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  • Design & manufacture of water treatment products
  • High quality water treatment products
  • Water softening, filtration & demineralisation
  • Design & manufacture of water treatment products
  • High quality water treatment products
  • Water softening, filtration & demineralisation
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Lubron UK Limited

With over thirty years of experience in the water treatment industry Lubron is able to provide an unbeatable range of high quality water treatment products and effective services all of which have been designed to the highest rigorous standards.

Our Services include:

    • Filtration
    • Water Softening
    • Demineralisation
    • Water Hygiene
    • Commercial Water Treatment
    • Legionella Risk Assessment
    • Consultancy
    • Equipment Service

We are able to provide a wide range of market sectors with high quality water filtration devices and services which can include the assembly of bespoke solutions on demand.

Water Softening
When the right type of water softening system is installed, scale and deposits will not only be eliminated but your steam boiler or cooling systems life will be extended with improved efficiency. It will also prevent corrosion and build-up of scale deposits.

Lubron offers a range of cost effective solutions all of which can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Also referred to as desalting, demineralisation uses reverse osmosis to achieve purified water. The RO water then receives a secondary treatment with electro-deionisation.

The specialists at Lubron have the expertise to choose the right type of water demineralisation technology solution for your application and deliver to you the perfect result.

Water Hygiene
Our water hygiene service includes products, consultancy, chemical water treatments, accredited courses, UV-disinfection and reverse osmosis, all using the latest technology to bring you a safe and healthy environment.

Commercial Water Treatment
As one of Europe’s leaders in commercial water treatment Lubron offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of solutions to meet the needs of an equally comprehensive range of commercial sectors from healthcare and pharmaceutical to food and beverage.

Legionella Risk Assessment
To ascertain any shortcomings that may be present Lubron is able to carry out a full legionella risk assessment service to prevent you from an outbreak of legionnaire’s disease.

This highly effective service includes documenting findings and identifying areas that need appropriate remedial action. It will also allow you to evidence your duty of care and compliance and could well be saving lives so to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Lubron is able to provide its services to a wide range of industrial sectors:

    • Food & Beverage
    • Industry
    • Healthcare & Life Sciences
    • Hospitality
    • Building Services
    • Agriculture
    • Domestic

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five stars
Alan Parkins, NHS - Norfolk & Norwich

Lubron Water Technologies is one of the best contractors that i deal with: the equipment is high quality and really well engineered. They carry out regular maintenance to keep the systems running efficiently and design alterations to clients specifications.

five stars
Jean Hedges, NHS - Southampton

We talked to Lubron Water when we first began specifying the Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant for the Endoscopy Unit and wound up working right the way through to installation and delivery. Installation was quite tricky because there was limited space in the plant room so it was very much a bespoke engineered solution. Its improved the water quality no end. Because the units are twin pass, the high silica is removed to safe levels and we have had no microbiological issues. And both projects came in on budget.

five stars
Darren Oatley, Wright Salads

Each of our vineries is provided with a Lubron Water Technologies iron removal filtration system, which ensures that only iron free water is supplied to the plants. These are serviced annually when the plants are not too big that they need constant watering, and have never gone wrong. The filters are backwashed to remove the accumulated iron, and this waste water is treated in our own reed beds before discharge,