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    LMK Thermosafe Ltd

    LMK Thermosafe is a renowned global leader specializing in the design and production of cutting-edge Industrial Induction Drum and Base Heaters, alongside Flexible Heating Jackets for Totes, IBCs, Barrels, containers, and pipes of various sizes. Our exceptional products have been distributed to more than 70 countries since 1985 and have been trusted by prominent corporations, including Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Huntsman, Bayer, Rhodia, Castrol, Dunlop, BP, Procter & Gamble, Roche, Rentokil, and Exxon. With an unwavering commitment to meeting our customers' unique requirements, LMK Thermosafe continues to innovate and invest in new product initiatives that assist our global partners in addressing complex technical heating challenges.

    Hazardous Area and Explosive Atmosphere Heating Equipment

    LMK Thermosafe has an extensive track record in developing and manufacturing ATEX and IECEx certified drum and container heating products. For over three decades, our trusted THERMOSAFE Induction Heater has dominated the market, providing unparalleled safety, efficiency, and reliability. Our accompanying FARATHERM Induction Base Heater is equally enduring and significantly accelerates the heating process.

    We also offer a growing range of fully certified Flexible Heating Jackets marked with our Inteliheat brand.

    Flexible Heating Jackets

    Our range of Flexible Heating Jackets is renowned worldwide and offers a simple yet effective solution. These jackets seamlessly wrap around the vessel, fasten with adjustable retaining straps and quick-release buckle clips, and allow you to set the desired temperature with integrated fully adjustable thermostats. Available in both 240-volt and 110-volt versions, they are ideal for a wide variety of plastic, fibre, and metal containers, including drums, tubs, buckets, kegs, carboys, totes, and IBCs. The jackets distribute heat evenly over a large surface area, minimizing the risk of product damage. Moreover, they require no regular maintenance, providing a fit-and-forget solution that is safe for 24-hour use.
    Custom Heating Jacket Design

    At LMK Thermosafe Ltd, we manufacture a wide range of drum and container heating products for process industries worldwide. Our Flexible Heating Jackets are highly versatile, allowing for customization to fit various container sizes and specifications. This bespoke service is particularly valuable for customers requiring rapid heating and efficient insulation of non-standard containers. The jackets feature outer surfaces made of tough, water-resistant nylon materials and inner layers crafted from unique coated glass cloths, providing protection against chemicals and long-term temperature durability. To minimize heat loss, we employ high-efficiency insulation, we can therefore also supply unheated insulated covers for containers where electrical power is not required or unavailable.

    Gas Cylinder Wrap-Around Heaters

    Many laboratory and industrial processes require a continuous supply of gas from pressurized cylinders storing the gas in its liquid phase. In situations where the utilization rate is high, frost can develop on the cylinder's surface, resulting in adverse effects on flow rates. Our range of efficient and insulated heating solutions effectively prevent this occurrence, restoring stability to the flow rate. This is particularly crucial when utilizing calibration gases, where repeatability is of utmost importance. (Separate pressure monitoring systems should always be in place to meet health and safety requirements).

    Our standard product range includes a selection of flexible heating jackets for pressurised gas cylinders. These have been designed with a variety of control options for both safe and hazardous 'Ex' areas where there is risk of explosion. We manufacture to CE, ATEX/IECEx, UL and CSA standards in our ISO9001 certified factories in the UK.

    In addition to our standard flexible heating jackets tailored for commonly used "K" sized cylinders, we also provide customization options for cylinders of various sizes in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas, including horizontally oriented cylinders with capacities reaching several thousand litres. These jackets can be equipped with an array of power and temperature control features, including our latest ATEX/IECEx patented "ProxATEX" digital controller. This advanced controller offers precise temperature measurement, multiple heating program adjustments, and user access control using secure NFC cards.

    THERMOSAFE Type A Induction Heater

    The patented THERMOSAFE Type A Induction Heater is a reliable and efficient solution for safely heating 205L drums or smaller steel vessels. It operates by utilizing a single induction coil encased in a specially developed resin cylinder, which is placed over the drum without direct contact. This induction-based approach generates heat uniformly in the drum wall through an alternating magnetic field, eliminating hot elements and ensuring the heater remains cooler than the drum.

    Safety is a paramount feature of the THERMOSAFE Induction Heater, as it eliminates hot elements and encapsulates all electrical components, enabling unattended use and safe operation in hazardous areas. The absence of hot drums allows for heating at the point of use, reducing the need to transport hot drums and minimizing the risk of product degradation and fire hazards from accidental spills.

    The THERMOSAFE Induction Heater offers exceptional efficiency, with low power usage of only 2.25kW and energy savings of over 50% compared to conventional radiant drum heaters. It achieves fast heating rates by utilizing the entire drum wall for energy input, resulting in significant time savings compared to traditional ovens. Furthermore, the induction heating technology provides an initial rapid response, making the THERMOSAFE 2-4 times faster than ovens.

    In addition to its efficiency and safety, the THERMOSAFE Induction Heater boasts flexibility and versatility. It can be used at the point of use, integrated into the process, or as a replacement for drum ovens. Its adaptability allows for easy adjustment of capacity to meet varying throughput demands and heating requirements for different materials. The heater's accessibility during heating enables the use of pumps and stirrers, while its maintenance-free design ensures durability even in harsh environments.

    NEW Patented Grafheat

    Multi-Size Pipe/Cable Heating Jackets & Base Heaters

    Self-limiting - Totally safe rolled onto itself!

