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    Since 1988 Medac Ltd has been providing an analytical and chemical consultancy service that specialises in elemental microanalysis to a wide range of sectors.

    As a small independent company Medac Ltd offers a dedicated and highly reliable contract analysis service to biotechnology companies, chemical companies and academic institutions around the world.

    Every single one of our senior staff has over twenty five years of experience in the field of chemical analysis and are dedicated in providing the best possible service to our customers no matter how large or small the test required.

    Medac Ltd can also analysis liquids, solids, organics and inorganics, organometallic samples, plant and metal materials so whatever your testing requirements are we will be more than pleased to hear from you.


    CH&N Analytical Service
    This process is carried out by combustion analysis on one of our elemental analysers. It provides a cost effective means of establishing sample purity on a vast range of sample types from polymers through to volatiles. This service offers a same day turnaround for urgent requests.

    Microanalytical Metals Service
    We are able to analyse both metals and non-metals such as phosphorous using our Varian Vista MPX ICP-OES system. This system uses the latest technology and software to obtain sensitivity and high precision results.

    Sulfur Analysis
    Medac provides a Sulfur Analysis service with accuracy within plus or minus 0.03% absolute and with a detection limit of <0.1%. The minimum sample size is from 5mg but may also depend on the exact nature of the sample in question.

    Oxygen Analysis
    We can carry out an Oxygen analysis service on most organic compounds although those containing quantities of fluorine can interfere with this process. Normal turnarounds take two days.

    Air Sensitives
    We can analyse air sensitive materials and hygroscopic samples although they do require a slightly longer turnaround time normally within four working days.

    The Halogens
    Halogens, iodine bromine, fluorine and chlorine can be analysed by means of Schoniger flask oxygen combustion followed by titration or ion chromatography.

    Anions (IC)
    Medac is also able to analyse a variety of anions by modern ion chromatographic (IC) methods. This process is also a powerful technique for the determination of fluoride anions.

    Moisture Determination
    We can measure the water content in a whole range of samples using our coulometric Karl-Fischer analyser from Metrohm. This process is ideal for low level detection where the coulometric system can reliably measure up to approximately 5% water.

    Residue on Ignition /Ashing Methods
    The process of ashing is the heating of a substance to leave only the non-combustible inorganic ash and is suitable for samples containing a significant amount of combustible organic material as a sample matrix and requires 1g of a sample.

    This is only a sample of the wide range of analytical services Medac Ltd is able to provide so if you would like to find out more please contact us or visit our website.

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