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    Creative Storage Ltd

    Leading Supplier of all Industrial & Commercial Storage Solutions

    Who are we?
    Creative Storage Ltd is a family run organisation. The Company ethos is "Customer Satisfaction is Paramount" and we pride ourselves on the service we offer to our clients. We are Mezzanine Flooring Specialists and have 3 fully equipped, vastly experienced teams of professional installation engineers who are always ready to offer advice if required and will complete any project with minimum disruption to you. All our installations whether for Mezzanine Floors, Pallet Racking or a complete Turnkey Project are carried out to the highest standard by our SEIRS and CSCS trained teams of engineers.

    What we do?
    Creative Storage are Mezzanine Flooring Specialists but also specialize in the installations of Pallet Racking, Shelving, Suspended Ceilings and Office Partitioning to name a few.

    Mezzanine Floors
    Mezzanine Floors can be custom designed to suit your application with components pre-fabricated by our specialist Mezzanine Flooring team to ensure minimum disruption during installation. Whether it be Single Tier, Multi Tier, for Office or Retail use, mezzanine flooring is ideal for providing additional space for warehousing, storage, offices, cafeterias, locker rooms or many more! The introduction of a mezzanine floor can double your working space without any impact on business rates.

    Pallet Racking
    We cater for every type of Pallet Racking. Drive In / Drive Through Racking is suitable for seasonal goods with low stock rotation or for cold and chilled storage and bulk storage applications. Push Back Racking offers good occupancy rates within a high-density system and can store a variety of pallet types together. Pallets are stored on sloping rollers, supported on pallet racking. Wide Aisle Standard Racking is ideal for storing all palletised and non-palletised loads. The wide aisles allow full access for fork lift trucks. It also allows 100% access to individual pallets. The fully adjustable beam levels suit varying pallet heights.

    Partitioning and Ceiling Solutions
    Ovation Partition System is a state-of-the-art partition system which offers designers and installers the vertical solution for the new millennium. This system has been designed to suit many different environments. It is stylish and modern with choices of either recessed or flush skirting. The system comes in an almost unlimited choice of RAL or BS coloured finishes to compliment your interior.

    Catalogue Products
    We also offer over 15,000 products such as Materials Handling, Storage Cabinets, Workshop Equipment, Health and Safety Signs, Bicycle Racks, Smoking Shelters, Lockers, PPE and 1st Aid Kits. If you are interested in receiving one of our catalogues please contact us by phone, email or the website.

    How to contact us?
    We offer Free no obligation quotes. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales team either by phone, email or via the website if you have any questions or queries regarding any project large or small.

    Opening Hours

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    Products and Services

    1. Adjustable Beam Pallet Racking
    2. Adjustable Pallet Racking
    3. Anti Fatigue Matting
    4. Archive Storage Racks
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    6. Bike Shelters
    7. Bins
    8. Cabinet
    9. Cabinets And Lockers
    10. Castors
    11. Castors & Wheels
    12. Castors And Wheels
    13. Ceiling
    14. Ceiling Contractor
    15. Ceiling Fire Resistant Suspended
    16. Ceiling Installation Suspended
    17. Ceiling Office Suspended
    18. Ceiling Suppliers
    19. Ceiling Suspended Warehouse
    20. Ceiling Tiles
    21. Changing Room Lockers
    22. Clothes Lockers
    23. Clothing Lockers
    24. Commercial
    25. Commercial Mezzanine
    26. Commercial Mezzanines
    27. Commercial Suspended Ceilings
    28. Cube Lockers
    29. Custom Wire Mesh Lockers
    30. Cycle Shelters
    31. Double Deep Pallet Racking
    32. Drive In Pallet Racking
    33. Drive In Racking
    34. Drive Through Pallet Racking
    35. Flooring Company
    36. Flooring Contractor
    37. Flooring Contractors
    38. Flooring Sales
    39. Galvanised Pallet Racking
    40. Garment Lockers
    41. Heavy Duty Pallet Racking
    42. Hi Vis Jackets
    43. Hi Vis Vest
    44. High Density Pallet Racking
    45. High Visibility Jackets
    46. Industrial
    47. Industrial Mezzanine Floors
    48. Industrial Pallet Racking Systems
    49. Industrial Suspended Ceilings
    50. Internal Partitions
    51. Locker Supplier
    52. Lockers
    53. Lockers Wet Area
    54. Manual Handling
    55. Manual Handling Equipment
    56. Manual Handling Products
    57. Manual Stackers
    58. Mats & Matting
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    60. Mesh Lockers
    61. Metal Fabrication
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