    LMK Thermosafe are pleased to present our latest award-winning product 'GrafHeat' using advanced heating technology. The heater membrane is the culmination of over 10 years cutting edge research and development, merging the fundamental materials science of Graphene and Polymer Composites. The technology uses a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) effect to control both power and temperature of the heating devices resulting in extremely safe solutions. These are applied in novel and economic ways for both standard and potentially explosive industrial applications.

    'GrafHeat Cable Heating Jackets' are developed especially for application requiring cable or pipe heating. These easy to install jackets can be overlapped and therefore used with various size cables and pipes. They are very safe to use, with or without adjustable temperature control. Optimal energy efficiency and cost saving is guaranteed with automatic regulation of power dependent on the load. The jackets are hugely versatile, operating equally with both 110 and 240 Vac power supplies.

    Safe and versatile
    These heating solutions are truly self-regulating and do not require additional temperature control for basic safety. The standard cut-off temperature is 110oC with custom designs also possible. Many customers add one of our digital indicating temperature controllers for versatility at lower temperatures. This is the standard configuration for cable and pipe heaters where on-site contractors require the certainty of safety in a 'one size fits all' design but have multiple target temperatures to achieve in any specific project.

    Thanks to the inherent PTC effect limiting both temperature and power, our stock jacket can be used with cables and pipes ranging from 30 to 120 mm diameter.

    Contact LMK Thermosafe to find out how GrafHeat can offer safe solutions for your surface heating projects.

    Custom Heating Jacket Design

    LMK Thermosafe Ltd manufacture a wide range of drum and container heating products used in process industries world-wide, including Flexible Heating Jackets in a variety of sizes, materials, power levels and voltages.

    The Flexible Heating Jackets are so versatile that they can be specifically tailored to fit a multitude of different containers suitable for virtually any size and specifications. This bespoke service offers ideal solutions for customers requiring non-standard containers to be heated as rapidly as possible and efficiently insulated.

    Outer surfaces of each jacket utilise tough, water-resistant nylon materials, inner layers are manufactured using unique coated glass cloths for protection from chemicals and long-term temperature durability. All heating jackets utilise high efficiency insulation to reduce heat-loss to a minimum, therefore we can also provide unheated insulated covers to fit containers where electrical power is not required or not available.

    Solutions for Heating and Warming Process Piping

    LMK Thermosafe heating jackets are the ideal solution for reliable and efficient heating of process piping. Our experienced team excels in adapting proven designs to achieve exceptional results for any application.

    Key Features:
    �- Custom-Built Excellence: Meticulously tailored industrial heating blankets
    �- Accommodating Odd Shapes: Our jackets accommodate unconventional shapes
    �- Hassle-free installation with one connection, enhancing system efficiency for long pipe lengths.
    �- Effortless Maintenance: Easy removal for repairs and maintenance, prioritizing simplicity & convenience.
    �- Cost-Effectiveness: Our heating jackets offer a budget-friendly solution without compromising quality.
    �- Practical Alternative: A reliable option to Trace Heating, ensuring consistent performance & peace of mind.

    With LMK Thermosafe heating jackets, experience flawless heating for your process piping. Discover the advantages of customized designs, simplified installation, and cost-effective solutions�an embodiment of reliable heating technology.

    Composite & Epoxy Resin Curing

    LMK Thermosafe heating jackets offer a reliable and efficient solution for achieving accurate and repeatable temperature control in the curing processes of composites and resins. Designed to apply heat at precise and uniform temperatures across surfaces, these jackets ensure high-quality finishes, particularly beneficial for challenging on-site applications.

    Key benefits of LMK Thermosafe heating jackets include their versatility and adaptability. Customizable to fit various shapes and sizes, the jackets can seamlessly join together to heat complex-shaped items. Fully-adjustable straps guarantee a perfect fit for diverse objects. Furthermore, the jackets are equipped with superior quality heating elements that are machine-stitched into the fabric, ensuring even and efficient heat distribution due to careful positioning and high-density insulation.

    LMK Thermosafe offers tailored temperature control options, including a range of power ratings and fixed or variable thermostats. This allows users to accurately select the appropriate power and temperature settings to meet their specific curing requirements. Additionally, the jackets can be embedded with sensors when needed, facilitating temperature logging and monitoring for precise control and quality assurance in the curing process.

    In summary, LMK Thermosafe heating jackets provide a cost-effective, portable, and easy-fit solution for achieving precise temperature control during the curing of composites and resins. Their versatility, superior heating performance, and tailored temperature control options make them reliable and efficient for a wide range of industrial applications.

    LMK Thermosafe Rental Service

    Do you have a short-term requirement to expand capacity? Want to trial one of our heating solutions to help justify capital expenditure?

    Many of our customers require short term use of heating equipment for specific projects, laboratory trials, or capital requisition calculations. To meet this need we have established a versatile rental program serviced through our main offices in the UK and USA. A number of our international partners across the globe are also able to offer this facility.

    How Does our Rental Service Work?
    For a fixed weekly/monthly fee, units are delivered to your site. You decide on the initial rental period, which can be extended thereafter by agreement. We will usually ask for a rental deposit which is fully refundable upon the safe return of the rental unit(s). If at the end of the rental period you decide to purchase the unit(s), we will offer a fixed percentage rebate of the rental charges incurred.

    Key Benefits
    �- Prove the concept pre-purchase � helps fill in those dreaded expenditure forms!
    �- No capital tied-up and/or enables delayed capital expenditure.
    �- Increase your short-term production/process capacity with additional units.
    �- Fixed percentage rental rebate offers if a unit is purchased at the end of the rental period.
    �- Open ended contracts.

    Send your requirements to LMK Thermosafe and we will contact you to arrange everything.

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