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Plastic Machining Fabrication Manchester by AEM Associated Engineering Materials Ltd

Unit 3, Eagle Works, Tame Street
Stalybridge Cheshire
SK15 1ST

  • From initial design through to fabrication
  • Bending, bonding, welding, flame & diamond polishing
  • A fast, competitive and reliable service
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    AEM Associated Engineering Materials Ltd

    Bending, Polishing and Machining of Plastic Materials

    Since 1991 AEM has been providing a fast, reliable and competitive service to a wide range of industrial sectors some of which include the Pharmaceutical, Leisure, Food, Beverage, Cosmetics, Machinery Manufacturers and Charities.

    Our products and services are extremely varied and we offer a complete package from initial concept through to one off prototypes and large volume production.

    ��� � Display Cases & Enclosures for Aquariums
    ��� � Machine Guards
    ��� � Fume Cupboards
    ��� � Glove Boxes
    ��� � Fabrications in Acrylic, PVC, PETG, Foam PVC, Polypropylene, HDPE and Polycarbonate
    ��� � Tanks
    ��� � Under Drains
    ��� � Building in Pipes and Floats etc for Swimming Pool Installations
    ��� � Charity Boxes
    ��� � Point of Sale

    We use many manufacturing processes to achieve the perfect product such as machining, bending, polishing, laser cutting and CNC routing, flame and diamond polishing, engraving, welding, forming and bonding so whatever your requirements we will deliver.

    At AEM we like to work alongside our customers in order to provide them with the exact product made to their specifications.

    Plastic Machining and Fabrication
    With a range of up to date machinery and technology available AEM is able to provide a comprehensive range of plastic fabrication services.

    Our CNC router is capable of machining all types of plastic and wood, and with its seven interchangeable tool heads we can create complex products all in one program.

    Manufacturing Processes

    ��� � Plastic Fabrication
    ��� � CNC routing
    ��� � Laser Cutting

    Change Parts
    Ideally we like to visit our customer�s site to give us a better idea of what it is they want and where the new parts will be operating. This also gives us a chance to take down precise measurements which ensures our newly supplied parts will work to their optimum.

    We use an industry standard software package Autocad which is designed to ensure our parts are of a high quality and precision so whether it�s a single star wheel or a full set of feed scrolls AEM offers the complete package.

    Laser Cutting
    Also in our manufacturing facility we have a laser cutting machine which allows us to cut and engrave all types of plastic although the plastic mainly used is acrylic which enables us to achieve higher accuracy with a more refined clear finish.

    If you have any questions about AEM please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or phone or visit our Website.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:00 to 16:30
    Tuesday 08:00 to 16:30
    Wednesday 08:00 to 16:30
    Thursday 08:00 to 16:30
    Friday 08:00 to 13:30
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
    Key Personnel
    David Smith
    David Smith Managing Director
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    Products and Services

