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    Specialist Coatings (GB) Limited

    We are a leading installer of Oil Tank Lining, Fuel Tank Lining and Water Tank Lining systems designed to meet the exacting demands of today's industrial and commercial environments.

    Oil Tank Lining
    Oil Tank Lining is a cheaper alternative to replacing the tank, in fact Oil Tank Lining can save you up to 90% on the place of a replacement. The installation can be completed within a few weeks for large tanks and a few days for small tanks. Even if your tank does not need replacing getting Oil Tank Lining installed can add over 30 years onto the life of the tank.

    Fuel Tank Lining
    We have been providing Fuel Tank Lining for over 35 years and have found that almost any tank no matter what condition can be lined and bought back in to working order. Our Fuel Tank Lining is designed to meet the corrosion and contaminant challenge. Not only is Fuel Tank Lining cost effective, it is also environmentally friendly in comparison to a replacement fuel tank.

    Water Tank Lining
    There are no short cuts when it comes to Water Tank Lining and all associated Lining, we protect your water tank with the right materials, we use the right tools and we test the results to ensure your Water Tank Lining is absolutely perfect, stops corrosion and protects the tank to its fullest potential. Contact a member of our team with any questions regarding our services.

    Material Sales
    Being leaders in the installation of advanced tank lining and flooring systems, we are also able to supply the innovative resin materials we use ourselves directly to both commercial and domestic clients. Our range of resins are high performance and ideal for the maintenance of chemical plants, breweries, engineering departments water tanks in hotels & domestic properties.

    Brewery Tank Lining
    The are still many tanks around the UK made from carbon steel with epoxy, vitreous glass or phenolic linings, these are often tanks in the brewery industry and recently we have seen an increase in the need for new linings.

    It is well known the tanks in the brewery and food industries have linings that are a lot harder to clean, they can also build up bacterial infection in turn contaminating your beer. We offer a Brewery Tank Lining service that includes a new full lining, extending the tank life by 25+ years.

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