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  • In business for over two decades
  • Cover your design and manufacturing needs
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    Visual Communications

    Massively Enhance Your Street Presence

    Visual Communications Design Ltd has been in business for over two decades. We strive to communicate your brand in the most effective ways. We cover your design and manufacturing needs to correspond to your corporate ethos through logo design, fascias, signage, desking, 3D interior design and digital printing. We offer an off the shelf or bespoke service manufacturing displays and desks. We strive to give everything we design the longevity, practicality and impact our clients need. We believe that if you look no different from the rest, why should people believe that your service is.

    Why should you pick Visual Communications?

    - We have a wealth of experience in designing signage which works for you 'outside'.
    - Our Displays can be designed and built to your specification.
    - Our Desks can be tailored to meet your requirements.
    - We can offer you the best office furniture & storage available in terms of value for money.
    - A full space planning and visualization service is available.
    - Logo Design Service including letterhead, business Cards, Compliment Slips.
    - If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, we will build your design.

    LED Light Pockets

    With a vast experience in display products along with our manufacturing capabilities Visual Communications is able to design and produce a wide range of light pocket variations to cover an equally wide range of applications.

    Whether it's to fit cables either end or for a free standing display we offer an innovative range of products with frames with bevelled edges, frames and border sizes and can even add custom wooden frames and large acrylic borders to house your pockets in.

    Interior Design

    Visual Communications experience in interior office design is second to none.

    We offer a range of products and services in this area including:

    - Office and Shop Refurbishment
    - LED Fascia Signage
    - Interior Lighting
    - Tables & Chairs
    - Desking
    - Seating
    - Storage
    - Flooring


    The right displays are the most important visible and viewed part of your business because it takes only three people an hour to pass your office to equate to a million subconscious views per year.

    If you want to look different and make your own statement then why not get in touch with Visual Communications to find out about the wide range of both Non-LED and LED lighting displays.

    We offer one of the largest ranges of non-LED displays on the market today, alternatively why not ask us to design something unique and special to you.

    Bespoke Receptions

    Visual Communication has a huge knowledge of Estate Agents requirements including receptions.

    We offer a complete bespoke reception design and manufacture service and can create something unique to your brand to differentiate you from the crowd.

    Decking Systems

    As a manufacturer of one of the most competitively priced range of desks in the market place Visual Communications Ltd offers a an endless choice including:

    - Multi-User Desks
    - Reception Desks
    - Single-User Desks

    We can design and create anything in real wood, laminate, glass, stainless steel and MFC with built in features such as fridges, illuminated logos and screens so to find out more please head over to our website.

    Logo Design

    If you're thinking about a logo image for your business then why not get in touch with Visual Communications Ltd.

    We offer a complete design service and can provide you with the right logo to match your products or services. You have to keep your image or brand as simple as possible and differentiate it from your competitors and stand out from the crowd, this is where we come in!

    We have been designing beautiful signage with hard hitting street presence for over 30 years using the very latest in technology so please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more about our professional logo design service.

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