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  • Military Batteries and chargers.
  • 25 years in the industry.
  • Short time production and a fast pro-type service.
  • Military Batteries and chargers.
  • 25 years in the industry.
  • Short time production and a fast pro-type service.
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Multiplus Limited

UK Manufacturer of Military Batteries, Chargers & Associated Equipment

Multiplus Limited is a specialist supplier of rugged batteries, chargers, power adaptors, thermal imagers and night vision goggles along with a wide range of associated products designed for use in demanding and harsh military environments.

We are also an approved supplier to NATO, the UK MOD and an array of government sectors on a worldwide basis.
With our main focus on rapid design and manufacturing we are able to provide solutions to meet your individual requirements ensuring the right equipment for your next mission.

We utilise world leading design and development consultants and together with MILSPEC manufacturing partners we are able to create a range of battery solutions to ensure your operational success time after time.

Our experience in the design and production of devices and equipment includes but is not limited to:

...• Man Portable Equipment
...• Locating and Transmitting Devices
...• Unmanned Systems
...• Communications
...• Surveillance
...• Mobile Data Systems
...• Back Up Power for Electronic Systems
...• Remote Sensing Equipment

Adaptors, USB, Cigar, Battery Eliminators

Multiplus Limited continually rises to meet the challenging demands for power and system configuration with our battery eliminators.

All of our systems can be configured to allow for the customised powering needs to meet our client’s specific requirements.

From External DC, Battery and External power and XX90 output through to cigar lighter output, Brite connectors and the Cub Cheetah Net we offer a range of innovative battery eliminators to meet all of our client’s particular needs.

MBITR AN/PCR148 Batteries, Chargers

This range of batteries and chargers includes the BITR AN/PRC148 battery 6.8AH high capacity product which is a NATO 6140-01-606-9491 equivalent which is only a sample of the innovative range of batteries and chargers available from Multipower International so to find out more please refer to our website.

NATO Slave Plug Mini

The Lightweight Nato Slave Plug with a lead out to BB590 Socket at 12 Volts 2.5 Amps is just one of the products found available from Multiplus Limited of which more information may be found on our website.

Rockwell Collins PLGR 96 Battery

Multiplus Limited designs and manufactures the Rockwell Collins PLG96 NiCad Battery which is in Nickel Metal Hydride giving more capacity run time. To find out more about our PLGR products please head over to our website or contact us directly.

This is just a tiny sample of the wide range of innovative products and equipment from Multiplus Limited.

With a team of design, development and application experts with many years of design experience along with active military service and field experience around the world, Multiplus Limited is able to manufacture a wide range of high specification equipment for tactical power applications.

If you would like to find out more about Multiplus Limited or you have a concept model for full MILSPEC production please get in touch... from Concept to Reality.

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Barry  Norton

Barry Norton

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