Oil Spill Products Limited

Oil Spill Products Limited

Unit 71 Hutton Close, Crowther Industrial Estate
Washington Tyne and Wear
NE38 0AH

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    Oil Spill Products Limited

    A vast range of high quality Oil Spill products available including Spill Kits, Absorbents and more from one of the UKs leading suppliers.

    From its own manufacturing facility based in the North East of England, Oil Spill Products is also able to offer a range of associated material handling equipment which includes products engineered and built on site all to the very highest standards.

    High Quality
    Vast Range of Products
    World Class Products Made On-Site
    Fast Delivery
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    Oil Only Spill Kits
    A range of Oil Absorbents which are hydrophobic so as not to absorb water or water based liquids, perfect for removing oil from the waters surface.

    Maintenance Spill Kits
    The range of Maintenance Spill Kits from Oil Spill Products are suitable for water, coolants, cutting fluids and oils including non-aggressive chemicals.

    Chemical Spill Kits
    Our Chemical Spill Kits are made from a robust polypropylene so as not to break down when used for hazardous liquid applications.

    Oil Spill Products offers a range of Absorbents for oil, chemicals and everyday maintenance applications of which more details may be found on our website. Loose Absorbents are also available designed to quickly soak up spills such as petrol, mild acids, diesel and grease.

    The comprehensive line up of products available from Oil Spill Products continues with Spill and Drip Trays, Drum and IBC Spill Pallets, Drum Handling Equipment, Drum Dispensers, Bunded Flooring, Pumps and Water Separators, Drain Protection products and Bunded Storage along with a wide range of quality accessories.

    Drum Handling Equipment
    Our range of Drum Handling Equipment alone includes Pallet Loading Drum Trucks, Forklift Drum Lifting Clamps, Forklift Drum Lifting Claws, Poly Drum Dollys with handles, Universal Drum Trolleys and Drum Trolley Dispensers so if you have any requirements in this area please do not hesitate to get in touch with Oil Spill Products.

    To find out more about our Spill Containment products or anything else please head over to our website or get in touch.