Outside Structure Solutions Ltd (Hospitality)

Outside Structure Solutions Ltd (Hospitality)

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    'Our extensive ranges of canopies enable us to offer fixed or retractable roof structures with aluminium frames'

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    Outside Structure Solutions Ltd (Hospitality)

    Covered Outdoor Solutions offers a comprehensive range of high quality awnings, canopies and fixed roof products which are durable and built to last.

    Prestigious Manufacturers
    To ensure optimum quality we only supply our products from a handful of leading manufacturers within the outdoor structure industry.

    Our Unique Range
    All of our manufacturing partners are well-known for the unique designs of outdoor covered solutions they are able to produce. Each and every structure we supply can also be tailored around your own specific requirements.

      • The Tiger Awning
      • The Roller Wall
      • The Jumbo Umbrella
      • The Lean-To
      • The Onda
      • Elegancy
      • The Qzebo
      • The Essential
      • The Eclettica

    The Tiger Awning
    The iconic Tiger Awning we supply is guaranteed to provide the perfect outdoor living solution to your garden. Available in a range of colours and different types of durable fabrics they are built to last so if you would like to find out more please get in touch.

    The Roller Wall
    If you're looking to create an area in your garden to give additional shade, shelter and more privacy our range of roller walls will provide an outdoor sitting area with that indoor feel.

    The Jumbo Umbrella
    Every single one of our Jumbo Umbrellas can be manufactured to meet the exact shape and size you require and in any combination of colours and designs you choose.

    The Lean-To
    Also built for longevity our lean-to pergolas are made from robust materials including aluminium frames, toughened glass roof and polycarbonate. Options can include fixed side panels and sliding glass making for the all-round versatile structure.

    The Onda
    To cope with the ever changing British weather conditions the Onda outdoor structure has not only been designed with a retractable fabric roof to cope with rain it’s also aesthetically pleasing due to its chic Italian lines.

    Offering shade and shelter at the touch of a button using a remote control Elegancy can be incorporated with a whole range of additional features such as LED lighting, automated sensors and more.

    The Qzebo
    For all of your outdoor living requirements The Qzebo has all of the usual features of a standard gazebo only with a beautiful premium finish. It also benefits from a unique peaked and tensioned fabric roof for that all year round protection.

    The Essential
    Our Essential outdoor shelter is a Bioclimatic pergola which features a rotating louvered roof providing both natural light and good air flow and all at the touch of a button. Other options can include lighting LED perimental strip to the internal profile to create the ultimate in Luxury.

    The Eclettica
    From one of the industries iconic outdoor structure manufacturers Giulio Barbieri, The Eclettica offers the very ultimate in outdoor living. Beautiful fabric false ceilings, ambient lighting and the clever use of sound absorption technology make this outdoor structure unique in its class.

    If you would like to find out more about The Eclettica or any of the other outstanding outdoor products Covered Outdoor Solutions has to offer please go to our website or get in touch.

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