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    Midlands Cabling

    Managed IT Services and Data Network Installation in and around Leicestershire, Midlands UK

    Midlands Cabling & IT Services provides a comprehensive range of cabling solutions designed to cover an equally comprehensive range of applications.

    We also offer an IT service covering managed services, backup and recovery, virtualization, cloud services and hourly IT services.

    Midland Cabling Solutions

    ..� Structured Cabling
    ..� Fibre Optic
    ..� CCTV
    ..� Telephony

    Structured Cabling

    Today there are so many different cabling systems available it can sometimes be confusing choosing the right one for your business.

    Knowing which cables will provide you with the most effective service whether for the home or office can be daunting so why not get in touch with the experts.

    We are here to make sure you get the right cabling system that will meet your specific requirements and can install CAT5, CAT6 and more including updating your existing data network.

    Midlands Cabling will ensure your system is free from faults allowing data to run smoothly throughout your organisation.

    Fibre Optic Cabling

    Capable of transmitting more data over an increased distance without interference or compromise on security, fibre optic cabling provides a highly efficient and speedy solution for all of your sensitive data protection applications.

    Fibre Optic Cabling also allows for more users to access data without the loss of performance particularly if video conferencing plays an important part in your business.

    If you would like to find out more about our fibre optic cabling service please visit our website.

    CCTV Cabling

    Using the correct cable for your CCTV installation is important if you want to ensure your business is secure for now and in the future.

    As experts in the installation of CCTV cabling we will ensure your organisation is protected even when no one is present in your office so why not get in touch to find out more.


    There are many advantages to be had by having a VoIP system installed. This is because it uses the internet and can be used anywhere with internet connectivity such as a hotel or caf�.

    We offer the complete telephony installation service including the supply of handsets and local phone numbers so please head over to the Midlands Cabling website for more details

    IT Services

    We also provide a range of cost effective IT services including but not limited to:

    �� � Managed Services
    �� � Backup & Recovery
    �� � Cloud Services
    �� � Hourly IT Services and Virtualization

    If you want a reliable company that will keep your business working and running at its optimum then we are here to give you piece of mind so you can rest easy when you put your installations and services in Midland Cablings hands.


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