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    London Waterjet

    Welcome to London Waterjet

    Waterjet cutting offers a solution where other technologies struggle. London Water Jet Cutting have been providing a model making and profile cutting service primarily to the film industry for over 10 years. We are used to working within tight timeframes with a fast turnaround for all aspects of Water Jet Profiling, Tile Water Jet Cutting, Abrasive Steel Cutting and Foam Water Jet Cutting.

    By combining our technical expertise with Flow's latest dynamic head waterjet technology we are able to offer a Profiling Services which can be tailored to each individual client and completed within fine tolerances to precise specifications. We are happy to cut your material or where required we can source most materials to your requirement.

    We employ a wide range of up to date software ensuring the best results for both artistic and engineering projects. We are happy to accept files created in many different software's without loss or distortion of information.

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    More About Us

    Waterjet cutting is an innovative technology that allows for intricate, precise yet inexpensive cutting of a wide range of materials such as Abrasive Waterjet Cutting, Aluminium Water Jet Cutting and Stainless Steel Water Jet Cutting. A stream diameter of less than 1mm generates minimal kerf width permitting tight nesting of parts minimising material wastage. While some softer parts can be cut with pure water, a garnet abrasive is generally added to the stream to cut harder materials.

    No noxious gases or liquids are used in waterjet cutting, and waterjets do not create hazardous materials or vapours. No heat effected zones or mechanical stresses are left on a waterjet cut surface.

    We can accept drawings in most formats including dxf, dwg, ai, cor, vwx, mcd, igs, cdl as well as dimensioned hand drawn images.

    Whatever your requirement please give us a call for a helpful, efficient and friendly service.

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