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Lynvale Ltd

Unit 6 Lime Grove Estate
Haverhill Suffolk

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    Lynvale Ltd

    Technical Foam Tape

    Lynvale offers one of the largest ranges of high quality adhesive tapes, foam tapes and flexible material products from some of the world's leading manufacturers.

    �- Saint Gobain
    �- Scapa Tapes
    �- 3M Tapes
    �-� Tesa Tapes
    �- Advance
    �- Velcro

    Adhesive Tapes
    Lynvale supplies the most technically advanced adhesive tapes in the world all of which can be transformed into any format you require so to find out more please visit our online shop.

    Single Sided
    From sealing and splicing through to protecting and bonding all of the adhesive tapes available can be used for a wide range of applications to meet the demands of today's industrial and commercial sectors.

    Double Sided
    For large volume requirements Lynvale will meet your needs with our mass production service. For small runs or prototypes we offer a converting service which in some cases may be tooling free so to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Foam Tapes
    The foam tapes from Lynvale have been developed and produced by some of the world's leading adhesive tape manufacturers.

    Foam Tapes include:

    �- Open Cell
    �- Closed Cell
    �- PE
    �- PVC
    �- PU

    Whether bonding, fixing, cushioning or waterproofing, the vast range of high performance products available have been created to cover every possible application. All are made under strict adherence to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards.

    Technical Foam
    We have over 45 years of experience in the development of technical adhesives and regularly supply technical foam products to UKs leading industrial sectors.

    Expanding foam for sealing timber frame buildings and structural spacer tape for glazing are just some of the technical applications Lynvale is able to provide solutions for.

    From a manufacturing facility based in Suffolk housing high precision converting machinery Lynvale will supply your finished product to meet your exact requirements.

    Formats covered include:

    �- Individual Rolls
    �- Sheets
    �- Kiss Cut
    �- Cut Through

    If you want to find out more about Lynvale Ltd, our products and our services please visit our website or get in touch.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Acoustic Foam Tapes
    2. Acrylic Adhesive Tape
    3. Acrylic Adhesive Tapes
    4. Acrylic Foam Tape
    5. Acrylic Foam Tapes
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    7. Adhesive Foam Tape Suppliers
    8. Adhesive Foam Tapes
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    12. Adhesive Tape Cutting
    13. Adhesive Tape Cutting Service
    14. Adhesive Tape Die Cutting
    15. Adhesive Tape Dispensers
    16. Adhesive Tape Distributor
    17. Adhesive Tape Gaskets
    18. Adhesive Tape Manufacturer
    19. Adhesive Tape Slitters
    20. Adhesive Tape Supplier
    21. Adhesive Tape Suppliers
    22. Adhesive Tapes
    23. Adhesive Tapes Acrylic
    24. Adhesive Tapes Double Sided
    25. Adhesive Tapes Double Sided Foam
    26. Adhesive Tapes Double Sided Tissue
    27. Adhesive Tapes Double Sided Transfer
    28. Adhesive Tapes Foam
    29. Adhesive Tapes Glue Dots
    30. Adhesive Tapes Masking
    31. Adhesive Tapes Specialist Double Sided
    32. Adhesive TapesAcrylic
    33. Adhesive TapesDouble Sided
    34. Adhesive TapesDouble Sided Foam
    35. Adhesive TapesDouble Sided Tissue
    36. Adhesive TapesDouble Sided Transfer
    37. Adhesive TapesDuct Sealing
    38. Adhesive TapesElectrical
    39. Adhesive TapesElectrical Shielding
    40. Adhesive TapesFoam
    41. Adhesive TapesGlue Dots
    42. Adhesive TapesMasking
    43. Adhesive TapesSpecialist Double Sided
    44. Adhesive TapesSpecialist Single Sided
    45. Adhesives
    46. Agricultural Adhesive Tapes
    47. Air Conditioning Adhesive Tapes
    48. Automotive Adhesive Tapes
    49. Automotive Foam Tapes
    50. Building Adhesive Tapes
    51. Cloth Adhesive Tapes
    52. Coloured Adhesive Tapes
    53. Conductive Adhesive Tape
    54. Construction Adhesive Tapes
    55. Consumer Adhesive Tapes
    56. Customised Adhesive Tapes
    57. Die Cut Foam Tapes
    58. Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tapes
    59. Double Sided Adhesive Tape
    60. Double Sided Adhesive Tapes
    61. Double Sided Foam Tape
    62. Double Sided Foam Tapes
    63. Double Sided Pe Foam Tape
    64. Double Sided Pvc Foam Tapes
    65. Double Sided Self Adhesive Foam Tapes
    66. Double Sided Self Adhesive Tapes
    67. Double Sided Tapes
    68. Draught Sealing Foam Tapes
    69. EPDM Tape
    70. Expanding Foam Tape
    71. Expanding Foam Tapes
    72. Flooring Adhesive Tapes
    73. Foam Tape
    74. Foam Tape Gaskets
    75. Foam Tapes
    76. Gasket Tape
    77. Glazing Adhesive Tapes
    78. Glazing Pads
    79. Heavy Duty Double Sided Adhesive Tape
    80. High Performance Adhesive Foam Tapes
    81. Industrial Adhesive Tape
    82. Industrial Adhesive Tapes
    83. Insulating Adhesive Foam Tape
    84. Low Tack Adhesive Tape
    85. Masking Tape
    86. Mounting Pad Foam Tapes
    87. Non Adhesive Tapes
    88. Packaging Tape
    89. Pad Foam Tapes
    90. Peelable Adhesive Tapes
    91. Permanent Adhesive Tapes
    92. Plain Adhesive Tapes
    93. Polyethylene Pe Adhesive Tapes
    94. Printed Adhesive Tape
    95. Printed Adhesive Tapes
    96. Printed Self Adhesive Tape
    97. Printed Tape
    98. Promotional Adhesive Tape Dispensers
    99. Promotional Adhesive Tapes
    100. Promotional Non Adhesive Tapes
    101. Promotional Reflective Adhesive Tapes
    102. Rubber Foam Tapes
    103. Self Adhesive Foam Tape
    104. Self Adhesive Foam Tapes
    105. Self Adhesive Tape
    106. Self Adhesive Tape Converters
    107. Self Adhesive Tapes
    108. Self-Adhesive
    109. Self-Adhesive Tapes
    110. Single Sided Foam Tape
    111. Single Sided Foam Tapes
    112. Specialist Adhesive Tapes
    113. Strong Double Sided Adhesive Tape
    114. Suspended Ceiling Foam Tape
    115. Synthetic Rubber Adhesive Tape
    116. Tape
    117. Tape Converting
    118. Tape Supplier
    119. Technical Adhesive Tapes
    120. Technical Tapes
    121. Warning Adhesive Tape
    122. Waterproof Adhesive Tapes
    123. Weather Strip Foam Tape
    124. Weatherstrip Foam Tape

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