    1. [Printed Point Of Sale]
    2. 5 Axis CNC Routing Machines
    3. Acrylic Components
    4. Acrylic Display Case
    5. Acrylic Display Case Manufacturer
    6. Acrylic Display Case Manufacturers
    7. Acrylic Display Cases
    8. Acrylic Fabrication
    9. Acrylic Fabrication Equipment
    10. Acrylic Fabrications
    11. Acrylic Fabricators
    12. Acrylic Laser Cutting
    13. Acrylic Laser Engraving
    14. Acrylic Machine Guards
    15. Acrylic Point Of Sale
    16. Aluminium Display Case
    17. Aluminium Displaycase
    18. Assembly Plastic Components
    19. Automotive Plastic Components
    20. Bending
    21. Bending Services
    22. Bespoke Acrylic Fabricators
    23. Bespoke Collection Boxes
    24. Bespoke Display Cases
    25. Bespoke Plastic Fabricating
    26. Bespoke Plastic Fabrication
    27. Bespoke Plastic Fabrications
    28. Bonding
    29. Bonding Service
    30. Branded Money Collection Box
    31. Cabinets & Display Cases
    32. Cabinets And Display Cases
    33. Change Parts
    34. Charity Boxes
    35. Charity Collection Boxes
    36. Charity Collection Boxes Or Buckets
    37. Clear PVC Point Of Sale
    38. CNC Laser Cutting
    39. CNC Laser Cutting Services
    40. CNC Machined Components
    41. CNC Machined Components Manufacturer
    42. CNC Machined Components Manufacturers
    43. CNC Plastic Engineering
    44. CNC Plastic Engineering Services
    45. CNC Precision Machined Components
    46. CNC Routing
    47. CNC Routing 5 Axis
    48. CNC Routing Machines
    49. Collapsible Collection Boxes
    50. Collection Boxes
    51. Connector Plastic Components
    52. Connectors Plastic Components
    53. Counter Collection Boxes
    54. Custom Display Cases
    55. Custom Laser Cutting
    56. Custom Laser Cutting Services
    57. Custom Made Collection Boxes
    58. Custom Plastic Fabrication
    59. Custom Plastic Tanks
    60. Design Plastic Components
    61. Display Case
    62. Display Case Manufacturer
    63. Display Case Manufacturers
    64. Display Cases
    65. Disposable Collection Boxes
    66. Drilling Machine Guards
    67. Electronics Plastic Components
    68. Fibre Optics Plastic Components
    69. Flat Pack Collection Boxes
    70. Flatfolding Collection Boxes
    71. Floor Standing Collection Boxes
    72. Floorstanding Collection Boxes
    73. Free Standing Collection Boxes
    74. Fume Cupboard Maintenance
    75. Fume Cupboard Servicing
    76. Fume Cupboard Testing
    77. Fume Cupboards
    78. General Plastic Welding
    79. Glass Display Cases
    80. Glass Shop Display Cases
    81. Glove Boxes
    82. GRP Machine Guards
    83. Handheld Collection Boxes
    84. High Precision Machined Components
    85. High Quality Machined Components
    86. Home Collection Boxes
    87. Industrial Machine Guards
    88. Industrial Plastic Fabrications
    89. Laboratory Fume Cupboard Ventilation Systems
    90. Laminated Plastic Fabrications
    91. Laser Cutting
    92. Laser Cutting Companies
    93. Laser Cutting Company
    94. Laser Cutting Experts
    95. Laser Cutting Plastic
    96. Laser Cutting Professionals
    97. Laser Cutting Service
    98. Laser Cutting Services
    99. Laser Cutting Solutions
    100. Laser Cutting Specialists
    101. Laser Engravers
    102. Laser Engraving
    103. Laser Engraving Systems
    104. Machine Guard
    105. Machine Guard Covers
    106. Machine Guarding
    107. Machine Guarding Sensors
    108. Machine Guards
    109. Machine Guards/Guarding
    110. Machined Component Manufacturers
    111. Machined Components
    112. Machined Plastic Components
    113. Manufacturer Plastic Components
    114. Medical Plastic Components
    115. Menu Display Cases
    116. Milling CNC Machining Plastic Components
    117. Milling Machine Guards
    118. Moulded Plastic Components
    119. Museum Display Cases
    120. Outdoor Display Cases
    121. Perspex Display Case
    122. PETG Fabrications
    123. PETG Fabricators
    124. Plastic Component Design
    125. Plastic Component Development
    126. Plastic Component Painter
    127. Plastic Components
    128. Plastic Components For Sale
    129. Plastic Display Case
    130. Plastic Display Cases
    131. Plastic Engineering
    132. Plastic Engineering - Precision
    133. Plastic Engineering Grades
    134. Plastic Engineering Service
    135. Plastic Engraving
    136. Plastic Engraving Specialists
    137. Plastic Fabricating
    138. Plastic Fabricating Service
    139. Plastic Fabricating Services
    140. Plastic Fabrication
    141. Plastic Fabrication CNC Milling
    142. Plastic Fabrication CNC Routing
    143. Plastic Fabrication CNC Turning
    144. Plastic Fabrication Equipment
    145. Plastic Fabrications
    146. Plastic Fabrications To Specification
    147. Plastic Fabricators
    148. Plastic Forming
    149. Plastic Heat Bending
    150. Plastic Laser Cutting
    151. Plastic Machine Guards
    152. Plastic Machining
    153. Plastic Machining Service
    154. Plastic Polish
    155. Plastic Polishing
    156. Plastic Tank
    157. Plastic Tank Manufacture
    158. Plastic Tank Manufacturer
    159. Plastic Tank Manufacturers
    160. Plastic Tanks
    161. Plastic Welding
    162. Plastic Welding Equipment
    163. Plastic Welding Machinery
    164. Plastic Welding Repair
    165. Plastic Welding Service
    166. Plastic Welding Services
    167. Plastic Welding Tools
    168. Plastics Finished Products
    169. Point Of Sale
    170. Point Of Sale (POS)
    171. Point Of Sale Acrylic Displays
    172. Point Of Sale And Display
    173. Point Of Sale Design
    174. Point Of Sale Display Design
    175. Point Of Sale Display Manufacturer
    176. Point Of Sale Display Manufacturers
    177. Point Of Sale Display Stands
    178. Point Of Sale Display System
    179. Point Of Sale Display Unit
    180. Point Of Sale Display Units
    181. Point Of Sale Displays
    182. Point Of Sale Manufacturer
    183. Point Of Sale Manufacturers
    184. Point Of Sale Manufacturing
    185. Point Of Sale Plastic Displays
    186. Point Of Sale Supplier
    187. Point-Of-Sale Displays
    188. Polycarbonate Fabrication
    189. Polycarbonate Fabrications
    190. Polycarbonate Machine Guards
    191. Polypropylene Fabrication
    192. Poster Collection Boxes
    193. Poster Display Case
    194. Poster Display Cases
    195. Precision Laser Cutting
    196. Precision Machined Components
    197. Precision Machined Components To Specification
    198. Prercision Laser Cutting
    199. Prototype Plastic Fabrications
    200. Quality Collection Boxes
    201. Retail Display Cases
    202. Retail Point Of Sale
    203. Sample Display Case
    204. Scrubbed Fume Cupboards
    205. Self Lubricating Plastic Components
    206. Shop Display Cases
    207. Shop Point Of Sale
    208. Special Designed Collection Boxes
    209. Sub Contract Plastic Engineering
    210. Subcontract Laser Engraving
    211. Trophy Display Case
    212. Trophy Display Cases
    213. Turning CNC Machining Plastic Components
    214. Ultrasonic Plastic Welding
    215. Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Systems
    216. Ultrasonic Plastic WeldingWelding
    217. Wall Mounted Collection Boxes
    218. Welding Glove Boxes
    219. Wood Display Cases

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