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OPT Services Ltd

19 & 21 Betts Avenue, Martlesham Heath Business Park
Ipswich Suffolk

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    OPT Services Ltd

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    OPT provides so much more than just cable management products because we offer you the complete an end to end solution to meet all of your requirements so whether its fibre cable, cable preparation tools or installation equipment we can help and what's more at a competitive price.

      • Cable Winding (Cut and Coil)
      • Bespoke Design Services
      • Graphics
      • 3D Printing
      • Preparation Tools
      • Installation Equipment

    As specialists in providing cable solutions to the telecommunications industry, OPT is able to supply precise quantities of fibre cable specifically made to meet the requirements of each individuals project.
    The team at OPT are here ready to help so if you`ve got an upcoming project you`d like to discuss please get in touch.

    Cable Winding (Cut and Coil)
    We supply a huge range of cable, from small cables containing only 2 fibres up to cables containing 432 fibres so you know when you deal with OPT we've got all of your cabling requirements covered.

    Just What You Need
    Although we have all of our stocked products in whole drum format it doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole drum because we will always only supply you with exactly what you need, just let us know the type of cable and the length and we'll get it to you in no time at all.

    Tools and Equipment
    All tools and equipment can be specifically designed and produced to meet your individual needs.

    Bespoke Design Service
    Where our bespoke design service is concerned we use the latest design software in order to bring your concepts to reality.

    CNC & Injection Moulding Service
    We are also able to combine our own in house design and development service with our highly relaible CNC and injection moulding outsourcing capabilities so you can rest assured whatever your project needs we will deliver on every front.

    Our end to end cable solution doesn’t stop there because as experts in our field we are able to provide high end detailed graphics based on your precise needs, from network maps and Maya software images through to instruction data sheets, animated slides and display boards designed for your event.

    Whatever your requirements our in house graphics team are always here standing by ready to assist.

    3D Printing
    Did you know that OPT provides a high quality 3D printing service. You simply send over your design data for a competitive quotation and as soon as you’re ready to order we'll produce your part and get it to you.

    Whether you're a business or individual we offer our 3D printing service to anyone who thinks they would like to take advantage of this new technology.

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