet covers
    We stock a wide range of tarpaulins and pallet cover products in a range of sizes and weights. Also made to measure tarpaulins.

    Scaffold Debris Net/Sheeting
    We are totally committed to provide our customers with the very best safety equipment and industrial textiles all of which are sourced from some of Europe's leading and trusted manufacturers.

    These products have been specifically developed and tested to provide exceptional protection in all applications.

    Safety Nets EN1263-1 and /Work Platforms
    If you are looking for EN1263-1 safety nets type S then look no further because we can supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of safety netting to cover a vast range of safety applications. Lion Trading GB Ltd can also provide you with all your rigging rope, safety net hooks and applicator hooks.

    Slow Feed Hay Nets
    We manufacture slow feed hay nets. You also should understand Slow Feeding is a way to hinder fast feeding but favour slow feeding. We seek to increase the time that food intake lasts, thus reducing stress. Think that the idea is to feed the animal more slowly, healthier, and with greater enjoyment.

    We offer our customers a fast delivery service. If it is a stocked item and you order before 12 pm we will post your item the very same day on a next day delivery basis.

    This is just a tiny sample of the wide range of quality safety products and services Lion Trading GB Ltd is able to provide so if you would like further information please go to our website or get in touch.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:30 to 16:00
    Tuesday 08:30 to 16:00
    Wednesday 08:30 to 16:00
    Thursday 08:30 to 16:00
    Friday 08:30 to 16:00
    Saturday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. 11 A Side Football Nets
    2. Agricultural Windbreak Netting
    3. Anti-Hail Nets
    4. Ball Stop Netting
    5. Ball-Stop Nets
    6. Beige Knotless Nets
    7. Bespoke Branded Safety Barrier Covers
    8. Bespoke Branded Temporary Fence Covers
    9. Bespoke Fence Covers
    10. Black Ropes
    11. Blue Rope
    12. Branded Fence Covers
    13. Branded Safety Barrier Covers
    14. Branded Temporary Fence Covers
    15. Canvas Tarpaulins
    16. Cargo Nets
    17. Cargo Nets For Cars
    18. Cargo Nets For Motorcycles
    19. Cargo Nets For Pickups
    20. Cargo Nets For Playgrounds
    21. Cargo Nets For Suvs
    22. Cargo Nets For Trailers
    23. Cargo Nets For Vans
    24. Catch Nets
    25. Clear Tarpaulins
    26. Coloured Football Nets
    27. Construction Debris Nets
    28. Construction Nets
    29. Container Nets
    30. Continental Football Nets
    31. Debris Nets
    32. Driving Range Nets
    33. Driving Range Netting
    34. Elastic Bungee Cord Suppliers
    35. Elastic Bungee Shock Cord
    36. Elasticated Cord
    37. Elasticated Bungee Cord
    38. En 1263-1 Safety Nets
    39. Euro Pallet Covers
    40. Fan Nets
    41. Football Nets
    42. Full Size Stripped Football Nets
    43. Golf Net
    44. Golf Practice Nets
    45. Golf Protective Netting
    46. Green Garden Screening Netting
    47. Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Covers
    48. Heavy Duty Tarpaulins
    49. Hemp Rope
    50. Hexagonal Stripped Football Nets
    51. Home Barrier Netting
    52. Industrial Nets
    53. Knotless Netting
    54. Knotted Nets
    55. Line Crossing Safety Nets
    56. Metal Dog Clips
    57. Mosquito Nets
    58. Nautical Ropes
    59. Nets
    60. Nets For Skips
    61. Over Roof Nets
    62. Pallet Covers
    63. Pallet Rack Nets
    64. Polypropylene Football Nets
    65. Polypropylene Nets
    66. Power Line Crossing Nets
    67. Privacy Nets
    68. Professional Football Nets
    69. Protection Nets
    70. Rack Nets
    71. Reinforced Polyethylene
    72. Reusable Pallet Cover
    73. Ropes
    74. Safety Barrier Covers
    75. Safety Nets
    76. Safety Nets For Balconies
    77. Safety Nets For Building Construction
    78. Safety Nets For Roofing
    79. Safety Nets For Trampolines
    80. Safety Ropes
    81. Samba Goals
    82. School Football Nets
    83. Screen Nets
    84. Shade Nets
    85. Shade Netting
    86. Sisal Rope
    87. Skip Covers
    88. Skip Nets
    89. Sports Nets
    90. Sports Netting
    91. Sports Netting Barrier
    92. Sports Netting By The Roll
    93. Sports Netting Company
    94. Sports Netting Suppliers
    95. Sports Netting Systems
    96. Stage Nets
    97. Strong Pallet Covers
    98. System-S Nets
    99. Tarpaulins
    100. Temporary Fence Covers
    101. UK Pallet Covers
    102. Waste Nets
    103. Windbreak Mesh
    104. Windbreak Nets
    105. Windbreak Netting
    106. Windbreak Netting Black

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